Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bird Eye view of Warships

Adelaide Class Frigate and Ticonderoga VLS

Always have a thing for Naval units.

And here we have the birds eye view of a Ticonderoga VLS Class Cruiser and the O.H Perry Class Frigate.

I love the colors in the picture and I am most definitely looking forward to construct and get my projects done. Plus my shipment of GHQ naval units have arrive. When all the kits are done, it will be time for me to construct my GHQ naval fleets comprising of US made and Russian made ships.


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Soldier and His Armour

The next batch of pictures including the previous entry comes from my old camera. It will be the last time my old camera take pictures because my old W-50 has broken down again.

With a macro feature that provides clarity of macro focus to 2 cm, it is way better in providing detail compared to my new W150 Sony Digicam. Nevertheless, the pictures will still keep coming in. And now with the help of Joshua, my Photography partner in crime, he shall be contributing to both hobby blogs. YEAPPERS.

I must say that th epics that we have come up for this batch is the best so far. Almost all pics are clear and great in colour. The perspective is also very good and has a real punch to it.

Here is a Soldier looking onward while standing guard next to the Warrior IFV.
This shot provides a closer and more focus shot and a more personal angle of the last entry.

I put in the Vintage Sepia effect to give a more greater feel of the picture and the "war" effect in it.


Trooper and the Warrior
Gideona Forces in Central Africa..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Game Im Gonna Get Soon

Here we have it. World in Conflict
A Game based on the "what if" scenario of the US getting attack by Cold War adversary Russia. Set in a modern day backdrop, this game has a great single player campaign with REALISTIC modern day units unlike their RTS counterparts like Red Alert that have really wierd out units.

This is a definite must buy for modern military enthusiast and it has also great multiplayer gameplay too.

You as a player take the role of one unit of either infantry, armor, support or anothe rrole which i have forgotten. Micro manage ur unit to victory and it involves fightnig in a highly detailed visual map.

Wikipedia should provide u better details into this game. As for me, im just suggesting and recommending a nice military game.

Trailers rock too. Check it out here

This is the official Trailer. An it looks seriously awesome.

This is the NYC invasion Trailer. Featuring the Song Shadow of the Sun by Audioslave and Lead Singer Chris Cornel. Love the song. The first time i heard it was on Collateral. Surreal song.

On another note, gonna start a military campaign game between WT and Josh which will be playtested by WT first followed by Joshawhen he comes back at the end of the year. Furthermore, the new batch of photoes has been done. Largely taken by Josh and with a lil direction from me, the photoes will be edited and ready for posting soon. You will probably see the first set by mid-year.

In any case, Josh shall also be contributing by posting some of the new entries and helping me out too and Im really glad to have an additional hand. Much appreciated by me to Josh. Cheers all.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Warrior

A very nice Old Film Ambience Pic of the Warrior IFV and its troops.

These figures are courtesy of Joshua from Battlefield Evolution.

The Warrior IFV and Troops
Gideona's Troopers on defense and the GDI's Warrior providing Armor support.

After reviewing the pic i took, I felt it has a good layout with good background and it looks convincing that they were on the ground and ready for a fight.

The Soldiers and the Armour Vehicle also are in good scale and proportion to each other

Monday, January 05, 2009

The Guns of the Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser

Hey all, its a new year with more new stuff.. WOOT. And first entry of the year is NAVAL

The 5-Inch/54-caliber (Mk 45) lightweight gun is a modern U.S. naval artillery gun mount consisting of a 5-inch (127 mm) L54 Mark 19 gun on the Mark 45 mount. It is designed to be used against surface warships, for anti-aircraft use and shore bombardment to support amphibious operations.

The gun mount features an automatic loader with a capacity of 20 rounds. These can be fired under full automatic control, taking a little over a minute to exhaust those rounds at maximum fire rate. For sustained use, the gun mount would be occupied (below deck) by a three-man crew (gun captain, panel operator, and ammunition loader) to keep the gun supplied with ammunition.

The Ticonderoga Gun
The Mk 45, (54 Caliber) gun. Packs a real shelling on the Enemy.

When i look at the Ticonderoga's guns. I only have 1 thought on my mind. Coastal Bombardment.

OBviously, you will not see ship battles involving this weapon unless it is to ward off pirates and light armed seaboats.

Till next entry, Cheerios

and a Happy New year 2009!