Friday, December 28, 2007

You cant see any conflict without it

The infamous Humvee. Although its just a big jeep that has the least armour among many vehicles, it carries a considerable amount of passengers and is able to perform many roles in any conflict zone.

Basically, i like the m1114 and its multi purpose variants. They dont call it HMMWV for nothing. a.k.a "High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle".

The Long lonely Road
The Long and Lonely Road..

Here is my pic of the humvee jus before sunset. It is the Humvee with the 50 Caliber Machine Gun mounted on top. Damn i like the pic and the whole "lonely atmosphere".

Nothing really going on other than my picture feature today. Will be doing my next m1a2 conversion, but that will be about it.

See ya all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Air Support that Brings Hell to the Enemy

When you hear the sound of papper tearing from above, it means trouble. For the only rasping that comes from above, is from the Vulcan Cannon that is carried by the A10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Aircraft. It is an Air Support Unit that aids ground forces in taking out strong armor and infantry resistance. It can carry AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles, Mark 84 general-purpose bombs and its 30 mm (1.18 in) GAU-8/A Avenger gatling gun can unleash hell to ground forces.

Although it has a travelling speed of only 832 km/h and a combat radius of about 250 nautical miles, it brings more meaning to the word "Death from above" in modern warfare than ever before.

The Fire of the Sky. A10

My A10 isnt really well painted at all because it was done during my early secondary school times in which m standard isnt as good compared to now. In any case, i wanted to photograph it in a good angle with a great visual perspective to it and digitally alter it such that the colour looks as good as possible even with the apprentice-like standard of painting.

Onto other note, I have already experimented on the Callof Duty 4 Multiplayer. DAMN MAN, it is so great! Very Fast upload time for a high graphic game with little lag (Compared to BF2). Although there is no interactivity with aircraft, vehicles and boats (unlike BF2), it makes up more than ever, on graphics, gameplay and variety of weapons and scenarios. The maps are not as big as BF2 maps but i can say its Multiplayer adds even more value to the Call of Duty 4 game.

The Ranking system on the other hand, is a bit too easy to progress on. My friend, Qap, is already a Captain after playing not so long. Unlike BF2 where the ranking system requires u to WORK REAL HARD for it. And even then, u gotta have great skill to achieve certain ranks.

But overall, a satisfied modern combat game. 3x Hurrays for it. Go grab one NOW!

Another sidenote is that I have completed one conversion of my M1A1 to M1A2 and it looks great. Will be showing it soon.

Till the next photo feature and more...
See ya ;)

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Call of Duty 4 Review

For this week, i am back with a game review, rather than a picture feature. And the game i shall be talking about is Call of Duty 4.

Call of Duty 4 is the first modern combat storyline game for the Call of Duty Series. It is set in the modern time when terrorism has taken a new twist and have rise up as a force that is far larger scale than it is today. Extremist Leaders wreck havoc in their individual countries and working together in a terror network to direct destruction against the Western powers.

Although I have sort of played the other Call of Duty, I cannot really compare them with this game as I am always more particularly interested in Modern Warfare. But one thing is for sure, this game has a very good singleplayer storyline with a very realistic, interactive and ingenious gameplay that makes me feel so engross in it.

The Cinematic In-game transition is so smooth and alike that it really gets you pumped up for action. You play the character of one USMC Marine Sergeant and one SAS Operative in this game. All i can say is the plot is great and it is one hell of a game which is a must buy. Its like playing in a movie and although this concept is not new, Call of Duty 4 has amazing graphics without requiring too much from ur PC (My PC is close to 5 years old and i still can play rather smoothly) and all the weaponary and awesome gameplay to show for.

I havent touch on the multiplayer aspect of this game, but Call of Duty is worth its money for its Singleplayer. This is so, even though many ppl including my friends are disappointed at the fact that this First Person Shooter game is amazingly short compared to contemporary one, but i feel that each missioin and plot makes up in depth for what it lacks in length.

I will most definitely review on the multiplayer aspect once im donewith the singleplayer game. But as or now, i mut advice u to get ONE as it is definitely a Standard issue for Modern Warfare Enthusiast and First person shooter manaic alike.

Its not a choice.. Its Mandatory! Standard Issue!

USMC Marine in COD4

The SAS from COD4 raiding the Cargo Ship.

Onto other note, my reinforcements have arrived as my Fren, Joshua is back from the states. Josh has my package of Forces of Valour and Battlefield Evolution Goods. Woohoo! On top of that, I have started to get busy and colour code the vehicles i have set out to do this month and I will also be collaborating with Josh to start our next photoshoot on the next few picture features for next year. :D

Till then.. See ya all soon :D

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Securing the Parameter.

The conflict zone has begun to stabilised but it is important that DSHCC forces secure the area and keep order while the fundmentals of new governance and a new defense force is created and established properly.

This can be seen as the M2A2 Bradly IFV rolls down the urban areas to keep watch of any violators of peace and insurgents still upset at the utter defeat by the Total Alliance forces that were approved by the UN to take action.

This is still the same M2A2 that was provided by my fren Joshua. While the concept and idea of the picture taken with the background was thought by me. I must say that it looks rather realistic and has a good touch to it. Im sure theres gotta be something good about it. Don't u tink so? Let me know.

