Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another view of the M1A2

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Prowling thru the long roads of the suburban side, this M1A2 gears up for conflict against the enemy. The Open fields shall be run by these monoliths of war, and much of the rural and suburban areas shall be dominated and fought by these armoured vehicles. And so the Defensive Sabre Hand Command Corp fields its Armoured Regiments onwards against its enemies.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BF2 WAAAGGGHHH!!! Dangerous Waters TUFFFFF

Recently, my crazed for BF2 has heightened. its funny, i had the game for almost more than a year but the funyn thing is i was still preoccupied by World of Warcraft, and due to the fact that there were server problems and high ping problems during the early stage of BF2, but now, its a furious time of playing and playing. The award, ribbon and rank system is a real killer. Good planning and way to renew people playing again and again. It really covers up the grinding of the game and playing with friends online makes it even more fun. The best of all is the unlocks and a human factor of awarding people. You get fucked real bad if u teamkill and u get negative points, and in order to get certain awards or ranks require people's commendation and high score. I must say it is a better ranking than WoW goddamn Battleground system. When you achieve a rank in WoW, u have to MAINTAIN.. which is really irrelevant cause once u earn ur rank it forces you to PLAY AND PLAY. whereas Bf2 it doesnt do that. Yes i must say there is grinding but every battle is different. Every battle relies on EVERYONE and not an individual. And it really depends solely on skill to be recognise, and you can stop anytime you want. There is no push factor forcing you to play when u dunt want to.

On the other hand, today i tried my hand again on the Navy Simulation Dangerous Water, well u noe ratings can be rather funny, cos the ratings for this game was an 8.3 which is pretty high for a game. But it was high cos its simulation of naval warfare was really extreme. I really like the navy but with only layman knowledge of Surface radar to Air radar, to Active and Passive Sonar, its bloody hard to play the goddamn game. Man, maybe Im not cut out to be in the Navy, it is sophisticated, it requires much to detect the enemies below the waters and a lot of guessing. Man the menu is 100 pages long compared to the tiny booklet menu of BF2. Sometimes i think it was a waste buying the fucking game. I was good in Fleet Command, but this game is to realistic for me. Ughhh... Will try again if not back to BF2!!! WAAGHH!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

T80s preparing for battle in the Desert

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"Across the white sand desert of Egypt, the Skull Commando Troop T80s rolls in, preparing against the threat of the Total Alliance forces. "

The T-80 tanks are one of the modern era Russian built tanks. With its 125mm Smoothbore 2A46 gun with composite armour. It is one of the main battle tanks of the former Soviet Union states. With a speed of 70km/h and weighing at 46 tonnes, it is almost 30 tonnes less than an M1A2 and thus it is more easily build and packs a deadly punch weight for weight. With 3 crew an a autoloader, it is a different MBT figting system compared to that of the Western Side.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Classic Mig 21s

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Still in service in many third world countries. China has a Big bulk of it though it is a Chinese Variant. Definitely an old body that may not be able to match the Superior Modern Day Fighters, and thus China shall be using them as unmanned aircraft against enemy threat. But though it is inferior tody, it is cheap and easy to produce, thus their numbers can be a deterent against any cocky or complacent enemy pilot.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Battlefield 2

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Sergeant DSHCC Now. 57000 pts more to Lieutanant.

The Apache on a Cliff

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The LongBow Apache is the ever present attack chopper of the Modern World. With Hellfire missiles and Auto Cannons, it is an ultimate tank killer that has proven worthy on the battlefield time after time.

On other notes: I have come up with a tabletop wargame for modern warfare that is based with some warhammer rules., due to my immense time i have. Been also playing Battlefield and have recently achieved the Rank of Sergeant! With 3 Unlock weapons now, its been a blast. Weiting has recently gotten BF2 and together Section Movement. GO GO GO!

WT's Game Review of BF2142: Apparently the less classes and multirole kits that the Game has to offer is to general and does not give the specialist type of gameplay which makes it rather unenjoyable. There are less vehicles aside from the new Mech and Air Units. The varying Customisable features is the up factor where as you earn your rank like BF2, the more inticate way you can adjust your kit to your needs. But the downside of 2142 is that it is not a world in which Modern Warfare Enthusiast and Realist can associate with. Not worth the buy if you alredy have BF2. For its transition from BF2 to BF2142 is like from BF1942 to BF Vietnam. To me that says a lot and i guess i will not be buying it and save cash for other items.

Toodle loo

M2A2 Bradly on the Road by the Sunset..

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"A DSHCC M2A2 strolls down the lonely highway as it heads out to join the 10th Mechanised Infantry Regiment of the 14th Battle Command. Being part of the 101st Armoured Calvary Regiment, the M2A2 has a daunting task of eliminating personal and armoured threat in the Middle East terriotries that have been occupied by the Black Hawk Forces"

The M2A2 Bradley is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle capable of transporting a Section of Troops (that being 6 personnals), into the thick of the battlefield. Armed with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster Cannon and has the Side Arms of the Anti tank guided Missiles. It poses a threat and a deterence to both armor and infantry alike. Boosting a speed of 45mph or more, It is definitely a swift armoured machinery.

Too Bad Singapore's Bionix doesn't have the same ATGM attachment as the Bradley. It will make it a deterence against any formidable Main Battle Tanks.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Military Models' Trailer

Finally, the Youtube Trailer for my Military Models is here. It is an amateur setup, but i hope you all enjoy the Military Collectibles. Hu-Ah!