Monday, November 24, 2008

The Tank Camp

Hi all again. I have started on my next Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and getting to use my airbrush to give its first primary coat. I must say that i am pretty amazed at the sheer precision of the model airbrush bt i feel tht its widespreadspray feature lacks the intensity with regards to gray colour paint. I have yet to see how good it will work with other colours.

Nonetheless, progress is in the midst and you will get to see picture of a great fleet of 1/700 DSHCC ships soon.

Furthermore, i have seen my GHQ models and i am very please at the great detail and the reasonable cost of acquiring the models that i have ordered. The ships are detailed and requires little or no assembling. This is similar to the armour units for GHQ and alli need to do is paint. Less Work for me to do, so that more effort can go to painting it real well.

As for now, Its Dashland Armed Forces M1A2 in an outfield camp geting ready for operations

Two M1A2 in camp
Hope u guys like the pic and the detail i put into the tanks

See ya next week ;)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Follow up on the Convoy.

Sideview of the convoy on the road in black and white. I really like the wheels on the medical convoy vans. They are the same iconic mini wheels that are used in the classic micromachine cars and vehicles when i was a kid.

I can still remember the time when i saw the first micromachine. At tht time, i was more orientated to Matchbox cars and hotwheels. Both this brands were way bigger in company size and products.. literally. But matchbox was so cool.. wanted to get one.. but never got the opportunity in the end till micromachines military came out.

Enjoy the pics.

Sideview of Medic Convoy in B&W
On the road to M.A.S.H Camp

Medical Convoy destroyed
BOOM BOOM .. "Medic Van Down".. A picture concept by josh.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Small Convoy.

Been focusing a lot on the Big Guns and mainstay units on this blog. Now a picture on the more lighter and more frequently used vehicles in the army.

This picture is a medical convoy being escorted by the Hummer to a designated location.

Medical Convoy travelling
Two medical vans and the hummer drive along the road as the sky begins to darken..

Monday, November 03, 2008

Assortment of Raptor pics

More Great views of the Raptor that i have taken.

Backview of the F22
Backview of the plane and its vector thrust engines.

Sideview of the Raptor
Sideview of the plane and its Panel Codename

And btw, i must give credit to Joshua for the fine picture taking he has done wif regards to the F22 pics. Thanx a lot DUDE! :D