Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Adelaide Class Frigate

Well, The Much anticipated HMAS Sydney, Adelaide Class Frigate. Also Known as the O H Perry Class Frigate, but sold to Australia and given the design to make the Adelaide class. One thing that i lack in the pic is the recent 8-Cell MK41 VLS for 32 ESSM which is install forward of the Mk13 Launcher that they have added on the HMAS Sydney. I will be doing the conversion next year, preferbly, but not now. :P Although my model is not so up to date, all the rest of the other Adelaide Class have yet to be upgraded and look as how My Model is featured.

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An Overview of the Australian Frigate. Gave it a tealish blue colour.

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The Royal Australian Navy Flag behind with the Seahawk S70B Heli looks on.

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HMAS Sydney FFG 03 for you.

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HMAS Sydney sailing of into the horizon.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Sorry for the Long Delay

I must admit there has been a long delay on the pics, even though I finished my Adelaide Class Frigate quite a long while ago, on top of the fact that i have a shitty camera with low battery life span, Thus i have decided to purchase a new one. Im still in the midst of painting the ticonderoga, doing most of the basecoat and getting ready o assemble the primary parts. Next to that, I have done some basic works up on the Tabletop Military Game. Gonna finish it soon.

Concurrently, my next project will be researching on how the M1A2 differs from the M1A1 and try to make a good mini model conversion. Next up will most definitely be pics of not just the Frigate but also the LAV i have done. :D Stay tune and HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY XMAS! :D

Here is a new pic before the new pics of the products of my projects will be shown. STAY TUNE!

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Another view of a DSHCC M1A2 supported by 2 M1A1 HC on a road near the conflict zone

Monday, December 04, 2006

Gunnery Sergeant!

Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant for BF2. hahah gosh it wud be crazy to count all the way to 1Lt. But hell its all in the fun of playing with Frens or Enjoying the Game. Still, i dun feel the grinding in it. :D Cos it doesnt force u to play and go back to it like an MMORPG does.

On other issue, the Adelaide Class Frigate is done. But i might need to do a conversion to add the 8 quad VLS for HMAS Sydney as stated. Hopefully i can do a good conversion job. But other than that the Frigate is finish. Next Project is Another Ticonderoga VLS Class Cruiser. And pehaps in the midst, do the paint job fo my other military vehicles.

Patiently Wait my Fellow Hobbyist :D

Friday, November 24, 2006

Progress of the OH Perry.

Well since I last left off, the O H Perry Class or a.k.a Adelaide Class Frigate was about 1/3 done. Now Im already more than halfway thru. Just need to do a few touchups here and there, before i can make it the HMAS Sydney since i cant really be bothered to make many conversions to make a current O H Perry US Frigate. In current Navall News, Most of the Adelaide Class Frigates are getting and upgrade, including the input of an 8 VLS panel for anti aircraft missiles.
Well after this ship it will be onto either the new Flight 2A Arleigh Burke or the Ticonderoga Cruiser. Similar to my other hobby blog, I plan to complete all my Projects in Progress that are displayed by the end of this year. Well the next entry will be the display of the final product, The Adelaide Class Frigate. Stay Tuned

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A Defensive Sabre Hand Command Corps Naval Building Facility building for the Adelaide Class Frigate for the Australian Navy

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Transaction of the Ticonderoga Cruiser U.S.S Mobile Bay

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After trying to wait for months from Hobby Focus to get the Kit, I was able to acquire it from Timemachine Studios on my unplanned visit to the store the other day. Dragon Models are indeed getting better. The New Arliegh Burke Ships have photo etch parts, something which I am totally unfamiliar with and will require some learning after I complete my pending models.

Have Just recently completed a paint job overhaul for my 2 LAV 25s, and will be onto the Next Vehicles and will show you reviews of the Construction Progress of the O H perry Frigate.

