Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Seahawk Flight Deck

Harloe there, and yet another week's feature. The last pic that i showed the Seahawk carrier is feauring the AV8Bs. Now i focus more on the ship's dynamics. This is the old micromachine mini carrier. Of course wif the scale of the micromachine planes, nothing is really in scale. So i felt that it would suit the 1/700 scale naval assets. and thus made it an amphibious assault carrier. The planes and helicopters actually look rather fitting on the flight deck. And so heres a pic of the flight deck for this week's feature.

V22 Osprey for special operations and the CH53 for Marine Landings.
Both air units on standby. Alert 30.

And so my next project will be making the M1A2 conversions of the micromachines, and painting them well enough to look real. But giving them a grey colour code or desert one. Nothing much on the researching and exploring of other military models or stuff. Although im still keen on finding sites similar to wif regards to armor and air units.

But till then. See ya soon

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

DSS Lake embarking on operations

And so, this is my final picture for The Ticonderoga Model. And so as it heads out to sea, i must look to my next projects and models to do.

DSS Lake sailing off to operation in international waters...

For the time being, its just looking around and browsing other ppl's works. When the hols come, i shud have time to do my military models ad collectables. But at the moment, its been busy busy busy or more like i havent really got the time to do much. I only have time to catch an eye on stuff im gonna buy. From Forces of Valour collectibles to new models perhaps and diorama which is freaking freaking expensive but still will provide valuable scenery for my photography.

Till the the next entry. Toodle loo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Continuing of DSS Lake

Back with yet another picture of my DSS Lake. Still cant remove the fact hat i really like my model warship and how far i have come with regards to military modelling. This is a closeup on the Cruiser to see the painting spread . Enjoy.

My Inspiration to make more and more.

Not into photoetched details as i still wanna be able to caress my models with a certain amount of force tht wont cause it to wreck easily. Thus, the more details you put in, th emore fragile it gets. But i guess at the ssame time, whatever the kit has to offer, i will add it on.\

In any case, all modelling stuff are put at a halt now as mywork schedule is piling up and i need to catch up on stuff. Tune in to the next DSS Lake feature and there will be a whole new featured picture soon.

Till then, check out my pics on the site i mentioned on the last entry and other great modelships.

See ya soon

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Ships are up!

YES YES YES. Hell you may call me attention seeking but my pics of my models are up and featured in the model warships site finally under the Whats new section today. Furthurmore i have a dedicated page in the webbie. I am so happy as both ships got accepted and finally i can say my modelling skills are improving. :D

The Weblink is
You can see a pic of my HMAS Sydney frigate at the bootom right in the Whats New Segment. It will hyperlink to the Whats new today ships. MY ships are also featured in Frigate section and Miscellaneous for the model gallery for the HMAS Sydney Frigate and the DSS Lake Ticonderoga Cruiser respectively.

My page in the webbie is

(So motivated to do more now!!!) HEHEHEHE

Till my next ship and other models. See ya all.

Monday, August 06, 2007

The best pic of my cruiser (In my opinion)

Its backt o he Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser1

By far, i feel the blend of colour between the scenery and the backpart of the ship, make this pic one of my best pic of the Cruiser even though it doesnt show the full ship. The sun setting colour tone of the sky with the grey hue of the ship on the dark blue sea makes it look so great. At the same time, with the helo on the flight deck and the macro focus on it makes it look perfect for me.

Hope you like it...

On a side note, it will be a while before i embark on the next military project, at the same time, after being inspired to do more models rather than make collectibles, i might be planning to do one or two 1/144 scale aircrafts and 1/72 armor. Thinking on how to find the CITV part to convert my M1A1 HA tank to an M1A2. If i can do that and make it well. I will have a total of 3 M1A2 tanks. 2 collectibles and 1 model. Might wanna go into constructing 1/144 scale f35, f22, f18a nd f15 variants. If dragon has tht to offer. In any case, i will stills tick to my projects for this year and also plan my budget to get those diorama i have been eyeing.

Till the next pic. See ya

Friday, August 03, 2007

Over There. The TV Series

A recent DVD that my Dad bought for me that has to do with Modern Day Conflict. "Over There" is a tv series about this group of Men ad Women of an Infantry Unit which went throught the Iraq War 2003 and experience and got involved in the Invasion of Iraq. It shows about their trials and conflicts, and there is plenty of action within each episode.

Apparantly, it was released in 2005 but i guess it never got up to fame for what it was worth. It has been criticised as very gory but has no point of view other than praising the grunts on the field. FX formally announced on November 1, 2005 that the show would not be returning due to declining ratings (though it can still be seen in reruns in some parts of the U.S. and Canada).

In any case, it has received good reviews from many military buffs for its action, realism and gore even though it is a neutral film.

I mean, we have too many political crap ass anyway. But thts just my opinion.

Check the DVDs out and watch the show and review it for urself