Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Adelaide Class Frigate

Well, The Much anticipated HMAS Sydney, Adelaide Class Frigate. Also Known as the O H Perry Class Frigate, but sold to Australia and given the design to make the Adelaide class. One thing that i lack in the pic is the recent 8-Cell MK41 VLS for 32 ESSM which is install forward of the Mk13 Launcher that they have added on the HMAS Sydney. I will be doing the conversion next year, preferbly, but not now. :P Although my model is not so up to date, all the rest of the other Adelaide Class have yet to be upgraded and look as how My Model is featured.

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An Overview of the Australian Frigate. Gave it a tealish blue colour.

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The Royal Australian Navy Flag behind with the Seahawk S70B Heli looks on.

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HMAS Sydney FFG 03 for you.

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HMAS Sydney sailing of into the horizon.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Sorry for the Long Delay

I must admit there has been a long delay on the pics, even though I finished my Adelaide Class Frigate quite a long while ago, on top of the fact that i have a shitty camera with low battery life span, Thus i have decided to purchase a new one. Im still in the midst of painting the ticonderoga, doing most of the basecoat and getting ready o assemble the primary parts. Next to that, I have done some basic works up on the Tabletop Military Game. Gonna finish it soon.

Concurrently, my next project will be researching on how the M1A2 differs from the M1A1 and try to make a good mini model conversion. Next up will most definitely be pics of not just the Frigate but also the LAV i have done. :D Stay tune and HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY XMAS! :D

Here is a new pic before the new pics of the products of my projects will be shown. STAY TUNE!

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Another view of a DSHCC M1A2 supported by 2 M1A1 HC on a road near the conflict zone

Monday, December 04, 2006

Gunnery Sergeant!

Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant for BF2. hahah gosh it wud be crazy to count all the way to 1Lt. But hell its all in the fun of playing with Frens or Enjoying the Game. Still, i dun feel the grinding in it. :D Cos it doesnt force u to play and go back to it like an MMORPG does.

On other issue, the Adelaide Class Frigate is done. But i might need to do a conversion to add the 8 quad VLS for HMAS Sydney as stated. Hopefully i can do a good conversion job. But other than that the Frigate is finish. Next Project is Another Ticonderoga VLS Class Cruiser. And pehaps in the midst, do the paint job fo my other military vehicles.

Patiently Wait my Fellow Hobbyist :D