Till Then, JQ signing off.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Timemachine Studios at Millenia Walk

A year ago, I met my old Geog Teacher from my High School. We were talking about the Hobby of Modern Military Model Making. We discuss many stuff about the really Unique hobby we have that is not normally associated to many teens or kids. He is an avid Modern British Army Model Maker. and i got to discover it during those free periods in our class with him. Definitely a Zany Teacher and was quite intrigue that he makes Modern Military Models, he apparently has a battalion of soldiers and Armour Attachment the Battalion and Support Vehicles. From ranks and intricate details on the soldiers to the effects of his painting or so i heard, he has a collection to die for. But he focused more on the land forces while I am more of the all rounder. Well, he knows i frequent Hobby Focus (A Models Shop in the Heart of the City that specialises in Modern Military Ships Planes and Vehicles) and had recommend me a few places in Millenia Walk, well but being used to my Hobby Focus Shop i didnt really pay particular attention, besides i could always order the stuff I wanted from the SHopowner when stock is not available. On hind side, it would have taken a very very very long time, but he provides the best materials to paint though at quite a hefty price.

Well just the other weekend, I was walking along milennia walk wif my Pal WT, and decided why not I take a look at the Model Shops mentioned by my Teacher. Found one called Timemachine Studios and oh my god, it is liek a Dragon Model Heaven. They have everything from Land Air and Sea models of Dragon. Diorama and other accesories and Action Figures Included. Oh, and the brushes and paints are FAR CHEAPER!!!! I have always been a supporter of Dragon, and seeing this new store i have stumbled upon has let me to put this shop as my first choice stop for models, second would still be hobby focus for me to order particular models, but seeing that Timemachine Studio has the New U.S.S Mobile Bay Ticonderoga VLS Class Cruiser that i wanted and i have ordered so LONG ago but hasnt come from Hobby Focus, it will be a while before i go back to there. Just bought the Model Kit from Timemachine Studio, and i have even viewed some latest model ship kits i havent even seen from the Dragon Website yet.

For all the Local Singaporean Enthusiast of Modern Military Model, Dragon offers high grade detail Models, and Timemachine Studio is the place to go if u have not yet discovered it. Give it a browse. ;)

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Its Construction Time Again

Yes indeed it is construction time again. This time I will be doing a clearance of some of the out of service vehicles, planes and ship to the storage place of past military machineries and start my painting coat of 2 LAV25s, 3 M3A2 and 4 M1A1 HA Abrams. Along with the continual construction and paint coat of my O H Perry Class Frigate. Of the 4 Abrams, I will be converting 2 or 3 to M1A2. Its gonna be a long tough way there as i will have lots of other agendas on my mind besides my Military Hobby. Till then, Toodles.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Crossing

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An M2A2 and an AAVP71 making a crossing through a bridge onwards to a conflict zome in the outskirts of the Urban area in the desert. From their military oversea station in Israel, the DSHCC heads out to quell the threat of their enemies in the neighbouring territories.

The AAVP71 is an amphibious assault vehicle. Able to thread over water and also acting as a personnal carrier for a considerable amount of troops is by far one of the most efficient troop carrier in the DSHCCC arsenal and is also quite distinct in the Marine Corp as an iconic troop carrier associated with the Marines. Able to carry about 25 troops, it is a big factor on transport, but there have been claims and criticism of its poor armour. But overall its ampnbious assault ability enables it to be still adequate along with its capacity, though slated to be replaced by the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle or EFV by 2008, it will stay here for a while more.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

SSN 688 Class Subs

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The Los Angeles Class Submarine, The mainstay of the Underwater Force of the Navy. The Basic Los Angeles Class Submarines has their fins on the top rather than at the side of their hull. Armed with the basic Mk48 torpedoes, they are the attack class submarines, the silent hunters of the seas and even though they lack the VLS system, they are still a formidable threat as a top class Hunter Killer Submarine.

My First Dangerous Waters Win.

