Friday, August 28, 2009

Announcement Peeps

Before we continue with our usual weekly post. Josh and I have ben discussing a few new ideas. Especially with regards to the two hobby blogs.

We are really grateful for the handful of u who actually frequent to see our pictures. But we want to do more.

AS you may have noticed, theres only so much we can do for Warhammer and Military Modelling jus taking our own pictures.
And we wanna make this a more interactive site wif more community involvment and also raised more awareness on the uber coolness of such hobbies and add extra stuff to show case our interest, humor and other activities.

As such, we are gonna implement an integration of Military Modelling and Warhammer. But not just tht, We are gonna be adding way more new stuff and interesting stuff that are not just our stuff, but a network.

While we have no intention to make it globally popular.. We wanna strengthen the Interest of various stuff as a whole and make it more applicable and appealing to other people who may wanna take these areas of our interest as their hobby.

As such, Me and Josh would like to welcome comments, feedback and recommendations that can most definitely create something out of this two blogs to make it better.

Almost 4-5 years for each blog. Its time we take a different step on our hobby interest.

Hope you guys will be agreeable with this decision.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey folks!

Welcome back to our little blog on military modeling, and thanks to JQ for posting up the past few batch of photos of our modern military models.

Continuing from JQ's previous post, we have another shot of our SCUD micromachine launchers, which are in the stage of deployment in the night. One of the icons of the Persian Gulf War, these missiles accounted for most of the coalition's casualties in the war, and even the patriot missile system had difficulty in effectively neutralizing the Iraqi missiles.

Call me a weird kid, but the MAZ 543 carrier was one of my favorite vehicles due to its distinctive look, and that I read more into Soviet equipment since US/UK equipment was too popular for my liking, and that Soviet stuff needed more effort in researching them.

The scud launcher right in the front was actually my first micromachine (which effectively kick-started my collection hobby), and it was given to me as a gift from a family friend, who has sadly passed on recently. He got it for me as I was a friend of his son, who also had a massive micromachine collection.

I guess this time I will be giving a different post than my typical "Nat Geo" style posts, as this post has brought to me a memory full of emotion, and it was admittedly something I had almost unconsciously forgotten over time. In a way, our models serve as 'time-markers' of our lives, and some models will bring to us particular memories we had in the past...perhaps even reminding us of humble beginnings since we were children, or even representing past wars and history making events that we had lived through too. Models can go very deep into our lives, much more than we think and expect!

God bless Uncle Bobby.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nuclear Barrage

SCT SCUD Missiles

Lets go nuke crazy with the scud missiles and the scud transport.

Give these two your most radical terrorist and we probably will have a serious global threat on our hands.

Then again, it really is hard to phantom the fact that someone out there is willing to blow up entire cities, killing innocent lives with such a deadly weapon of mass destruction.

But i guess that just naive talk on my part. The news in the world today has shown how anyone is capable of losing our humanity. And that aside, the US of A started such a chain reaction in which it has elevated the insecurity of nuclear attack.

I dun totally blame the USA for dropping the bombs in order to avert or save the lives of Americans and end WW2 quickly. But such an action jus results in opening a can of worms to justify such an action.

Sometimes, it seems more believable that the Americans drop it on convenience sake (not in all literal sense of the word, but more for the fact that it is more efficient in destruction while preventing economic expenditure on an invasion and the lives that would cost on the US side and its interest). To stop the madness of war, greater inhumanity must be commited?

Open for topic, Im sure.

And next week, it will be back to Joshy for his informative posts. Stay tune ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Close up on the tank and Infantry

Back again this week with another angle of the Tank detachment and the infantry squad.

This time round, the camera focuses on one of the tank and the infantrymen protecting the unit.
What i really like about the shot is the colour and the detail of the tank and the soldiers adopting defensive positions around the tank.

Furthermore, we see a myriad of task being involve in this shot. Previously, we show how the commanders are cooperating and discussing movement tactics. This shot focus on the overall picture.

Giving a view of different men playing their role in the defense of their convoy.

Tank Commander being instructed by Infantry Officer

From this point of view, the camera really bring out the good qualities of the figures and the tanks. Making them look realistic and well painted.

Overall, there is a great sense of happiness to see how the DSLR has bring out a different type of quality that is easily distinct from a happy snapper. And i like the macro details.

And i do hope you enjoy the Figures too.

Woth regards to Modern Warfare Stuff,

COD4 Modern Warfare has been nominated in the BAFTAs for seven categories.
By BAFTA, i mean British Academy of Films and Television Arts. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare has been nominated for seven categories in gaming and this includes the Best Game category.

As Modern Warfare 2 begins. This is a good run for the best FPS i have played when it comes to military game.;title;2

Check it out :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Tank Detachment and Its Infantry Squad

A Tank Detachment and its Infantry

If anyone can spot the subtle discrepancy in this setup, you have my respect.

In any case, this is a tank detachment patrolling with its infantry squad. The sky begins to grey which gives the feel of impending firefight. (haha, thats just me trying to build up emotion.)

Well, i cant seem to think of any factual thing to say about this picture other than the fact that I freaking love Forces of Valour Figures.

Unfortunately, the infantry figures are sold out and retired (Not sure if i did mention this before). The M1A2 is also retired, but i think there is a different camouflage rehash of the 1:72 M1A2.

On another note, Construction of my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser has slowed to a halt. This is due to the usual letup of work and other errands that i have to attend to. So while i stop on my military buildup, i have been browsing and checking out ready made stuff. Being a Modern Military Collector, i open up my range of stuff to more things that increasingly catch my eye.

On one instance, josh and I have been growing keen on the Mcfarlane Military Figures. Its amazing that a reasonably price figure can be so well done and so worth it. On top of that, i am into customising those 12 inch 1/6 Scale Action figures. I wanna plan to do a Modern Asian Dashland Infantry Soldier.

Basically, the model will be suited up in the typical modern outfit. (Mostly US, since they have the best stuff which isnt stereotyping, but stating the fact that they have one of the most advance types of infantry equipment.)

And soon enough, you will see these figures on the blog. So stay tune and keep a watch out on the figures. :)