Friday, August 28, 2009

Announcement Peeps

Before we continue with our usual weekly post. Josh and I have ben discussing a few new ideas. Especially with regards to the two hobby blogs.

We are really grateful for the handful of u who actually frequent to see our pictures. But we want to do more.

AS you may have noticed, theres only so much we can do for Warhammer and Military Modelling jus taking our own pictures.
And we wanna make this a more interactive site wif more community involvment and also raised more awareness on the uber coolness of such hobbies and add extra stuff to show case our interest, humor and other activities.

As such, we are gonna implement an integration of Military Modelling and Warhammer. But not just tht, We are gonna be adding way more new stuff and interesting stuff that are not just our stuff, but a network.

While we have no intention to make it globally popular.. We wanna strengthen the Interest of various stuff as a whole and make it more applicable and appealing to other people who may wanna take these areas of our interest as their hobby.

As such, Me and Josh would like to welcome comments, feedback and recommendations that can most definitely create something out of this two blogs to make it better.

Almost 4-5 years for each blog. Its time we take a different step on our hobby interest.

Hope you guys will be agreeable with this decision.


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