Monday, October 27, 2008

An upclose view of the F22

I like this shot.. where the Sun shines on the tarmac and gives a nice reflection on the cockpit of the F22 while idling tyres lay next to the plane. Sometimes, without the human presence, pictures like this gives a sense of serenity and calming silence.

Cockpit shot of the F22
The Cockpit of the Raptor

Monday, October 20, 2008

F22 Raptor

The Proliferation of F22 into the US Airforce is going on well and the number of F22 in the Airforce has increased to near 200. Thus, the mainstay superior advanced fighter is going to be the F22. Finally after a few years, the F22 has become a vital part of the airforce including DSHCC air units.

Vacant F22 on the runway
A Vacant Raptor on the Runway

This is a pretty welld one diecast by Majisto though im not too sure about the quality of its recent collectibles. Enjoy. :D

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Two Modified M1A2

ANd here it is. My two modified deset camouflage M1A2 Abrams. Did my best in making it look as pristine and as detailed as possible compared to the normal M1A1 tanks it was before. :D

Rolling in the desert sand.. here are the M1A2 from birdsight view.

Two M1A2 in the Desert
2 M1A2 SEP from the 52nd ACR of the DSHCC Armed Forces.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Detail on the M1A2

I use to notice more often than not, many of the new improved M1A1s and M1A2s have front panel brackets. Therefore, i decided to add them on when i modified my micromachine M1A2. I added a few more details to make it as great looking as possible.

Love the M1A2.. I have practically an Abram tank in all scales and sizes. :)

Closeup on Detail of the M1A2
A Dashland M1A2 viewed from the side.