Besides that, I will be planning to do all the painting upgrades of the M1A2, M1A1, M2A2 and Humvee by this month end. I will also fiish the 1/144 Mig 29 by December end. The Arleigh BUrke Flight 2A Destroyer will be completed by January 2008. After tht, i will plan for the new projects for next year. Till then Enjoy.. and See ya soon

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Urban Warfare

Harloe there again, and Im back with more modern military news

Well today feature is contributed from Joshua Foong, my good ol buddy and his M2A2 Bradley from the Forces of Valour. It is a really cool shot wif the urban background at the back. I must say, it has a great look to it. The Colour tone also gives it a really dirty and dusty atmosphere which makes the pic look cooler.

And here it is.. The m2A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

As u can see, the side of the M2A2 has a open-air grilled compartment for troops to store their equipment. This is preferbly not the case when a full battle gunfight is in progress as many of their equipment might be damaged from the shrapnels and bullets.

In any case.. the M2A2 Vehicle has proven in at least more than 2 conflicts that it is battle-worthy and deadly. I might have mentioned before and that is, with its 25mm Bushmaster Cannon, and an ability to store 6 man, it is a vehicle with great capabilities and also can keep up with armoured elements.

Onto other topics, i am in mid-process of painting my M1A2 tanks. Recently, i needed to restock my paint and hence there is a halt in progress of my painting for my military models, but as for now, i am back on track and ready to paint them again.

Other than tht, I am very keen to acquire the game, Call of Duty 4 with it modern military warfare aspect and great features in the gameplay. It has good single player gameplay with a unique gaming system and also and incredible 9.5 rating on gamespot. Go check it out.

CALL OF DUTY 4 is the talk of the town for games and it is also the only Call of Duty that is set in Modern Warfare Era.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last View

And so my final view of the Adelaide Class a.k.a O H Perry Class Frigate and the Russian Sovremenniy Destroyer.

The two warships take their final sail together before they part their ways on their own seperate journey in the vast ocean with conflict and tension solved and settle between the two sides.

Notice my converted VLS system mounted on the O H Perry class Frigate to identify it as the exact Adelaide Class Frigate know as the HMAS Sydney. I believe i have mentioned it before, but till now im still rather satisfied at my conversion. I do look forward to the time when i tackle on the Pyotyr Veliky Cruiser and make it look even nicer than my plain old Sovremmenniy.

This is so definitely Nerd talk. And so as my exams are over.. Its time to tackle all projects and settle it before the year ends.. Gonna be tough.. but i gotta do what i gotta do. First thing will probably be my re-paint job i will be doing on the armor vehicles.

On top of that, i will be starting to take my new photoes and themes for my military collection. Hopefully, My buddy, Josh will contribute his helpng hand sand camera expertise to come up wif the new set of photoes for my military and other collection

Will keep u peeps updated soon.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Closeup view of the O H Perry Frigate

Well this is another view of the 2 ships, but this time, it shows the frontal view of the O H Perry Class Frigate, the HMS Sydney. These pics are featured in the website if u do not already noe, the link shall be given below.

HMAS Sydney alongside the Sovremmeniy Class Destroyer.

(Honestly, I am quite happy with the quality of my frgate and the upgrade and modifications i have done with it)

Well, another 2 weeks more before i can start on my model projects again. It will be time to unleash the yearning within.. MUAHAHAHA

On top of that.. im gonna add some modification to my DDG Arleigh Burke Class Flight I Destroyer with regards to certain Radar avionics that were not present in the kit due to the recent upgrades of a lot of Arleigh Burke Destroyers.

Will be back soon.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Diplomacy on the Sea?

The Australian HMAS Sydney is alongside a Soviet Russian Sovremmeniy Destroyer. Obviously to close for combat, yet is it too close for comfort?

Really like this pic, and it is a pic of one of my good works, the HMAS Sydney. The so-so done Sovremmeniy was my first ship that isn't a US Ship, started a n ew paint code.. but did not achieve the refined finished product to it but i noe i can do better now. :D

Diplomacy on International Waters.

With the rising tension betwen the Total Alliance Countries and the Horizon Power. The World and its various defense force in their own specific countries, remain on a high security alert in protecting their own self-interest. Perhaps a truce or an agreement has been made betweent he Australian HMAS Sydney and the Soviet which is forged out from the deduction of this picture.

Anyway, time approaches and the battlestations must be manned. Production shall start soon, and so will the end of a scenario conflict between DSHCC forces and PTT as the Senior HQ command of DSHCC forces are planning their final last offensive to end this misery .

Till then.. there are a lot more great features comin.. and my next photoshoot of my military collectin will have more figures, more models and a lot more diorama.. and better improvements for SURE

Stay Tuned :D

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow another Website for Tabletop Gaming

Hey Hey, Im back even though I dun need to be. Well yet again, i have stumbled upon another tabletop gaming company that has been in the business since1967. Took me this long to find it. And they do Modern Military Warfare for both Land Air and Sea.

The Company is GHQ and it provides the best damn wargaming products ever. For land and air, the standard scale is 1/285, and on top of vehicles, they also have 1/285 scale men, though very small, i cant beleive they actually provide them so. Most of the Modern Warfare Vehicles, from MBTs to Armoured Personnal Carriers are being manufactured by them and they include many land forces elements that are from countries other than the US and Russia. This includes French Forces, Chinese, Israeli and many more.

Furthermore, with the small scale, u can field up to a mechanised company of vehicles or tank company and a battalion of troops easily in the tabletop game. On top of tht, there is room to play it all on a single large table and the cost of the products are not as crazy as warhammer. In fact rather cheap. For a Tank company with support vehicle, it will only cost 40 bucks or less.

