Friday, January 26, 2007

Long overdue of no features but new additions on Blog

As you may have know, its been a VERY Long time since i last feature ANYTHING. I have also promise for Plane models but hardly have the time to do any of my hobbies. But since i could not feature any planes, i was thinking why not jus add some pics and additional stuff that involves planes. So as u can see, its a lil moe colourful inside here. So pls bear wif me.. it will be a while till i show my next feature. But it will be quite a few aircrafts for the next few features.

As for upgrades of this blog, there will be more coming. I keep hush about it so u people will be excited about it. LOL...

Till then, i look forward to ur eager anticipation to see the next few stuff. Got quite a good response for this blog but so many do not come forth about the hobby. I hope it will turn out differently. In any case, it is my photo journalism of my hobby.


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