Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BMP2 and Updates

Been getting comments on people's likes for more Russian weaponary and so here is my feature for today. Even though the pic has been in my gallery for a long while, never really feature this warmachine on an entry. Well images will be even more clearer from now on. With the acquisition of a new Camera, expect to see more grater image and close up shots.

The BMP2 is an armoured personal carrier/Infantry fighting vehicle. The Peer to the US M2A2 Bradly, the Russian BMp2 can carry about 1 or 2 more personnals in it depending on the variant, though usually 7 additional personnals on top of the 3 Crew needed to man it. With its 100 mm gun and 30mm autocannon, it has adequate firepower. With the option of arming with TOW ATGMs, it has enough firepower if not more than the M2A2. But with the ill maintenance of the Russian Army, Officers have complain of its lack of efficiency from firing the gun to its electronic system. The BMP2 has indeed suffer harsh critics, but perhaps there have been much rectification since then.

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BMP2 on the background as Skull Command Troops pass by.

On other updates, the painting and construction of my next Ticonderoga VLS Class cruiser is in progress, with Harpoon Quad Launchers ready up, on top of the Seahawk. The next paintjob and upgrade of vehicles will depend on the spare time i have though, of which I do not have a lot at the moment :p. It will be a while till my next update, but do keep tuning in or give me a buzz. :P

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