Normally, most wargamming manufacturing companies would do only aircraft and land forces but GHQ goes the extra mile to do naval wargaming.. and furthurmore.. NAVAL Wargaming but at a smaller scale of 1/2400 which is super small.. but the detail is really crazy for its size. On top of tht. it is modern naval warfare and similarly there are quite a variety of ships offered in their company. Enough to make a proper fleet.

Here are some of the pics for the Land and Air 1/285 scale vehicles, aircrafts and 1/2400 Naval Warships and Submarines,

GHQ M1A2 Abrams

GHQ Infantry Men

GHQ SSN Los Angeles (The Naval Game even has Submarines)

GHQ UH60 Blackhawk

GHQ Infantry with Special Weapons
Note: All are according to scale

They even have the Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser. And look at the detail. Gorgeous!

GHQ AH64D LongBow


GHQ really open my eyes to the fact tht Modern Military Warfare Tabletop games exist.. HAhah but dont worry.. im already fixed on my 1/700 Naval Models and My Battlefield Evolution collection and 1/72 Land forces Collection and 1/144 Aircraft collection. I already have too many to handle and my hands are full. Not too mention short on $$$$

Perhaps Somewhere in the distant future, i might take up a Tank Company, a Battalion of Men with Air Support and Maybe a fleet of Ships.. But that will be far from now. As for now i will stick to what i have acquired.

So take a look at the sight and see all the genres of Military Tabletop gaming products at I noe u will enjoy it (Josh).. and tris.. I hate u.

Anyway, on another sidenote, my reinforcements (2 Sections of Forces of Valour US Soldiers) have arrived and has been received by Joshua (Thanks Dude for the help). And more will come soon. :P

Till the next feature.. Toodle loo!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Modern Military Warfare. I Love it!

Well I will be taking a leave from the Internet and my Computer as long as possible to do my work and revise for my exams. But one thing is for certain. I like the Shit(Hobby) tht i do, especially my military collection.

Will be starting up on my project again. Doing a major restructuring, maintainng and cleaning of my miliary collection.

As for now, yet another pic

On the road to victory? The DSHCC Forces have been in a long term conflict with the PTT Forces trying to liberate the state from PTT control in North African region. Is time runnig out for them?

On other note, Josh, my fren is interested in taking up Battlefield Evolution and trying it out wif me. If that the case.. Im gonna assemle a PLA Army to gear up. Was interested in Chinese Weaponary anyway. :D


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amphibious Assault

One of the main armstrong armour of Marine Forces. The AAV-7A1 is the amphibous assault vehicle that also doubles off as a armoured personal carrier. It has an operating range of 480Km, a speed of 64 km/h on land and 13.5 km/h on water. Its main armanant is the Mk. 19 40mm Grenade Launcher and the secondary armanent is M2HB 12.7mm Machine gun. It has a crew of 3 and carries 25 troops which is more than the M113 can carry. But it is not known for its armour and is more weaker compared to the M113. There were a substantial lot of them damanaged or destroyed in the Iraq war but the "sardine can" is still the main forefront of armoured personal carriers for marine forces

A DSHCC AAV-7A1 in the desert sand.

Trying my best to save up to attend to most of my planned expenditure. U will soon find out my next transaction. It may be from Battlefield Evolution or Forces of Valour.. WHO KNOW!!??

Till then.. See ya (BUSY BUSY BUSY)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Battlescene

Another week gone so fast,

Here is the feature today

A Dashland Armed Forces (DSHCC) M113 with a Humvee enroute to a city as they leave behind a burning hulk of an enemy tank.

It is at certain times u get the right angle and the right sky and tht where it makes certain perspective of the picture look real nice. I really like this one quite a lot and the silouette definition is relative to its distance from the camera. The road has a rough texture to it but it reflective nature dampens the picture a little bit.

I tried to make the smoke as real as possible but failed in doing a good one. In any case, the pic looks rather nice and hopefully i shall get some good reviews about it, rather than nonsensical tags.. lol

Friday, October 05, 2007

OMG.. FInally a Proper Mordern Tabletop game

Hey Hey there,

Im back with some interesting discovery on my part for modern military stuff. Today, I went down wif my frens, WT and Veron to Paradigm Infinitum and we were browsing around the shop, and i happen to find a tabletop game called Battlefield Evolution. And somehow or another, it seems relatively similar to Battlefield 2 computer game, just tht it uses figures and vehicles that are already painted to play on a tabletop.

They even have 4 factions at the moments. USMC, PLA, ETF and MEA.. (sounds very similar to Battlefield 2 forces including the Euro Force). Although apart from certain new interesting vehicles and the fact that MEA is more of a Terrorist Organisation with mediocre Civilian Firepower, which is rather different than the MEC force that is more of a professional army in BF2, the game seems to depict the computer game rather similarly.

I have not seen any of the rules or the gameplay, but it looks intresting enough to try it out. At the same time, the figures are not that bad and with certain tweaking, can be made to look as good as collectible painted quality.

This game is produced by Mongoose Publishing which brought to the public, the "Starship trooper" tabletop game and is now focusing on this new tabletop game development.

