Friday, December 28, 2007

You cant see any conflict without it

The infamous Humvee. Although its just a big jeep that has the least armour among many vehicles, it carries a considerable amount of passengers and is able to perform many roles in any conflict zone.

Basically, i like the m1114 and its multi purpose variants. They dont call it HMMWV for nothing. a.k.a "High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle".

The Long lonely Road
The Long and Lonely Road..

Here is my pic of the humvee jus before sunset. It is the Humvee with the 50 Caliber Machine Gun mounted on top. Damn i like the pic and the whole "lonely atmosphere".

Nothing really going on other than my picture feature today. Will be doing my next m1a2 conversion, but that will be about it.

See ya all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Air Support that Brings Hell to the Enemy

When you hear the sound of papper tearing from above, it means trouble. For the only rasping that comes from above, is from the Vulcan Cannon that is carried by the A10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Aircraft. It is an Air Support Unit that aids ground forces in taking out strong armor and infantry resistance. It can carry AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles, Mark 84 general-purpose bombs and its 30 mm (1.18 in) GAU-8/A Avenger gatling gun can unleash hell to ground forces.

Although it has a travelling speed of only 832 km/h and a combat radius of about 250 nautical miles, it brings more meaning to the word "Death from above" in modern warfare than ever before.

The Fire of the Sky. A10

My A10 isnt really well painted at all because it was done during my early secondary school times in which m standard isnt as good compared to now. In any case, i wanted to photograph it in a good angle with a great visual perspective to it and digitally alter it such that the colour looks as good as possible even with the apprentice-like standard of painting.

Onto other note, I have already experimented on the Callof Duty 4 Multiplayer. DAMN MAN, it is so great! Very Fast upload time for a high graphic game with little lag (Compared to BF2). Although there is no interactivity with aircraft, vehicles and boats (unlike BF2), it makes up more than ever, on graphics, gameplay and variety of weapons and scenarios. The maps are not as big as BF2 maps but i can say its Multiplayer adds even more value to the Call of Duty 4 game.

The Ranking system on the other hand, is a bit too easy to progress on. My friend, Qap, is already a Captain after playing not so long. Unlike BF2 where the ranking system requires u to WORK REAL HARD for it. And even then, u gotta have great skill to achieve certain ranks.

But overall, a satisfied modern combat game. 3x Hurrays for it. Go grab one NOW!

Another sidenote is that I have completed one conversion of my M1A1 to M1A2 and it looks great. Will be showing it soon.

Till the next photo feature and more...
See ya ;)

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Call of Duty 4 Review

For this week, i am back with a game review, rather than a picture feature. And the game i shall be talking about is Call of Duty 4.

Call of Duty 4 is the first modern combat storyline game for the Call of Duty Series. It is set in the modern time when terrorism has taken a new twist and have rise up as a force that is far larger scale than it is today. Extremist Leaders wreck havoc in their individual countries and working together in a terror network to direct destruction against the Western powers.

Although I have sort of played the other Call of Duty, I cannot really compare them with this game as I am always more particularly interested in Modern Warfare. But one thing is for sure, this game has a very good singleplayer storyline with a very realistic, interactive and ingenious gameplay that makes me feel so engross in it.

The Cinematic In-game transition is so smooth and alike that it really gets you pumped up for action. You play the character of one USMC Marine Sergeant and one SAS Operative in this game. All i can say is the plot is great and it is one hell of a game which is a must buy. Its like playing in a movie and although this concept is not new, Call of Duty 4 has amazing graphics without requiring too much from ur PC (My PC is close to 5 years old and i still can play rather smoothly) and all the weaponary and awesome gameplay to show for.

I havent touch on the multiplayer aspect of this game, but Call of Duty is worth its money for its Singleplayer. This is so, even though many ppl including my friends are disappointed at the fact that this First Person Shooter game is amazingly short compared to contemporary one, but i feel that each missioin and plot makes up in depth for what it lacks in length.

I will most definitely review on the multiplayer aspect once im donewith the singleplayer game. But as or now, i mut advice u to get ONE as it is definitely a Standard issue for Modern Warfare Enthusiast and First person shooter manaic alike.

Its not a choice.. Its Mandatory! Standard Issue!

USMC Marine in COD4

The SAS from COD4 raiding the Cargo Ship.

Onto other note, my reinforcements have arrived as my Fren, Joshua is back from the states. Josh has my package of Forces of Valour and Battlefield Evolution Goods. Woohoo! On top of that, I have started to get busy and colour code the vehicles i have set out to do this month and I will also be collaborating with Josh to start our next photoshoot on the next few picture features for next year. :D

Till then.. See ya all soon :D

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Securing the Parameter.

The conflict zone has begun to stabilised but it is important that DSHCC forces secure the area and keep order while the fundmentals of new governance and a new defense force is created and established properly.

This can be seen as the M2A2 Bradly IFV rolls down the urban areas to keep watch of any violators of peace and insurgents still upset at the utter defeat by the Total Alliance forces that were approved by the UN to take action.

This is still the same M2A2 that was provided by my fren Joshua. While the concept and idea of the picture taken with the background was thought by me. I must say that it looks rather realistic and has a good touch to it. Im sure theres gotta be something good about it. Don't u tink so? Let me know.

Besides that, I will be planning to do all the painting upgrades of the M1A2, M1A1, M2A2 and Humvee by this month end. I will also fiish the 1/144 Mig 29 by December end. The Arleigh BUrke Flight 2A Destroyer will be completed by January 2008. After tht, i will plan for the new projects for next year. Till then Enjoy.. and See ya soon