Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hurray for the tiny ounce of time

YEs, finally, i had an ounce of time to spare to do a lil construction on my ship. The Ticonderoga is more than half done but less than 3/4 there. And so all u buggers who antcipated the progress of my ship. Here it is. The antenna has yet to be fixed, but the funnels are already done. When the weekend comes, I should be able to at worst, put in mre parts. And the very best case complete the entire construction of the structure, though that would be quite hard.

In any case, enjoy,

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Notice the VLS is not up yet too.

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In the shipyard in midday, the Seahawk and its other parts lay on the dock awaiting to be fixed.

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And so I hope as the sunsets on the dockyard, that construction works will increase in productivity.

On other side notes. I have got my veteran Ground Defense with the help of WT and Qap. But have gotten quite a few medals since then. And though WT has got his navy cross. MY OWN NAVY CROSS I COMING SOON, along with a pr0motion. hehe. I LOVE BF2!

Will be reviewing the tabletop game soon. :D

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Unfulfilled Schedule

As stated in my other hobby blog, its been an unfulfilling week of not making anything, and that includes my Ticonderoga. I must admit even with a week at hand i have not done anything significant in terms of model making. With my model table cluttered wif unfinish work, it is unlikely will i have enuff free time to make my ship. Even now, im rushing to have to completethe basic of homework. But i must say tht the early week has been consumed with blatant playing of BF2, where i have finally gotten my veteran command badges and a few silver and bronze star here and there. On count, i should need 4000 plus more points to get to my next rank as First Sergeant. :D hiak hiak

On other projects still not done besides the Ticonderoga, i was planning to conduct my tabletop wargame for land forces, but still havent got the right timing for it and so im not doing it yet.

I ave also taken some real interest in R/C stuff for modern Warmachines and am quite keen on the F22 raptor RC model. Though i also have seen the Japanese Self Defense Land Forces Armour Main BattleTank Type 90 for the Mini R/C that Konami has made and am also attracted by it. All cost a lot and even though it is hard to find Remote Controlled Modern Warship, i manage to stumble upon this Modern Warship Remote Control Naval Club that constructs their own to the scale of 1/100 which is VERY VERY VERY BIG. Something i honestly cant do now maybe never, to have the dedication for tht, perhaps tanks and planes but ship is really hard especially having to scrtch build it from the start. And the coolest thing is those boats can really sail on water. This club has a fleet of modern ships of same scale and even an Aircraft carrier which they dock in a miniscale Harbour that has ppl and equipment and their water location is a lake. Type Taskforce 100 on the yahoo search engine and you will see all their cool stuff. In any case, i have not fulfilled any of my promises, let alone taking pics of the uncompleted ship.

I will sincerely try and put it up soon bt as for now, here are pics of the OH58D Kiowa Scout Heli, Really Light and fast for reconnaisance and also deadly for dealing with Armour if need be.

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The OH58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter

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Alongside the Kiowa, is the AH64D Longbow hovering forward through the sky.
I like the colours of this pic. :D

Till i can fulfilled my model hobbies, it will be a while. Till then see u all again.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Patriot Missle and the M983

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The M983 Transport carries a weapon that is of primary importance to the Missile Defense Shield against Ballistic Missiles. Also known as the Patriot Missile, the MIM-104 is a surface to air missile and has assumed the role as anti-ballistic missile (ABM) platform, which today is Patriot's primary mission.

It is the only anti ballistic missile system that has have successfully engaged and destroyed a tactical ballistic missile in combat and the only SAM system which has successfully provided a maneuver force with tactical ballistic missile protection.

Onto other news, the Ticoderoga has progress a little since the last ime and the Funnels of the Ship will be up soon. A photo will follow up promptly. With a breather of some good span of time in the hols, it should be completed and the next project shall get into play. :D

Onto other military news, just played BF2 after a long while, MUST BEAT My friend's 32 Killing streak which is insane, but not IMPOSSIBLE. Time to get me a new badge too followed by increasing my points closer to 20,000 to get tht Promotion. MUAHAHAHAHA.

Till next time. See ya