Not as well established as Games Workshop, Mongoose Publishing does not have the stability compared to the Warhamme rfranchise but at the same time, it has a great potential, especially this s the first Modern Military Tabletop game wif Ready-painted plastic Vehicles and Figures that are of relatively good quality. At the same time, it has an official gaming rulebook and looks to be developing furthur. Hopefully th eproject doesnt shutdown.. But with regards to collectibles, it is a good time to acquire some of its figures to add to the collection. Modifying and painting it will only make it look better, s there is no lost in taking an interest and checking it out.

On a detail note of the products, the vehicles and figures are on a scale of 1/65, so for most modellers who do 1/72 scale armor and figures, it will be slightly bigger depending on which model brand u support. Currently, i dun see much of a big difference between the M1A2 Abram scaled to 1/65 and 1/72, though it can be seen that one is but only slightly smalle rthan the other.

In any case, you be the judge and check out the game and tell me about what do u tink. Josh, u might also take some interest in it too.. Perhaps :p

The website is here:

I doubt it will be exactly this detailed for the real product as these products are all ready-made, and detailed painting can only be truly done by the hands of a MASTER.. lmao


Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Infamous Great Old Tin Box

Greetings! Im back!

And well i cut straight to the feature. Its the infamous tin box indeed. Used since World War 2, it has stayed relevant and has been produced more time than any other modern vehicle i have featured in this blog before.Im talking about the M113. It has been upgraded and stayed potent even in today's battefield.

Standard M113 APC can carry 11 troops, travel at an amazing speed of around 41mph and armed with the M2 Machine gun. It is also capable of being air-deployed. After more than 50 years in the service, it still stays relevant and has a designed which really like a lot.

M113, a golden warmachine of the modern era!

A Skull Commando Force M113 on the road.

Man, i have always had a thing for m113. Such a cute looking vehicle since the time i played C&C and got amazed at its design. Its a piece of old junk.. But a useful piece of old junk. I have commandeer one of the dozens of version in many armies and i must say, it is one of the most efficient APC int he world. In fact, i feel tht the M113 is the true definition of APC.

On other notes, nothing much to say. Just that by end of the year, i should have more new stuff to brandish. WOOT!.. till then toodleloo

Monday, September 17, 2007

Flight Deck of the Seahawk

This is the next feautre which is the bird's eye view of the Flight Deck of the Seahawk carrier. As you can see, the AV-8B Harriers and other Helo elements on the deck including the V-22 Osprey, The CH-46 Seaknight and the Massive CH-53 Stallion.

There is an AH-1Z Cobra at the side too. (Didnt see it just now)

On yet another side note, After my finances are sorted out, i will den embark on my next overseas by and probably ask josh for help wif regards to US Items to ship to Josh address.

Till then, Im tired, im dying.. hopefully something better another week. There will be a new feature though.. SO have fun.. and CHeerios

Monday, September 10, 2007

Heres the overdued feature

Well enuff said from my other blogs. Bottomline: No time for any geeky hobbies. Too much work, too little time and effort. In any case, here is my follow up feature of the Seahawk Amphibious Assault Carrier. very plain but do remember that it is from the micromachines military merchandise and was not suppose to be a very detailed and weathered ship compared to those fromt he model kits. So enjoy and hope u all have more time and fun to do ur models compaed to me ;)

The Seahawk Carrier

Another similar pic of the carrier. :P Jus that the water level is more levelled.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Seahawk Flight Deck

Harloe there, and yet another week's feature. The last pic that i showed the Seahawk carrier is feauring the AV8Bs. Now i focus more on the ship's dynamics. This is the old micromachine mini carrier. Of course wif the scale of the micromachine planes, nothing is really in scale. So i felt that it would suit the 1/700 scale naval assets. and thus made it an amphibious assault carrier. The planes and helicopters actually look rather fitting on the flight deck. And so heres a pic of the flight deck for this week's feature.

V22 Osprey for special operations and the CH53 for Marine Landings.
Both air units on standby. Alert 30.

And so my next project will be making the M1A2 conversions of the micromachines, and painting them well enough to look real. But giving them a grey colour code or desert one. Nothing much on the researching and exploring of other military models or stuff. Although im still keen on finding sites similar to wif regards to armor and air units.

But till then. See ya soon

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DSS Lake embarking on operations

And so, this is my final picture for The Ticonderoga Model. And so as it heads out to sea, i must look to my next projects and models to do.

DSS Lake sailing off to operation in international waters...

For the time being, its just looking around and browsing other ppl's works. When the hols come, i shud have time to do my military models ad collectables. But at the moment, its been busy busy busy or more like i havent really got the time to do much. I only have time to catch an eye on stuff im gonna buy. From Forces of Valour collectibles to new models perhaps and diorama which is freaking freaking expensive but still will provide valuable scenery for my photography.

Till the the next entry. Toodle loo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Continuing of DSS Lake

Back with yet another picture of my DSS Lake. Still cant remove the fact hat i really like my model warship and how far i have come with regards to military modelling. This is a closeup on the Cruiser to see the painting spread . Enjoy.

My Inspiration to make more and more.

Not into photoetched details as i still wanna be able to caress my models with a certain amount of force tht wont cause it to wreck easily. Thus, the more details you put in, th emore fragile it gets. But i guess at the ssame time, whatever the kit has to offer, i will add it on.\

In any case, all modelling stuff are put at a halt now as mywork schedule is piling up and i need to catch up on stuff. Tune in to the next DSS Lake feature and there will be a whole new featured picture soon.