Well, its god damn hard to play the game and my first win would be a transit to port using the SSN 688 Improved Class Submarine. Damn Simulations, have to multitask like crazy.

Well onto other Military News, with the recent battlefield Euro Force and Armoured Fury expansion out and a total of 6 new maps and a dozen new vehicles and weapons, it is tempting though for a price of 30 dollars it is quite a hefty expense. Overall though, it will definitely put more fun into the game even though the BF2 game itself is alrady way beyond fun already.

Status of me would be 600 points to Staff Segeant! Pass few games have also been rather intense as i play along with my friends online. Till next time Cheerios.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another view of the M1A2

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Prowling thru the long roads of the suburban side, this M1A2 gears up for conflict against the enemy. The Open fields shall be run by these monoliths of war, and much of the rural and suburban areas shall be dominated and fought by these armoured vehicles. And so the Defensive Sabre Hand Command Corp fields its Armoured Regiments onwards against its enemies.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BF2 WAAAGGGHHH!!! Dangerous Waters TUFFFFF

Recently, my crazed for BF2 has heightened. its funny, i had the game for almost more than a year but the funyn thing is i was still preoccupied by World of Warcraft, and due to the fact that there were server problems and high ping problems during the early stage of BF2, but now, its a furious time of playing and playing. The award, ribbon and rank system is a real killer. Good planning and way to renew people playing again and again. It really covers up the grinding of the game and playing with friends online makes it even more fun. The best of all is the unlocks and a human factor of awarding people. You get fucked real bad if u teamkill and u get negative points, and in order to get certain awards or ranks require people's commendation and high score. I must say it is a better ranking than WoW goddamn Battleground system. When you achieve a rank in WoW, u have to MAINTAIN.. which is really irrelevant cause once u earn ur rank it forces you to PLAY AND PLAY. whereas Bf2 it doesnt do that. Yes i must say there is grinding but every battle is different. Every battle relies on EVERYONE and not an individual. And it really depends solely on skill to be recognise, and you can stop anytime you want. There is no push factor forcing you to play when u dunt want to.

On the other hand, today i tried my hand again on the Navy Simulation Dangerous Water, well u noe ratings can be rather funny, cos the ratings for this game was an 8.3 which is pretty high for a game. But it was high cos its simulation of naval warfare was really extreme. I really like the navy but with only layman knowledge of Surface radar to Air radar, to Active and Passive Sonar, its bloody hard to play the goddamn game. Man, maybe Im not cut out to be in the Navy, it is sophisticated, it requires much to detect the enemies below the waters and a lot of guessing. Man the menu is 100 pages long compared to the tiny booklet menu of BF2. Sometimes i think it was a waste buying the fucking game. I was good in Fleet Command, but this game is to realistic for me. Ughhh... Will try again if not back to BF2!!! WAAGHH!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

T80s preparing for battle in the Desert

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"Across the white sand desert of Egypt, the Skull Commando Troop T80s rolls in, preparing against the threat of the Total Alliance forces. "

The T-80 tanks are one of the modern era Russian built tanks. With its 125mm Smoothbore 2A46 gun with composite armour. It is one of the main battle tanks of the former Soviet Union states. With a speed of 70km/h and weighing at 46 tonnes, it is almost 30 tonnes less than an M1A2 and thus it is more easily build and packs a deadly punch weight for weight. With 3 crew an a autoloader, it is a different MBT figting system compared to that of the Western Side.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Classic Mig 21s

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Still in service in many third world countries. China has a Big bulk of it though it is a Chinese Variant. Definitely an old body that may not be able to match the Superior Modern Day Fighters, and thus China shall be using them as unmanned aircraft against enemy threat. But though it is inferior tody, it is cheap and easy to produce, thus their numbers can be a deterent against any cocky or complacent enemy pilot.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Battlefield 2

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Sergeant DSHCC Now. 57000 pts more to Lieutanant.

