Monday, December 04, 2006

Gunnery Sergeant!

Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant for BF2. hahah gosh it wud be crazy to count all the way to 1Lt. But hell its all in the fun of playing with Frens or Enjoying the Game. Still, i dun feel the grinding in it. :D Cos it doesnt force u to play and go back to it like an MMORPG does.

On other issue, the Adelaide Class Frigate is done. But i might need to do a conversion to add the 8 quad VLS for HMAS Sydney as stated. Hopefully i can do a good conversion job. But other than that the Frigate is finish. Next Project is Another Ticonderoga VLS Class Cruiser. And pehaps in the midst, do the paint job fo my other military vehicles.

Patiently Wait my Fellow Hobbyist :D

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