Till then, check out my pics on the site i mentioned on the last entry and other great modelships.

See ya soon

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Ships are up!

YES YES YES. Hell you may call me attention seeking but my pics of my models are up and featured in the model warships site finally under the Whats new section today. Furthurmore i have a dedicated page in the webbie. I am so happy as both ships got accepted and finally i can say my modelling skills are improving. :D

The Weblink is
You can see a pic of my HMAS Sydney frigate at the bootom right in the Whats New Segment. It will hyperlink to the Whats new today ships. MY ships are also featured in Frigate section and Miscellaneous for the model gallery for the HMAS Sydney Frigate and the DSS Lake Ticonderoga Cruiser respectively.

My page in the webbie is

(So motivated to do more now!!!) HEHEHEHE

Till my next ship and other models. See ya all.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The best pic of my cruiser (In my opinion)

Its backt o he Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser1

By far, i feel the blend of colour between the scenery and the backpart of the ship, make this pic one of my best pic of the Cruiser even though it doesnt show the full ship. The sun setting colour tone of the sky with the grey hue of the ship on the dark blue sea makes it look so great. At the same time, with the helo on the flight deck and the macro focus on it makes it look perfect for me.

Hope you like it...

On a side note, it will be a while before i embark on the next military project, at the same time, after being inspired to do more models rather than make collectibles, i might be planning to do one or two 1/144 scale aircrafts and 1/72 armor. Thinking on how to find the CITV part to convert my M1A1 HA tank to an M1A2. If i can do that and make it well. I will have a total of 3 M1A2 tanks. 2 collectibles and 1 model. Might wanna go into constructing 1/144 scale f35, f22, f18a nd f15 variants. If dragon has tht to offer. In any case, i will stills tick to my projects for this year and also plan my budget to get those diorama i have been eyeing.

Till the next pic. See ya

Friday, August 03, 2007

Over There. The TV Series

A recent DVD that my Dad bought for me that has to do with Modern Day Conflict. "Over There" is a tv series about this group of Men ad Women of an Infantry Unit which went throught the Iraq War 2003 and experience and got involved in the Invasion of Iraq. It shows about their trials and conflicts, and there is plenty of action within each episode.

Apparantly, it was released in 2005 but i guess it never got up to fame for what it was worth. It has been criticised as very gory but has no point of view other than praising the grunts on the field. FX formally announced on November 1, 2005 that the show would not be returning due to declining ratings (though it can still be seen in reruns in some parts of the U.S. and Canada).

In any case, it has received good reviews from many military buffs for its action, realism and gore even though it is a neutral film.

I mean, we have too many political crap ass anyway. But thts just my opinion.

Check the DVDs out and watch the show and review it for urself


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Full View.

Im back yet again with another entry of my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser, the DSS Lake. This time it is a full view of the Cruiser on a slant angle with the blue great sky as the background and the clear seas as its foreground. I wanted to make more lighting so the fron hull can be seen along with its penant number but the extra lighting will just put off the ambience that is created by the amount of light that has already been given. This ship is yet another great job done by the likes of Joshua and Me. I am very touched at the amount of praises i have gotten for my ship and will be determined to make my next ship as good, if not better than this Ticonderoga.

Of which also, my visitors to this small and humble website has doubled over the month and i am very happy to see more taggers on my bog. Thank you all!

Here is my DSS Lake

At the moment, im still at the midst of finding water diorama for my sips. Some peeps have recommended acrylic blue gel but it seems rather messy and might staine my ships. I am still consideirng using a massive plastic sculpted sea, but the problem is i have yet to find it.

In any case, im looking forward to my photo features on , will let you all know when it is out.

Recently, i have been viewing so many model websites and it has give me a yearning to make more of other models. Not just my ships but armor and plnes. Planning to do it as well as my ships as i embark on the 1:72 armor and 1:144 planes.

Till then, it will be onto paint upgrades of my armor collectibles before i start on my Arleigh Burke Flight 2A Destroyer. I will also be searching and keeping an eye on certain soldier collectibles and diorama.

Gosh i like my hobby!

See ya!

Friday, July 27, 2007

An Eye for Diorama.

I have been eyeing many pieces of Diorama recently and well, the price is a lil to painful for me to digest even though their ready made and look so awesome fo rmy military collectibles and models for display and phototaking.

Here are a two piece of diorama,price at 60 bucks each.

Rundown House

Destroyed Villa

These are good for Infantry shots and Maybe backgroud scenery for Armoured Vehicle shots.

As for airforce element, i hardly need diorama as i have the sky as my aid unless i need to take an airfield shot. The only prob is the Naval elements which requires sea which at the moment i have trouble to spot and the need for construction of a port which is also tough by itself. Well ultimately, i still dont have the $$$, but it will be a matter of time till i get it.


Till then stay tune for more Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser pics and my features comnig up from the modelwarship webbie. :D


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser

And once again, another great view of the CG-90 DSS Lake. This is a front view of the ship on the sea. The Colour code is done wif as much close resemblance as the real one. Took quite a while and some great help from Joshua in the setup of this great pic.

I must say the ship looks great and all. With a good application of acrylic paint, i have made one of my best Naval Warship pieces. I guess my skills have improved as many have said and i will be making a new batch of ships to upgrade my fleet. With at least 1-2 more Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and 2 more Arliegh Burke Destroyers to replace my Old Ticonderoga and Spruance Class Destroyers, the sight of the models in better diorama will be an astouding sight to see :D.

