Thursday, July 20, 2006

M1A2 has arrived

Finally the M1A2 Abram of the Force of Valor brand has come. But to my disappointment, shipment protection was rather bad as a road wheel was found unattach or broken from the tank. Fortuanately it was repairable, just needed to glue it in. On top of tht, the m1A2 had only one radio antenna, i wonder whether it is on purpose or is there another one that seems to be missing. If so, well, that kinda sucks.

Other than that, the paintin gis relatively high standard and detailing, though i must say the Commander and some of the stores of the M1A2 are quite crappily done. Like the Green colour painting which i have already undercoat black and i plan to underbrush it soon

Looks like Its time for some immediate refitting and repair from me. Need drybrush and put some powerful detail into the commander figure ontop of other stuff like finding a thin wiring tht cud be used as a substitude antenna. But that will only be done once confirmed that the antenna is missing. First time i am rather disappointed at a shipment that i have othered online. I did not really expect such a lot of flaws in my product here and there.

Im tired of complaining too, cos for them to rectify will take a billion years, so i might as well make the M1A2 look even better than it was. Till then stay tune for more great photoes and diorama. Will bring u the M1A2 real soon ;)

JQ out!

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