Monday, May 14, 2007

No Pic today? Oh No!!

Yeap yeap. Today i will be focus more on the updates and other stuff compared to our weekly entry of features and pictures.

Well i have yet again done some progress on the Ticonderoga. From completing the Exhaust Funnels to Painting most of the Antenna parts. Assembling will be the next major task I will be doing. The ship will most definitely be done after all my exams and tests. That i can promise you as i am nearing the finish line of the construction of the Ticondegora.

I guess before i head on to my next ship project, I shall proceed on to the paint upgrades of the vehicles before doing that. With the oncoming load of task on my head. I will be featuring my last regular picture feature next week till the end of June. That doesnt mean i won't fortnightly come online to post on updates of the Ticonderoga and update on other Military news and Collectible websites that i have found. Picture features will just not be on the regular basis till June is over. So if one week i do not post anything, hope u all will understand ;)

In any case, Im very delighted at the great response of my Harrier jets and I must say that the more i look at it, the more i feel it was a great shot and I intend to do better for future shots with BETTER DIORAMA.

In any case, i will still continue my fixing of the Ship, but at a slower pace. It might even stop during the month of June due to studies. But i will get back on the work train and finish after the exams. July would be a time to expect to see the finsh product of the ship.

Till then, when i have the time, i would most definitely like to contribute my AMATEUR works to the model warship website i mention if they are happy to let me in. I do hope to get more involved in it. But as usual, I would like to emphasise the fact tht time is of the essence. Hopefully things will look a lot less busy after June.

This will also apply to my other hobbies.

Till the next entry.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Harriers on Alert!

Its another feature from th Modern Military Blog.
Today we look at the AV-8B Harrier 2. A common air support in an Amphibious Attack Force. THe AV-8B are situated in many amphibious ships of the US and TA Countries. The Harrier 2 is a sub-sonic jet, but makes room for compensation in terms of its special ability to take off and land vertically. With, 1× GAU-12U "Equalizer" 25 mm cannon and the ability to store napalm cannisters and laser guided bombs, it is an efficient strike fast bomber. Its AGM-65 Maverick are perfect for ground targets including tanks and they are able to deal with air threats with the AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles if needed.

The Harrier 2, the icon for amphibious air support when an Amphibious ship makes its asssault.

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A squadron of Harriers on the Seahawk Class Amphibious Assault Ship from the
DSHCCC Marine Task Force.

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A sideview of the squadron.

Took me a while to get the right positioning for the Harriers to be focused on the Ship. Plus the scenery at the back makes it look far more impressive.

On a side note, i think it will be about damn time i start to experiment on the table game. at the same time, i am still continuing to construct the Ticonderoga.

Till next week, im out again.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Military Collection. An Adult's Interest

Call me Old School, Call Me Nerd. But it is definite that Military Collections and Fixing of Model Kits is something that the Masses doesnt really do. And one thing i can say im one of the few in my country to delve my hands into. After goingthrough National Service and all, Im still a passionate hobbyist to it and would not exchange it for anything. Most of my Miltary Collection involves Collectibles and Model Kits of the War Machines of Land Air and Sea, these stuff are accompanied by Books of Modern Military Data and Stories and also badges and other apparells involving the Armed Forces. Till now, i have yet to find someone who shares the same depth and i nterest of the hobby similar to my age. And in the Decade of being in this hobby, i have not found anyone closest to me of my age.

Im still trying to master in modelling, but im improving and getting better in time. I can crop up a few Good ones. and still in the midst of making my old collectibles and models from Green Standard to at least better than a Novice standard. The only reason why i dont wanna make it Master class or Display Standard is because it takes a hell lot of time and dedication which as you can see i do not have. ON top of the fact that i like to get my hands on what i have done and fiddle (carefully) wif it. I like making many so i can also make great pics. And therefore well, photo-etching and all will be hard to maintain and prevent it from spoiling. But till the time comes, i will see whether i can even do that standard. As for now, its more of standard model fixing and painting, and also collecting Die Cast Collectibles and Plastic ones too.

So for today, here is a pic of my Armor Mechanized Platoon roaming the sand to their next objective while under the glaze of the Sunset.

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I like the vibrant colour the Sun brings to the ground and the vehicles.
Among the Platoon features the M1A1 SEP, the LAV25, AAVP 71 and the M2A2 Bradleys

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Onward to eliminate reminants of opposing forces before entering the Urban Area for thick fighting between Armored Forces.

On other news, I watched on Discovery, on the programme about Submarines:Hunter-Killers which feature the Virginia-Class Submarine. Great Show. On top of the fact that, the Navy never ceases to amaze me and stir me. I love the NAVY.. of which it holds a special place in my heart in my Military Collection. Oh and also recently, I have stubled on a website that is an Organisation of Model Warships. I remember coming across it once or twice but never regarding it as a informative website. But in real fact Naval Model Warship Sites around, which link themselves to other great naval websites. They have Lots of Modern Warship pictures and articles and forums. It is great, and I will put some of my pics there, which hopefully will get featured. I plan to get into it soon.

Of which i have made progress with My Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser. The Funnels have been done along with the Forefront Tripod Mast Antenna. Once completed, I will feature it here, along with that of the Modern Warship website, which is called .

Till Next Week, Im falling out :D