Monday, July 24, 2006

A M1A2 Passes by in the vicinity of an Urban Area.

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Yet another pic fron the new M1a2 tank I got. Finally the Tank has arrived in the Urban area. Passing by alone. But ever vigilant, looking out for any disturbances. The M1A2 is one of the finest and most advance Main battle Tank in the World. With a 120mm cannon capable of shooting Armor Piercing and Highly Explosive Rounds, it has an additional avionic known as the CITV in which the Commander uses to scan for enemies and thus can let his gunner know the targets he have found ontop of the Gunner's individual sight to search for Enemies too.



ratlord said...

After you posted your site on the military modler spam free site I just had to come and see what was up. Looks like you are into a little of everything and a little of every scale. Years ago I did nothing but ship. I hads a really nice collection of battleships but as I was in the navy and traveling a lot the facet of the hobby did not work out very well for me.

I was also into model railroading HO scale for many many years. I still have a lot of stuff packed away for my son or his children.

Now I am strictly into ww II armour and at this stage there are still several German Tanks which I wish to build be fore branching out to some other allied equipment.

Also I have a few dicast tanks in various scales and a few in 1/87 HO scale.

currently I am working on a Panzer IV ausf E and a jagdtiger both of these are Dragon models.

I am really crazy about Dragon kits and am envious of you as you can probably get a lot more stuff from them and at a better price. But such is life. I hope to see yoy post aat the model site. How about posting some pictures.



pony said...

Your M=1 looks good,is this 72
scale??? I would weather it a bit
more and it is missing the infrared
Id tags one on each side of the
front of the turrent