Onto other great news. My submission of my pictures to has been successful. Both my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and the Adelaide Class Frigate alongside with the Sovremenny Class Destroyer has been approve and shall be featured in the website next next week.

So till the next pictures of the DSS Lake (which will be even better). Stay Nerdy!

Falling out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DSS Lake!

Harloe, after much bugging and time consumption, i have finally come with the new batch of features which have better pictures and diorama backgrounds. Itis definitely and improvement from last time. And on top of that, my painting and modelling skills are improving, along with my photoshooting and editing.

I would like to thank josh again for his assistance to make the work look even better. And also the provision of extra machinery and accesories with regards to Modern Military Models.

With much furthur ado, i will now present the long await, completed Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser that has taken all this months to complete due to such lack of time.

Here is the first of many features that will be shown in the next few weeks of my completed Tionderoga VLS. I name it the DSS Lake. DSS meaning Dashland Sovereign Ship. As i had an idea of making a customised ship that does not have to be following the US navies standard ship. The no. tag is 90 and thus the CG-90 is here, in plain sight from a birds eye view in the waters, ready for operation.

DSS Lake. (You can see it in a fuller size at my Modern Military Gallery)

Notice, compared to my own non-conformed colour code of the USS Normandy (in previous features a while back). This follows a very strict colour code with strict construction procedures. Overall, I am happy with it, but with regards to the decals, it has been a pain in the ass as many of the decals kept disintegrating de to either being too old or something like tht. This resulted in me having to paint certain specific areas without using decal, and thus may not look so defined but acceptable enuff. I had to also paint certain disintegrating decals toogether, or mix painting and decal pasting together. That was by far the worse problem of making the model ship. I sincerely do hope my next Ticonderoga will be suffer the same issue, if not, its gonna make me piss and my hand sore of painting.

On a sidenote, it will be a while before i continue back with the next military project as i am having very minimal time to do work and keep up with life. But onto other things, i will be submitting some of my good quality pictures of my ship to the model warships website soon, and finally be part of a cool modern military naval webbie. :D

And so stay tune for more really great features and entries that i will most definitely be posting as i am more involved in the Modern Military Hobby than the other one for the moment

Till the next feature,

See ya all soon

Monday, July 09, 2007

And so im back

Harloe Harloe Harloe,

Im back from the rough, last week was suppose to be a week where i get to completing a few of my military model task. Despite a lack of time, i am able to say that i have completed a few task at hand. One being my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser is finally finished, followed by some minor touchups on my old ships. All i need to do now is finished up the decals before i can procced to make next project for this year.

Another thing i have done is finally finishing up game and play testing of my tabletop military game. There are quite a few flaws that have been adjusted and several gameplay rules must be change, but overall, a 1 on 1 game would be indeed fun once the final improvements are made. Only dilemma that lingers is whether to make it a far simpler game or at a lil more extra features for a more wider and complicated gameplay. Both decisions have their drawbacks and advatanges. I'm still contemplating on it before i make my readjustments. Will let in on the update but it will not be before a long period of time.

And so with much furthur ado this is my first features of Armoured Vehicles on the horizon getting ready for an assault on the enemy.

Two M1a2s gearing up for battle

An M2A2 and M1A2 in the night on defense position.

AS for my next few features, it will be the usual one week routine though my camera is spoilt and will largely depend on when i can complete the photoshoot for my diorama and collection by the deadline. And so stay tune!

With regards o entries, more shall be posted.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Battlefield 2 Problems

Well recently, i played quite a few Battlefield Games and I realised after playing it for two days and accumulating over 1200 points and a few medals here and there that i wasnt receiving any points at all on my scoresheet. This happen to me before, so i tot by a day or two, it would update my stats.

To my horror, it hasnt. It was not long till i realised tht it has become a global issue and a lot of players since 16 June were notable to have their stats updated.

(Yet another crap shit thing due to EA Games, and im not surprised.) I just wanna get to the Rank Lieutanant and start playing on my own time. But now im stuck at Gunnery Sergeant, just a couple of thousand points away from the next rank. Ugh. I want my RANK and BADGES!!!

On the issue of EA's mismnagement on rectifying problems, here is a comment of one of the players who posted in the forum of a BF2 Stat Site.

"They keep making the games more graphic intense and expensive and all the time they just fly by all the bugs.
EA Beta guy: Oh I was on Karkand and walked into so many walls. This has to be fixed.
EA Dev: Damn I can't fix that by the deadline. Just don't tell anyone.
EA Beta guy: (Loading MPGH) Your secret is safe with me
Those that don't know mpgh just google it. Nothing there matter for bf2 anyways.
These big companies push what they can out the door and know it has bugs. We the consumer are left paying for BETA crap. When BF2 first came out it was so buggy. I didn't even buy it or support it for like a year after what I saw with my friends stuff.
It's crazy how they can just expect consumer to be happy with what they got. Sorry but if I was out to eat and ordered a well done steak and it came to me still bleeding the cook might end up in the same shape.
Just sucks these big companies have the money to buy out all these small designers or back them. Commercialism just plain sux. Everyone is out to make make make but yet when does society ever receive?
Look at gas prices, EXXON, Mobil, Shell ETC ETC are making billions. All while struggling people get their cars repoed cause they had to pay the gas card lol
Sorry for my rant but this stuff irritates me"

It really does make certain sense. But like Exxon, Mobil and Shell. EA is here to stay and make us Consumers of their Modern Warfare games. But still, it doesnt prevent me for being quite piss at such an problem that is happening.

