Sunday, November 25, 2007

Urban Warfare

Harloe there again, and Im back with more modern military news

Well today feature is contributed from Joshua Foong, my good ol buddy and his M2A2 Bradley from the Forces of Valour. It is a really cool shot wif the urban background at the back. I must say, it has a great look to it. The Colour tone also gives it a really dirty and dusty atmosphere which makes the pic look cooler.

And here it is.. The m2A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

As u can see, the side of the M2A2 has a open-air grilled compartment for troops to store their equipment. This is preferbly not the case when a full battle gunfight is in progress as many of their equipment might be damaged from the shrapnels and bullets.

In any case.. the M2A2 Vehicle has proven in at least more than 2 conflicts that it is battle-worthy and deadly. I might have mentioned before and that is, with its 25mm Bushmaster Cannon, and an ability to store 6 man, it is a vehicle with great capabilities and also can keep up with armoured elements.

Onto other topics, i am in mid-process of painting my M1A2 tanks. Recently, i needed to restock my paint and hence there is a halt in progress of my painting for my military models, but as for now, i am back on track and ready to paint them again.

Other than tht, I am very keen to acquire the game, Call of Duty 4 with it modern military warfare aspect and great features in the gameplay. It has good single player gameplay with a unique gaming system and also and incredible 9.5 rating on gamespot. Go check it out.

CALL OF DUTY 4 is the talk of the town for games and it is also the only Call of Duty that is set in Modern Warfare Era.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last View

And so my final view of the Adelaide Class a.k.a O H Perry Class Frigate and the Russian Sovremenniy Destroyer.

The two warships take their final sail together before they part their ways on their own seperate journey in the vast ocean with conflict and tension solved and settle between the two sides.

Notice my converted VLS system mounted on the O H Perry class Frigate to identify it as the exact Adelaide Class Frigate know as the HMAS Sydney. I believe i have mentioned it before, but till now im still rather satisfied at my conversion. I do look forward to the time when i tackle on the Pyotyr Veliky Cruiser and make it look even nicer than my plain old Sovremmenniy.

This is so definitely Nerd talk. And so as my exams are over.. Its time to tackle all projects and settle it before the year ends.. Gonna be tough.. but i gotta do what i gotta do. First thing will probably be my re-paint job i will be doing on the armor vehicles.

On top of that, i will be starting to take my new photoes and themes for my military collection. Hopefully, My buddy, Josh will contribute his helpng hand sand camera expertise to come up wif the new set of photoes for my military and other collection

Will keep u peeps updated soon.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Closeup view of the O H Perry Frigate

Well this is another view of the 2 ships, but this time, it shows the frontal view of the O H Perry Class Frigate, the HMS Sydney. These pics are featured in the website if u do not already noe, the link shall be given below.

HMAS Sydney alongside the Sovremmeniy Class Destroyer.

(Honestly, I am quite happy with the quality of my frgate and the upgrade and modifications i have done with it)

Well, another 2 weeks more before i can start on my model projects again. It will be time to unleash the yearning within.. MUAHAHAHA

On top of that.. im gonna add some modification to my DDG Arleigh Burke Class Flight I Destroyer with regards to certain Radar avionics that were not present in the kit due to the recent upgrades of a lot of Arleigh Burke Destroyers.

Will be back soon.