Monday, January 15, 2007

Wargame By Me

Well, Im a nerd, but i would like to see a modern day type of wargame similar to the Allies & Axis version. And well they dont have that. Yes Force of Valour has a tabletop rules which u can adapt for their models to be a game but it doesnt Have planes, Helicopters or Warships and submarines integrated with it or a seperated tabletop game for modern warships or planes. So i made a system which can integrate all three platforms of the armed forces using one concept and same stats. With a lil ideas ripped from Warhammer.

Will not review anything yet as i have to test out whether it can be a fun game or not.

On the latest update, i will be putting down this years projects i will accomplish before 2007 ends. There will also be a new sector in the sidebar where i will put my video link there so u need not have to revert to whatever entry to see it. And This year, i might just do another vid. The storyboard concept has been drawn few months back but i really have no time for anything.
Hear u want to see my planes too, and so i will be showing more for the next entry. Be sure to watch out ;)

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Signing out.

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