Well i guess im off to do my work again. And it will be doing up my models now and tabletop modern military wargames for now for me. :p


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Building in Progress...

Hi there again. Since the end of my mock exams, i decided to take a breather this weekend and having the spare time i was given, i decided to continue with making the Ticonderoga VLS cruiser. I have completed till step 15 and have left 2 remaining steps to the completion of the kit. Wif this done, i will have progress alot for military modelling projects this year.

Similar to what i have mention on my other hobby blog, i have takenan interest in improving my diorama and i have already come up wif a few ideas wif regards to my military collectibles. I will be using some new diorama i have collected and on top of tht browse around the web to search for ready-made diorama tt are in scale wif my collectibles.

As for the model ship pictures i have, i will most definitely post my good ones to for viewing and perhaps get more fans and peeps to see my webbie. :) The amazing hobby blogs of which many tags but so lil visitors. I do sincerely wanna increase my hits on my blogs and will be more active in the Modelwarship forums as a starter.

And so while i prepare for my next batch of feautres for the remaining year, I will be continuing on my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser which i will eventually brand its ship name. And soon after, continue wif my other vehicles and remaining projects.

Till the next time. Im signing off today :D

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Spirit above

Well a feature for u all before i go on another evn longer drought. It will be a while till the next feature. Let alone new pictures updated to the gallery. Life has been rough and so, naturally everything else is affected, along with the construction of my Ticonderoga VLS.

Today's feature is the B2 Spirit Bomber. With a cost value of $2.2 Billion dollars, the B2 spirit is by far one of the most expensive planes built in the world. With its stealth like ability and high payload of bombs. It is a "bomber unseen". It has the capability of taking both nuclear ,non nuclear bombs and guided bombed alike. The B2 Spirit is a subsonic bomber and even though it is not able to defend against Surface to Air missiles or air threats, its stealth ability makes it to a pure invisibility to radar.

Another capability of the B2 is taking on long hours sortie mission and being highly automated, and unlike single-seat fighters, one crewmember can sleep, use a flush toilet or prepare a hot meal while the other monitors the aircraft.

The B2 Spirit truly lives up to its name.

The Ninja of the Sky

The B2 Spirit

I like the nice lighting of the picture. In any case, things are still looking good and well in p rogress for my military models. I will definitely be able to achieve what i have set out for this year. And so, till the next feature. Stay active and keep talking on the tag board.
Cya ;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

No Pic today? Oh No!!

Yeap yeap. Today i will be focus more on the updates and other stuff compared to our weekly entry of features and pictures.

Well i have yet again done some progress on the Ticonderoga. From completing the Exhaust Funnels to Painting most of the Antenna parts. Assembling will be the next major task I will be doing. The ship will most definitely be done after all my exams and tests. That i can promise you as i am nearing the finish line of the construction of the Ticondegora.

I guess before i head on to my next ship project, I shall proceed on to the paint upgrades of the vehicles before doing that. With the oncoming load of task on my head. I will be featuring my last regular picture feature next week till the end of June. That doesnt mean i won't fortnightly come online to post on updates of the Ticonderoga and update on other Military news and Collectible websites that i have found. Picture features will just not be on the regular basis till June is over. So if one week i do not post anything, hope u all will understand ;)

In any case, Im very delighted at the great response of my Harrier jets and I must say that the more i look at it, the more i feel it was a great shot and I intend to do better for future shots with BETTER DIORAMA.

In any case, i will still continue my fixing of the Ship, but at a slower pace. It might even stop during the month of June due to studies. But i will get back on the work train and finish after the exams. July would be a time to expect to see the finsh product of the ship.

Till then, when i have the time, i would most definitely like to contribute my AMATEUR works to the model warship website i mention if they are happy to let me in. I do hope to get more involved in it. But as usual, I would like to emphasise the fact tht time is of the essence. Hopefully things will look a lot less busy after June.

This will also apply to my other hobbies.

Till the next entry.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Harriers on Alert!

Its another feature from th Modern Military Blog.
Today we look at the AV-8B Harrier 2. A common air support in an Amphibious Attack Force. THe AV-8B are situated in many amphibious ships of the US and TA Countries. The Harrier 2 is a sub-sonic jet, but makes room for compensation in terms of its special ability to take off and land vertically. With, 1× GAU-12U "Equalizer" 25 mm cannon and the ability to store napalm cannisters and laser guided bombs, it is an efficient strike fast bomber. Its AGM-65 Maverick are perfect for ground targets including tanks and they are able to deal with air threats with the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles if needed.

The Harrier 2, the icon for amphibious air support when an Amphibious ship makes its asssault.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
A squadron of Harriers on the Seahawk Class Amphibious Assault Ship from the
DSHCCC Marine Task Force.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
A sideview of the squadron.

Took me a while to get the right positioning for the Harriers to be focused on the Ship. Plus the scenery at the back makes it look far more impressive.

On a side note, i think it will be about damn time i start to experiment on the table game. at the same time, i am still continuing to construct the Ticonderoga.