The Apache on a Cliff

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The LongBow Apache is the ever present attack chopper of the Modern World. With Hellfire missiles and Auto Cannons, it is an ultimate tank killer that has proven worthy on the battlefield time after time.

On other notes: I have come up with a tabletop wargame for modern warfare that is based with some warhammer rules., due to my immense time i have. Been also playing Battlefield and have recently achieved the Rank of Sergeant! With 3 Unlock weapons now, its been a blast. Weiting has recently gotten BF2 and together Section Movement. GO GO GO!

WT's Game Review of BF2142: Apparently the less classes and multirole kits that the Game has to offer is to general and does not give the specialist type of gameplay which makes it rather unenjoyable. There are less vehicles aside from the new Mech and Air Units. The varying Customisable features is the up factor where as you earn your rank like BF2, the more inticate way you can adjust your kit to your needs. But the downside of 2142 is that it is not a world in which Modern Warfare Enthusiast and Realist can associate with. Not worth the buy if you alredy have BF2. For its transition from BF2 to BF2142 is like from BF1942 to BF Vietnam. To me that says a lot and i guess i will not be buying it and save cash for other items.

Toodle loo

M2A2 Bradly on the Road by the Sunset..

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"A DSHCC M2A2 strolls down the lonely highway as it heads out to join the 10th Mechanised Infantry Regiment of the 14th Battle Command. Being part of the 101st Armoured Calvary Regiment, the M2A2 has a daunting task of eliminating personal and armoured threat in the Middle East terriotries that have been occupied by the Black Hawk Forces"

The M2A2 Bradley is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle capable of transporting a Section of Troops (that being 6 personnals), into the thick of the battlefield. Armed with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster Cannon and has the Side Arms of the Anti tank guided Missiles. It poses a threat and a deterence to both armor and infantry alike. Boosting a speed of 45mph or more, It is definitely a swift armoured machinery.

Too Bad Singapore's Bionix doesn't have the same ATGM attachment as the Bradley. It will make it a deterence against any formidable Main Battle Tanks.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Military Models' Trailer

Finally, the Youtube Trailer for my Military Models is here. It is an amateur setup, but i hope you all enjoy the Military Collectibles. Hu-Ah!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Armor Mechanised Group

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"Dashland Forces (DSHCC) patrol an urban area in the conflict zone. As the Armoured Units like the M1A1 HA Abrams and AAVP71 make their rounds around the city, the light Infantry support the behemoth with light arms as seen in this picture. The Conflict zone has seen its shares of small fire fight. But things have gone with not much disturbances for 2 years now. Will DSHCC force be able to qwell down the Aggressor's Forces of the Black hawks and drive them bacck from their zone of conquest?"

A rather simple pic i have taken, using the focus as the tank while making the foreground a blur as if the soldiers are in movement. The Blank Concrete background makes it look more surreal, as if in a real urban area.

Other updates: O H Perry has been on momentary suspension of construction as I dont get to have a lot of weekends. But will go full blast when My NS ends. To those viewers who share a keen interest in Military Models and Collectibles, Register on my Forum and Share painting tips and Model kits Information with Me. ;) Go ahead and give it a shot ;)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Status of O H Perry


Well, the intended construction date was at the start of the end of October, but i decided to make a few starts to the ship. Firstly i wanted to undercoat a nice tinge of Light Bluish Naval Grey to the ship. To my dismay, my spray nozzle got clogged beyond repair, though i did remember that i cleaned it properly the last time. Thus i had to flat brush the major parts of the ship, though im still gonna spraycoat again. But looks like i have to buy a new spraybrush. Will put a pic of the ship undercoat soon on this post.

