Monday, March 30, 2009

F117 Nighthawk

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all of your support and has been really great and inspiring. Makes JQ warm in the heart sometimes, and wanting to take better shots all the time :)

I'm Josh...the guy you hear JQ refer to in some of the entries. He kindly asked me to help with the blog entries, and I'll try to do my best. This first post is going to be about the F117, and the shot we took (to me) was amazing...JQ's F117 silhouetted against the grey heavens as it is deployed for a stealthy strike.

Interestingly, the F117 was based on a Russian engineering paper, written back in the 1960s, that theorized that objects can reflect back less radar not by size, but by the 'edge configuration'. Unfortunately, 'edge configuration' meant that the plane had to be aerodynamically unstable. By the time the Americans got the paper, Skunk Works had the computing power to design such an aircraft that was stealthy and aerodynamic at the same time.

And hence we have the F117! Sporting an unorthodox look, the Night Hawk was deployed by the US from the 1980s to 2008, and has now been retired from active service due to the advent of the F22 and F35. It is mind boggling for me to realize that the F117 is 30 years old (including development time) and the Americans could come up with such a stealth fighter long ago...what can of stuff is Skunk Works working on now???

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cockpit View

Here we have the last of the Mig 29 feature.

Mig 29 in flight
The Mig 29 Fighter taken by another right below it.

From this angle, it resembles vaguely to the F15 Eagle. Then again, that could just be my opinion. And Yes, it is yet again another silouette pic. Dun blame me but i tink its nice.

Who doesn't like an artfully done silouette pic? :p

Note: Acquired World in Conflict already and i must say the game is pretty awesome to play. Furthermore, the multiplayer gameplay is fun. Just that i keep on disconnecting at the moment and it is really unnerving when u rack up a good score. They shud broaden servers and make them more sturdy for MY PLAYING Benefit. Other than tht, its a good game and i can't wait to get the expansion called Soviet Assault. Plus the narraor in the game is ALEC BALDWIN, worlds greatest actor. HHAHA

Other than that, Josh, my companion in military models and warhammer shall be taking over a few entries for me. So give him a warm welcome


Monday, March 16, 2009

Perspective Shot

If a Mig 29 swoop over your head, How would it look like?

Shadows of the Mig 29
This is how me and josh envision it to be.

A Mig 29 silouette zooming past u, followed by its deafening roar of its engine.

Of course, if the plane was this close to u and if it were on afterburners, u cud probably have gone permanently deaf by the power of the soundwave.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Red Star

A closeup on the wing of the Mig 29 and its Red Star.

The Red Star of the RSSR airforce
If u noticed. I lined the plane grill using the inking effect.

All in all the brush gives a rough feel to the planes texture and look. Not sure if it was a good thing. But there is still a pretty good clean slate finish which was what i intended.

The Mig 29 rocks. Still really dig them. The time which i first saw the Mig 29 in the movies was in Air Force One where they were sent to destroyed Airforce One. Really liked the design of the Mig 29 when i first saw them. Too bad the engagement between the F15s and Mig29 was short and really one-sided in the movie, which was kind of crappy. The whole American technology and superiority theme made the Mig 29s looked inferior which is no true.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Mikoyan Mig 29

By far the most famed Russian 4th Generation fighter jet which was developed to counter the Americans F-15 and F016 Fighters. Alongside with the SU-27 fighter. The Mig 29 has been in many games and has also seen way more action in engagement in the air compared to its western counterparts.

With a speed of Mach 2.25 and the ability to carry a mix combination of air to air missiles, the Mig 29 is a great fighter jet. So much so that the Federation of American Scientists claims the MiG-29 is superior to the F-15 and other US fighters in short aerial engagements because of the Helmet Mounted Weapons Sight (HMS) and better maneuverability.

Behold the Mig 29
The Mig 29 in the sky

I painted this during my first year of Uni and it was the first thing i kinda painted and assembled when was in KL. All acrylic paint. How do u guys find it?