Till next week, im out again.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Military Collection. An Adult's Interest

Call me Old School, Call Me Nerd. But it is definite that Military Collections and Fixing of Model Kits is something that the Masses doesnt really do. And one thing i can say im one of the few in my country to delve my hands into. After goingthrough National Service and all, Im still a passionate hobbyist to it and would not exchange it for anything. Most of my Miltary Collection involves Collectibles and Model Kits of the War Machines of Land Air and Sea, these stuff are accompanied by Books of Modern Military Data and Stories and also badges and other apparells involving the Armed Forces. Till now, i have yet to find someone who shares the same depth and i nterest of the hobby similar to my age. And in the Decade of being in this hobby, i have not found anyone closest to me of my age.

Im still trying to master in modelling, but im improving and getting better in time. I can crop up a few Good ones. and still in the midst of making my old collectibles and models from Green Standard to at least better than a Novice standard. The only reason why i dont wanna make it Master class or Display Standard is because it takes a hell lot of time and dedication which as you can see i do not have. ON top of the fact that i like to get my hands on what i have done and fiddle (carefully) wif it. I like making many so i can also make great pics. And therefore well, photo-etching and all will be hard to maintain and prevent it from spoiling. But till the time comes, i will see whether i can even do that standard. As for now, its more of standard model fixing and painting, and also collecting Die Cast Collectibles and Plastic ones too.

So for today, here is a pic of my Armor Mechanized Platoon roaming the sand to their next objective while under the glaze of the Sunset.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I like the vibrant colour the Sun brings to the ground and the vehicles.
Among the Platoon features the M1A1 SEP, the LAV25, AAVP 71 and the M2A2 Bradleys

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Onward to eliminate reminants of opposing forces before entering the Urban Area for thick fighting between Armored Forces.

On other news, I watched on Discovery, on the programme about Submarines:Hunter-Killers which feature the Virginia-Class Submarine. Great Show. On top of the fact that, the Navy never ceases to amaze me and stir me. I love the NAVY.. of which it holds a special place in my heart in my Military Collection. Oh and also recently, I have stubled on a website that is an Organisation of Model Warships. I remember coming across it once or twice but never regarding it as a informative website. But in real fact Naval Model Warship Sites around, which link themselves to other great naval websites. They have Lots of Modern Warship pictures and articles and forums. It is great, and I will put some of my pics there, which hopefully will get featured. I plan to get into it soon.

Of which i have made progress with My Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser. The Funnels have been done along with the Forefront Tripod Mast Antenna. Once completed, I will feature it here, along with that of the Modern Warship website, which is called .

Till Next Week, Im falling out :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hurray for the tiny ounce of time

YEs, finally, i had an ounce of time to spare to do a lil construction on my ship. The Ticonderoga is more than half done but less than 3/4 there. And so all u buggers who antcipated the progress of my ship. Here it is. The antenna has yet to be fixed, but the funnels are already done. When the weekend comes, I should be able to at worst, put in mre parts. And the very best case complete the entire construction of the structure, though that would be quite hard.

In any case, enjoy,

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Notice the VLS is not up yet too.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
In the shipyard in midday, the Seahawk and its other parts lay on the dock awaiting to be fixed.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And so I hope as the sunsets on the dockyard, that construction works will increase in productivity.

On other side notes. I have got my veteran Ground Defense with the help of WT and Qap. But have gotten quite a few medals since then. And though WT has got his navy cross. MY OWN NAVY CROSS I COMING SOON, along with a pr0motion. hehe. I LOVE BF2!

Will be reviewing the tabletop game soon. :D

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Unfulfilled Schedule

As stated in my other hobby blog, its been an unfulfilling week of not making anything, and that includes my Ticonderoga. I must admit even with a week at hand i have not done anything significant in terms of model making. With my model table cluttered wif unfinish work, it is unlikely will i have enuff free time to make my ship. Even now, im rushing to have to completethe basic of homework. But i must say tht the early week has been consumed with blatant playing of BF2, where i have finally gotten my veteran command badges and a few silver and bronze star here and there. On count, i should need 4000 plus more points to get to my next rank as First Sergeant. :D hiak hiak

On other projects still not done besides the Ticonderoga, i was planning to conduct my tabletop wargame for land forces, but still havent got the right timing for it and so im not doing it yet.

I ave also taken some real interest in R/C stuff for modern Warmachines and am quite keen on the F22 raptor RC model. Though i also have seen the Japanese Self Defense Land Forces Armour Main BattleTank Type 90 for the Mini R/C that Konami has made and am also attracted by it. All cost a lot and even though it is hard to find Remote Controlled Modern Warship, i manage to stumble upon this Modern Warship Remote Control Naval Club that constructs their own to the scale of 1/100 which is VERY VERY VERY BIG. Something i honestly cant do now maybe never, to have the dedication for tht, perhaps tanks and planes but ship is really hard especially having to scrtch build it from the start. And the coolest thing is those boats can really sail on water. This club has a fleet of modern ships of same scale and even an Aircraft carrier which they dock in a miniscale Harbour that has ppl and equipment and their water location is a lake. Type Taskforce 100 on the yahoo search engine and you will see all their cool stuff. In any case, i have not fulfilled any of my promises, let alone taking pics of the uncompleted ship.

I will sincerely try and put it up soon bt as for now, here are pics of the OH58D Kiowa Scout Heli, Really Light and fast for reconnaisance and also deadly for dealing with Armour if need be.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The OH58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Alongside the Kiowa, is the AH64D Longbow hovering forward through the sky.
I like the colours of this pic. :D

Till i can fulfilled my model hobbies, it will be a while. Till then see u all again.