On other topic, The Dashland Defense Ministry is considering of buying another Force of Valour M1A2, Premier President Jiaqi, (me.. duh) is keen on getting a new set of tanks to boost up the already dominating armed forces in the world. Though conversions would be a menial task. Till next time

This is the Conscript signing off.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Patrollers of the Sea 2

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The Ticonderoga Class VLS Cruiser, patrolling the Straits that protects the Lands of Dashland. With its immense missile firepower. An its High tech Aegis System, This ship is a mainstay attack warship for any fleet. Providing a good escort for Battle Groups and protection for Super Carriers like the Nimitz and Enterprise Class , it also serves as a deterrent for any class type of enemy ship when patrolling alone. With it high tech weaponary system, it is capable of dealing with multiple enemies at once.

Diorama is the same as the one before. Only that this time the Cruiser is under Sunlight of an early noon surrounding.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Patrollers of the Sea

In the hue of an after stormy weather. An Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer, The Curtis Wilbur escorts and keeps a look out for the Massive behemoth of the U.S.S Enterprise Super Carrier. Sea is calm and so are the skies. But the Sailors of both ships watch with ever vigilant eyes.

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F15s side by side on the runway

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The F15 Strike Eagles: Robust, Swift, Versatile with a Big factor of Menace. To me, it is considered the main air superiority fighter of the US Airforce for more than a decade now. And still it proves to be a lethal fighter even today. Though it is showing age, the F15 is still the main fighter of the US and has been exported to many countries now. Of which the most recent agreement to buy the F15s is Singapore, the variant being the F15T. The design of this fighter gives it a sturdy feel, on top of the fact that it will have many more adventures in the sky for years to come.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Docking at the Shipyard

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A closeup on a lineup of ships. On the foreground that is quite blurred out, We have the Arleigh Burke Destroyer followed by the Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and then the Spruance Destroyer and the Old Ticonderoga Non VLS cruiser. I must admit, it aint a nice diorama. Let alone a good close up of my ships. Well, i thank my crappy camera for yet again another not too nice pic. And these leads us back to finding the cash to get one. I hate u MONEY!!!! lol

F16 in the sky

The Fighting Falcons are still a hardly regarded defensive fighter jet of the world. Probably one of the most produced modern US aircraft that is the most widely exported jet fighter has proven its worth time and time again. Though it has edge a bit along the decades, it is still continuing to upgrade and always perform a step greater than it predecessors. We can see it go on into the oncoming future and more even in the days when F22 is a clear and present futuristic aircraft to be made more and more.

The diorama is yet again simple and the anglei use takes away the groundwheels that this model has. I kinda painted the cockpit light blue as to not show the empty cockpit. To me, an empty cockpit in midair is just totally wierd and well not realistic. Quite detailed but yet again it lacks the depth in the painting. Oh well not too much more to say. But tune in to more pics. Flying off

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Leopard and The Abram

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Side by Side, Two Mammoths of the Battle fields. This is yet another pic of my two 1/72 scale MBTs. These MBTs are one of the most advanced armour calvary in the world. But im sure most enthusiast know that. Well, both are same scale so u can roughly know their sizes. Use to think the Leopard 2A4 was bigger but i was wrong. Though the M1A2 is becoming more of the default MBT of the US Army, the Leopard 2A4 is soon becoming less of the default MBT of the German Force, with the new Leopard 2A5 in service. Both tanks are modified or painted by acrylic paint. Love it..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Power of E shopping

Not too long ago, A guy by the name of Jon told me about his interest of Dragon Model kits and how down at my side of the world it is easy to get it and cheaper. I must say this isnt really the case. A lot of my modern ships that i have gotten require my dad to drop in and out of various places in China. From Hong Kong, Bejing to Shanghai,(And I live in Singapore) it really isnt a easy to find these stuff. Furthurmore, Dragon doesnt really cater to Consumers but more to retailers. There are still times when i can go to my small retail shop in Singapore to get the Dragon Kits i want but most of the time i have to pre-order which takes months if not years to come by.

