Thursday, February 28, 2008

On guard!

This is a follow-up to last week entry of the Infantry Squad. Upon detection of suspected enemy threat.. The troopers are on all round defense. A machine gunner with an M60 Machine gun is backed up with a trooper to go to the front to prepare a defense perimeter as the other troopers in the squad are on alert.

I hardly ever feature my micromachine infantry.. so i hope u appreciate this pic for what it is. It has less of a one colour hue compared to the last entry's pic.

Soldiers in the Urban Zone
I like the Shadow tht covers the Commander's face to give it an aspect of the Leader and a sense of anonimity in the troopers.

Model Kit update, I have been busy getting myself set into life overseas, i have taken a break for a while.. Will get to it in the weekend...

Till then.. CHEERS ALL!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soldiers in the Street

Here are the Soldiers of the DSHCC forces, patrolling the urban streets and looking out for enemy hiding near by. Squads of infantry comb the urban area to search for hidden enemies that could ambush armour and air units.

Their daily routine is filled with the danger of direct confrontation firefight, booby traps and the handling of civilians and unidentified personals that could poised a potential threat to them.

I particularly like this pic cos i have used a great background with scale to the Soldiers from the micromachines. They look good with the background nad even though they are not detailed figures. They do just fine in the picture.

Urban Conflict

Commander of the Squad halts his men as he suspect enemy threat in the front.

AND so back to my progress on Militart Modelling. At the Moment, i have been doing quite well wif regards to painting up the Mig 29. But i must say, even wif spray undercoat of black and two to 3 coats of acrylic paint, it is quite hard to make the colour dense on the plastic. But I manage to do it anyway... And it shudden be long before i start assembling it. :)

Then i will be left with stuff from SG tht i will complete either in june or i will bring it up to complete in KL. during the short holidays.

At the moment, the big projects are the ships, which i will have to do in SG... But other than tht.. Pretty much everything is good.

Till the next entry.. Cheers

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Aspect pic of the UH-60

I seem to have a thing for the Blackhawk copters. They looks so sleak and robust.. and yet at the same time , they represent the modern era of combat transport helicopters that are highly adaptable to any terrain and to any mode of operation.

Here is yet another pic of the helos on the ground with a more dynamic and natural contrast of colours. This time, it is a Sunrise picture.. and it looks good with the helicopters. Hope u like it! Enjoys..

The Day begins for the UH-60s

Sunrises on the BLackhawks

On a sidenote, i have prepared to finish the Mig 29 during my stay overseas. Today, i shall finish all the paint jobs and convert of all my micromachines and add yet another accomplished project from last year. Still contemplating on what more to bring for my military collection. But i tink i will just stick to the Mig 29 first.

My Fren's parent got me a really cool shirt on models though. Its a nice design of a sprue wif many air to air missiles on it.. Real awesome.. Will show u all soon. :D

Till next entry.. Cheers

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Been playing around with the scenery along with the UH-60 Blackhawk. Here is another pic of a few Blackhawks in a helo base that are ready to move troops where they are badly needed. Their silouette giving a nice ambience of peacetime as they are not needed while the sun sets behind them.

I did a touch of blueish hue to make it look more surreal, amplifying a more abstract feel to the picture. Enjoy! :D

The Dawning at the Base
Sunsets.. on a DSHCC Helo Base.

On the modelling note.. I have completed quite a few vehicles.. Leaving only the Humvee and the Mig 29 left. But things are gonna be busy for me as it is the Chinese New Year Festive Season and i have to prepare to go overseas. So i will see how much i can do before i go off.. and probably plan on what im gonna bring to KL to do too.

Till then.. Cheerios.