Monday, August 17, 2009

Nuclear Barrage

SCT SCUD Missiles

Lets go nuke crazy with the scud missiles and the scud transport.

Give these two your most radical terrorist and we probably will have a serious global threat on our hands.

Then again, it really is hard to phantom the fact that someone out there is willing to blow up entire cities, killing innocent lives with such a deadly weapon of mass destruction.

But i guess that just naive talk on my part. The news in the world today has shown how anyone is capable of losing our humanity. And that aside, the US of A started such a chain reaction in which it has elevated the insecurity of nuclear attack.

I dun totally blame the USA for dropping the bombs in order to avert or save the lives of Americans and end WW2 quickly. But such an action jus results in opening a can of worms to justify such an action.

Sometimes, it seems more believable that the Americans drop it on convenience sake (not in all literal sense of the word, but more for the fact that it is more efficient in destruction while preventing economic expenditure on an invasion and the lives that would cost on the US side and its interest). To stop the madness of war, greater inhumanity must be commited?

Open for topic, Im sure.

And next week, it will be back to Joshy for his informative posts. Stay tune ;)

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