My solution? There are a few of my models that i have gotten from none other than online shopping. Yes, it sometimes can be tiresome but ur best bet will always be First ebay, followed by online retail shops that cater to this stuff. So Jon, it is also quite difficult for me to get stuff, even the Forces of Valour models. But when i have my eye on something. i will search acroos the world to get to it through the Internet. MMmm where would i be without e-shopping :p.

Dragon rocks for land air and sea for me. But they come up with their modern series really slowly in a slow rate over the years. So well, guess we gotta live and let live.

;) ORD Loh!

Sovremenny Class Destroyer and Tarantul Class Indian Missle Boat

The Russian Sovremenniy Class Destroyers are one of the Battle Mainstay of the Russian Fleet. But with so much economic problems. Many have been decommission and few are left in active service. China too has 3 of these and are planning to built 2 more. With a speed of 32 knots and Fire power capable of taking any other type of class of ships, it is a modern ship to reckon with.
I have put my Sovremenny along side a Tarantul Class Missile Boat used by the Indian Navy. side by side on a blue cloth as i dun have a big prop for sea water to be my diorama. Models are fairly done up and could be better i guess. Also I have to go and find decals to put on my Sovremenny to make it look more nicer, but there are none at the moment that fits for those active Sovremenny class Destroyers in the Rusian Navy. Oh well, might convert it to the Chinese one.. till next time :p

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Su 27 Flanker: The Icon of Russian Aviation

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The Su 27 Flanker. In my opinion, it is the icon of Russian Aviation. The Sukhoi Aero Corporation has made one of the most lethal jets in the skies with the ability to manueovre like no other western aircraft can. This was one of my new pics i have shot thanks to my friends camera(which is far better than mine :I). I would say it has a nice angle and also a relatively plain diorama. The 1/144 scale Su 27 Model is the one of my great achievement in terms of model kit painting and fixing. It is also the one model that I have used enamel paint to great effect, though the process was arduous and messy compared to Acrylic Paint. ACRYLIC and MATT FINISH! Thts the way to GO!


Monday, July 24, 2006

A M1A2 Passes by in the vicinity of an Urban Area.

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Yet another pic fron the new M1a2 tank I got. Finally the Tank has arrived in the Urban area. Passing by alone. But ever vigilant, looking out for any disturbances. The M1A2 is one of the finest and most advance Main battle Tank in the World. With a 120mm cannon capable of shooting Armor Piercing and Highly Explosive Rounds, it has an additional avionic known as the CITV in which the Commander uses to scan for enemies and thus can let his gunner know the targets he have found ontop of the Gunner's individual sight to search for Enemies too.


The Long Road

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A M1A2 in the foreground backup by a M2A2 Bradley and M1A1 HA Abram on a highway in the neverending expanse of the desert. The Commander looks on, pondering the next coordinates and form up point. Looking onward, perhaps preparing for yet another battle, or perhaps looking forward to go home back to his family.

A great picture all in all. This is my new M1A2 abram from the Forces of Valour brand. Though i did a few twicks and drybrushing and detail on the commander and the front platings of the tank and the lens of the CITV and Gunner Viewer. Damn is it good or wat? Drop by a comment.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

M1A2 has arrived

Finally the M1A2 Abram of the Force of Valor brand has come. But to my disappointment, shipment protection was rather bad as a road wheel was found unattach or broken from the tank. Fortuanately it was repairable, just needed to glue it in. On top of tht, the m1A2 had only one radio antenna, i wonder whether it is on purpose or is there another one that seems to be missing. If so, well, that kinda sucks.

Other than that, the paintin gis relatively high standard and detailing, though i must say the Commander and some of the stores of the M1A2 are quite crappily done. Like the Green colour painting which i have already undercoat black and i plan to underbrush it soon

Looks like Its time for some immediate refitting and repair from me. Need drybrush and put some powerful detail into the commander figure ontop of other stuff like finding a thin wiring tht cud be used as a substitude antenna. But that will only be done once confirmed that the antenna is missing. First time i am rather disappointed at a shipment that i have othered online. I did not really expect such a lot of flaws in my product here and there.

