Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Adelaide Frigate Upgraded!

This is funny, because i have recently been doing a lot of stuff on top of redecorating all the blogs. And with my scary sleeping time, i decided yesterday to sleep early. I was about to finish up my potography near the wee hours of 2 to 3am when i decided to get on with upgrading my Adelaide Frigate. And I did it all, on top of upgrading two M1A1 AIM tanks to M1A2 SEP by just making the CITWs on the turret. As for paint coat i have not done it yet. Will do it soon though. As for my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser, I shall pursue it to the next phase of its construction tomorrow. So without furthur ado, Here is the Finale of my Adelaide Frigate, the HMAS Sydney with the VLS upgraded.

With this indication picture among others, I tried to sculpt the VLS in its likeness

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And here is the final product. You can compare it with my last entry of the Adelaide Frigate.

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Notice that the White Sticker has been removed? Was quite and irritant during the moulding it into the Ship's Base

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Well as for ur requests for planes, it will be on the next few entries. Pictures for a big part of these year has already been put in my gallery. So feel free to browse there. ;)

The reviews of these pictures will come at worst once every week guys. ;) So Stay tuned.

There will also be new stuff coming up too. I have receive some suggestion of a Showdown comic like review apart from the Blog entries. OF which i will contemplate on it.

Till next time. Im falling out. GOTTA SLEEP!


Friday, January 26, 2007

Long overdue of no features but new additions on Blog

As you may have know, its been a VERY Long time since i last feature ANYTHING. I have also promise for Plane models but hardly have the time to do any of my hobbies. But since i could not feature any planes, i was thinking why not jus add some pics and additional stuff that involves planes. So as u can see, its a lil moe colourful inside here. So pls bear wif me.. it will be a while till i show my next feature. But it will be quite a few aircrafts for the next few features.

As for upgrades of this blog, there will be more coming. I keep hush about it so u people will be excited about it. LOL...

Till then, i look forward to ur eager anticipation to see the next few stuff. Got quite a good response for this blog but so many do not come forth about the hobby. I hope it will turn out differently. In any case, it is my photo journalism of my hobby.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Wargame By Me

Well, Im a nerd, but i would like to see a modern day type of wargame similar to the Allies & Axis version. And well they dont have that. Yes Force of Valour has a tabletop rules which u can adapt for their models to be a game but it doesnt Have planes, Helicopters or Warships and submarines integrated with it or a seperated tabletop game for modern warships or planes. So i made a system which can integrate all three platforms of the armed forces using one concept and same stats. With a lil ideas ripped from Warhammer.

Will not review anything yet as i have to test out whether it can be a fun game or not.

On the latest update, i will be putting down this years projects i will accomplish before 2007 ends. There will also be a new sector in the sidebar where i will put my video link there so u need not have to revert to whatever entry to see it. And This year, i might just do another vid. The storyboard concept has been drawn few months back but i really have no time for anything.
Hear u want to see my planes too, and so i will be showing more for the next entry. Be sure to watch out ;)

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Signing out.

Back to Dangerous Waters

I have tried out the game again and have completed successfully 3 more missions. Well of which the last one i have use the see truth option which enable me to detect enemy and classifying them as hostile or non hostile upon contacting them on radar. Its far more easier than the having to classify ur own bloody self whether its hostile and allso what variant of ship it is. I guess to be a real simulator, u gotta be goddamn adapt and patient to play this naval game. And besides, From a ship to a Submarine, u most definitely need more than a dozen man to manned and put the ship in harm's way to combat against and enemy, while ur playing it solo on the simulator. Its hard. Rock Hard for me even as a naval ethusiast who enjoys making models of modern warships then land and air models. Hard to find any other hobbyist who shares the same interest.

Guess I will be using show truth in the many other missions i will be embarking. They have some missions where you must manually steer ur goddamn ship out of a fucking port, and tht is bloody hard and requires some fast forwarding of time as it takes a long time to get it out of port onur own without tugboats, even for an Adelaide class Frigate.

With that being said and as i said before, the reason the game got an 8.3 cos it is TOO DAMN REAL. Dangerous Waters is not for kids, teen, or even adults who jus wanna bash smash and kill, let alone shoot and bomb someone. Its is definitely for a cold hard naval enthusiast who loves the time to take to be involved in Naval COmbat.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BMP2 and Updates

Been getting comments on people's likes for more Russian weaponary and so here is my feature for today. Even though the pic has been in my gallery for a long while, never really feature this warmachine on an entry. Well images will be even more clearer from now on. With the acquisition of a new Camera, expect to see more grater image and close up shots.

The BMP2 is an armoured personal carrier/Infantry fighting vehicle. The Peer to the US M2A2 Bradly, the Russian BMp2 can carry about 1 or 2 more personnals in it depending on the variant, though usually 7 additional personnals on top of the 3 Crew needed to man it. With its 100 mm gun and 30mm autocannon, it has adequate firepower. With the option of arming with TOW ATGMs, it has enough firepower if not more than the M2A2. But with the ill maintenance of the Russian Army, Officers have complain of its lack of efficiency from firing the gun to its electronic system. The BMP2 has indeed suffer harsh critics, but perhaps there have been much rectification since then.

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BMP2 on the background as Skull Command Troops pass by.

On other updates, the painting and construction of my next Ticonderoga VLS Class cruiser is in progress, with Harpoon Quad Launchers ready up, on top of the Seahawk. The next paintjob and upgrade of vehicles will depend on the spare time i have though, of which I do not have a lot at the moment :p. It will be a while till my next update, but do keep tuning in or give me a buzz. :P

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The LAV 25 done!

Yes my final paint job of the LAV 25s. These are the minature collectibles. Got a sudden liking for them due to their mobility and resillence in Battlefield 2! With their Bushmaster M242 chaingun, they are fine representation of armoured mobility on wheels.

Speaking of Battlefield 2 though, its been quite a while since i last played it. Two of my comrades cpu are downed. Only leaving 3 active personals which hasnt been totally able to meet up to play :P.

Anyway, take a look at the LAV 25 :D For ur info though, the LAV 25 doesnt have an ATGM, only the LAV TOW variant does. Enjoy the pics!

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Two LAV 25s observing a destroyed BMP.

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LAV 25 in the marshes.

Another note to I recently discovered. If u military enthusiast remembered of the RAH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopter Project. Well it has been cancelled in Feburary 2004 to direct funds to upgrading and maintenance of current helicopters like the AH64 Longbow. Really late news, but hey, its jus me alone checking out for such stuff :p.

The Comanche has been put down along with the pic i have of it. Yes, i always keep updated with my photo gallery. As long as any War Vehicles Land Air or Sea have been decommisioned or put down, it will be deleted from my Pic Gallery along with being kept in the decommision containment area of my miltiary collection where most out of date stuff are. But perhaps it may come back. Who knows. :D

Signing off.