Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Securing the Parameter.

The conflict zone has begun to stabilised but it is important that DSHCC forces secure the area and keep order while the fundmentals of new governance and a new defense force is created and established properly.

This can be seen as the M2A2 Bradly IFV rolls down the urban areas to keep watch of any violators of peace and insurgents still upset at the utter defeat by the Total Alliance forces that were approved by the UN to take action.

This is still the same M2A2 that was provided by my fren Joshua. While the concept and idea of the picture taken with the background was thought by me. I must say that it looks rather realistic and has a good touch to it. Im sure theres gotta be something good about it. Don't u tink so? Let me know.

Besides that, I will be planning to do all the painting upgrades of the M1A2, M1A1, M2A2 and Humvee by this month end. I will also fiish the 1/144 Mig 29 by December end. The Arleigh BUrke Flight 2A Destroyer will be completed by January 2008. After tht, i will plan for the new projects for next year. Till then Enjoy.. and See ya soon

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