Monday, June 19, 2006

Construction of Ships Put on Hold

In regards to the building of the O.H Perry Frigate and the next Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser, it is put on hold. until the end of my National Service. Too much of the Armed Forces in my life is not healthy. I will start making my new models by November. A more tiring and harder job than Mini figurines but a more rewarding one. So till then, enjoy more of my featured models that have already been made long ago or collected awhile back.


Land and Sea

The Armour Battle Group. On the foreground the M1A1 HA Main Battle Tanks moving a rough terrain with a M2a2 Bradley and Traxon Raiders accompanied behind. Models are the Military Micromachines that were painted by me. Small pic and the quality though clear is not as sharp and focused. Still contemplating on a camera but i haven't got the budget to buy it.

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The Ticonderga VLS Cruiser USS Normandy and the Arleigh Burke Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur side by side in a rather nice setup scenery. Took me a while to get the sharp focus short. I most like the background and the seawater prop. :p What do you think?

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DDG 54 and DDG 60

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Photoes taken today of other Vehicles

Well I have done lots of photography for my Modern Military Model Machines, on top of my 11th and 31st Century Model Machines. Did a lot of deleting of old pics, replacing many with my new pics that have backgrounds. Though im still thinking of good props to help. Because that would be of much help. But here are my novice efforts in attempting..

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This is a platoon of M1a1 HA main battle tanks from the United States. Behind it is a gigantic wall, im assuming the background fits, though the wall seems bloody big compared to the tanks. Imagine one slab of the wall is really big. Oh well.. :p

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The SSN 688 Improved Los Angeles Class Submarine with VLS(Vertical Launch Tubes), capable of launching from tomahawks to Anti Ship Missiles like Harpoons. Most Advanced Sub in the U.S Navy, 2nd to the new Hunter Killer Submarine, the SSN 21 Seawolf Class. In this pic, it is an opposite to the Commache pic, The Submarine is well detailed and modeled, of course partly because i made it :P, but not really good background. Could not find anything to give the submarine an underwater feel. So the light blue blend is the best i could do with adobe. :P

Monday, June 05, 2006

New Picture Taking of Models

Well Apparently all the pics shown are mostly from Old Models. But with Better backdrops and Scenery.

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Well this is my Arliegh Burke Class Cruiser. The DDG 54 Curtis Wilbur. Did a few refurbishing and repainting. Though I must say it is still in the painting quality of Fair. Though this was done a few years back when my painting experience was crap. Well Finally decided to make Scenic Backgrounds along with Props.

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This is my newly fixed model of the Leopaard 2A4. One of German's Modern MBT(Main Battle Tank). The Design is not as curve or sleek as the Leopard 2A5, but its firepower is one of the most fearsome, using the 120mm cannon similar to the M1A1. My backdrop is a rather primitive background of dark clouds. Though the foreground is something i stumbled upon to make the tank look like in a plains scene, using my Mum's pot.

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This is the F15 Strike Eagle (Fighter version). Different from the F15E as scene from the armanent. Main Airforce Fighter for the United States. Though with the F35 and F22 in testing and soon to be in mass production, the dominant F15 might lose its edge in the sky. Combat tested, its one of the sturdiest plane design i have seen. Well for this pic, i must say the background is quite standard, but my camera focus is rather bad. Really need to consider getting a better camera with higher mega pixels, Optical Zoom and Macro function.

Well thats it for today. My first posting for my Military Blog.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Military Hobby Blog

Welcome to another area of pasttime that Me, JQ takes interests. Yes, apparently it seems im a straight out Nerd with many Primary Hobbies that seem all too queer for Girls and Non-Nerd People. But i hope there are a few enthusiast who shares my same interest. Too all out there, enjoy...