Im tired of complaining too, cos for them to rectify will take a billion years, so i might as well make the M1A2 look even better than it was. Till then stay tune for more great photoes and diorama. Will bring u the M1A2 real soon ;)

JQ out!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Finally Found a whole bulk of Forces of Valor Stuff selling online!

Its been tiring, and really tedious to find the stuff you want when it comes to this hobby of mine, But finally i have found just the e-shop that sell 1/72 Forces of Valor Modern Tanks and the Soldiers too. Price is alright and Stock is available though the 1/72 Modern Soldiers are still unavailable at the moment.
So while I scrap up some cash for the year, I will be keeping my eyes on the Goods i plan to get.

Besides, I still have my FFG Perry CLass Frigate to make and my Flight 2A Burke Class Destroyer, on top of the other paint jobs i shall be doing to some of my minature collectables, including a few highlights and overcoats on the M1a2 that is coming my way.

Here's the site where the forces of valor models are: Enjoy

Pictures of My models and new diorama will be up soon, so sit tight Military enthusiast. ;)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The DDG Mustin has arrived. Finally after eyeing on it for half a year and placing order on my favourite retail shop, the Stock has finally came in for me to start construction right after I finish the O.H Perry Frigate.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

U.S.S Mustin DDG 89 Flight 2A Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer is one of the latest new Destroyer of the Arleigh Burke Class. With new improvements and Larger Hanger bay. It is the Modern day frontline destroyer of the US and Dashland Navy. With the Aegis System and the VLS weaponary adapted from the Ticonderoga VLS class Cruiser. It is set to take on any storm or threat from the sea, air and even land.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cool Ready-Made Armor, Personnel and Airplane Models

Well, Recently I have stumbled upon many ready-made Armor Tank Models. The 1:72 Scale(My most prefered scale for land vehicles) ready made armour vehicles appeals to me the most.
I have viewed a few brands and come up with some reviews.
The Dragon Armour Range is not bad. It has a relatively standard painting colour code. Details are also not bad. Really Good Collector class painting. Pricing is also relatively reasonable. But well, I have been collecting Warhammer for quite a while and as it is quite a hefty hobby, My military models deem to be cheaper by standards. But hey for all those military enthusisast out there, theres no harm checking it out ;) Be sure have a look.

The Other company which i have found that provides such collector's item is Forces of Valour. Like Dragon Armour they provide 1:72 Scale and 1:35 scale too. But they dont only cater to Land Armour Vehicles but also Fighter Jets and Helicopters too. Forces of Valour have a wide range for Modern Warfare Vehicles, dating from the Gulf War to Current Conflict in Baghdad. The Painting is very well done. The Details and Highlighting are Master Class, on top of that there is a Commander in the most of the Armour Vehicles they Sell. THey even sell 1:35 and 1:72 Modern Soldier Squads. I must say it is a really sweet cake for my Military collection. I have already bought the M1A2 Tank, though i will add a little Conversions to it. Im looking to get another one. But this type of companies don't cater to consumers, and retailers in my country kind of lack the type of models i like. My scales for ships, tanks and airplane use to be common 5 years ago, but now it seems to have diminish and become far more limited.

Forces of Valour sells more 1:35 Scale Military Vehicles and Soldiers. It is their main scale product. So all you 1:35 Scale Enthusiast, it would be a perfect collectors stuff. I give it a 5 star rating for ready made stuff. First time i see excellent quality painting and detail that is mass produced. On top of that, they even have a game for their models, using a gaming system that is similar to that of Warhammer 40k. Quite interesting indeed, though I must say I can make a better gaming system than that :p. But i Have a feeling Modern Warfare gaming will grow as big as warhammer eventually, as long as there are military enthusiast out there.

Here the Webbie:

Last Note to you guys. For you to get this stuff, try searching for retailers all over the world that provide e-shopping. Normally the Main companies will provide a few. If not, Ebay and Yahoo Auctions are 2 good places to get too.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Construction of Ships Put on Hold

In regards to the building of the O.H Perry Frigate and the next Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser, it is put on hold. until the end of my National Service. Too much of the Armed Forces in my life is not healthy. I will start making my new models by November. A more tiring and harder job than Mini figurines but a more rewarding one. So till then, enjoy more of my featured models that have already been made long ago or collected awhile back.


Land and Sea

The Armour Battle Group. On the foreground the M1A1 HA Main Battle Tanks moving a rough terrain with a M2a2 Bradley and Traxon Raiders accompanied behind. Models are the Military Micromachines that were painted by me. Small pic and the quality though clear is not as sharp and focused. Still contemplating on a camera but i haven't got the budget to buy it.

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The Ticonderga VLS Cruiser USS Normandy and the Arleigh Burke Destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur side by side in a rather nice setup scenery. Took me a while to get the sharp focus short. I most like the background and the seawater prop. :p What do you think?

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DDG 54 and DDG 60

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Photoes taken today of other Vehicles

Well I have done lots of photography for my Modern Military Model Machines, on top of my 11th and 31st Century Model Machines. Did a lot of deleting of old pics, replacing many with my new pics that have backgrounds. Though im still thinking of good props to help. Because that would be of much help. But here are my novice efforts in attempting..

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This is a platoon of M1a1 HA main battle tanks from the United States. Behind it is a gigantic wall, im assuming the background fits, though the wall seems bloody big compared to the tanks. Imagine one slab of the wall is really big. Oh well.. :p

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The SSN 688 Improved Los Angeles Class Submarine with VLS(Vertical Launch Tubes), capable of launching from tomahawks to Anti Ship Missiles like Harpoons. Most Advanced Sub in the U.S Navy, 2nd to the new Hunter Killer Submarine, the SSN 21 Seawolf Class. In this pic, it is an opposite to the Commache pic, The Submarine is well detailed and modeled, of course partly because i made it :P, but not really good background. Could not find anything to give the submarine an underwater feel. So the light blue blend is the best i could do with adobe. :P

Monday, June 05, 2006

New Picture Taking of Models

Well Apparently all the pics shown are mostly from Old Models. But with Better backdrops and Scenery.

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Well this is my Arliegh Burke Class Cruiser. The DDG 54 Curtis Wilbur. Did a few refurbishing and repainting. Though I must say it is still in the painting quality of Fair. Though this was done a few years back when my painting experience was crap. Well Finally decided to make Scenic Backgrounds along with Props.

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This is my newly fixed model of the Leopaard 2A4. One of German's Modern MBT(Main Battle Tank). The Design is not as curve or sleek as the Leopard 2A5, but its firepower is one of the most fearsome, using the 120mm cannon similar to the M1A1. My backdrop is a rather primitive background of dark clouds. Though the foreground is something i stumbled upon to make the tank look like in a plains scene, using my Mum's pot.

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This is the F15 Strike Eagle (Fighter version). Different from the F15E as scene from the armanent. Main Airforce Fighter for the United States. Though with the F35 and F22 in testing and soon to be in mass production, the dominant F15 might lose its edge in the sky. Combat tested, its one of the sturdiest plane design i have seen. Well for this pic, i must say the background is quite standard, but my camera focus is rather bad. Really need to consider getting a better camera with higher mega pixels, Optical Zoom and Macro function.

Well thats it for today. My first posting for my Military Blog.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Military Hobby Blog

Welcome to another area of pasttime that Me, JQ takes interests. Yes, apparently it seems im a straight out Nerd with many Primary Hobbies that seem all too queer for Girls and Non-Nerd People. But i hope there are a few enthusiast who shares my same interest. Too all out there, enjoy...