Friday, November 24, 2006

Progress of the OH Perry.

Well since I last left off, the O H Perry Class or a.k.a Adelaide Class Frigate was about 1/3 done. Now Im already more than halfway thru. Just need to do a few touchups here and there, before i can make it the HMAS Sydney since i cant really be bothered to make many conversions to make a current O H Perry US Frigate. In current Navall News, Most of the Adelaide Class Frigates are getting and upgrade, including the input of an 8 VLS panel for anti aircraft missiles.
Well after this ship it will be onto either the new Flight 2A Arleigh Burke or the Ticonderoga Cruiser. Similar to my other hobby blog, I plan to complete all my Projects in Progress that are displayed by the end of this year. Well the next entry will be the display of the final product, The Adelaide Class Frigate. Stay Tuned

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A Defensive Sabre Hand Command Corps Naval Building Facility building for the Adelaide Class Frigate for the Australian Navy

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Transaction of the Ticonderoga Cruiser U.S.S Mobile Bay

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After trying to wait for months from Hobby Focus to get the Kit, I was able to acquire it from Timemachine Studios on my unplanned visit to the store the other day. Dragon Models are indeed getting better. The New Arliegh Burke Ships have photo etch parts, something which I am totally unfamiliar with and will require some learning after I complete my pending models.

Have Just recently completed a paint job overhaul for my 2 LAV 25s, and will be onto the Next Vehicles and will show you reviews of the Construction Progress of the O H perry Frigate.

Till Then, JQ signing off.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Timemachine Studios at Millenia Walk

A year ago, I met my old Geog Teacher from my High School. We were talking about the Hobby of Modern Military Model Making. We discuss many stuff about the really Unique hobby we have that is not normally associated to many teens or kids. He is an avid Modern British Army Model Maker. and i got to discover it during those free periods in our class with him. Definitely a Zany Teacher and was quite intrigue that he makes Modern Military Models, he apparently has a battalion of soldiers and Armour Attachment the Battalion and Support Vehicles. From ranks and intricate details on the soldiers to the effects of his painting or so i heard, he has a collection to die for. But he focused more on the land forces while I am more of the all rounder. Well, he knows i frequent Hobby Focus (A Models Shop in the Heart of the City that specialises in Modern Military Ships Planes and Vehicles) and had recommend me a few places in Millenia Walk, well but being used to my Hobby Focus Shop i didnt really pay particular attention, besides i could always order the stuff I wanted from the SHopowner when stock is not available. On hind side, it would have taken a very very very long time, but he provides the best materials to paint though at quite a hefty price.

Well just the other weekend, I was walking along milennia walk wif my Pal WT, and decided why not I take a look at the Model Shops mentioned by my Teacher. Found one called Timemachine Studios and oh my god, it is liek a Dragon Model Heaven. They have everything from Land Air and Sea models of Dragon. Diorama and other accesories and Action Figures Included. Oh, and the brushes and paints are FAR CHEAPER!!!! I have always been a supporter of Dragon, and seeing this new store i have stumbled upon has let me to put this shop as my first choice stop for models, second would still be hobby focus for me to order particular models, but seeing that Timemachine Studio has the New U.S.S Mobile Bay Ticonderoga VLS Class Cruiser that i wanted and i have ordered so LONG ago but hasnt come from Hobby Focus, it will be a while before i go back to there. Just bought the Model Kit from Timemachine Studio, and i have even viewed some latest model ship kits i havent even seen from the Dragon Website yet.

For all the Local Singaporean Enthusiast of Modern Military Model, Dragon offers high grade detail Models, and Timemachine Studio is the place to go if u have not yet discovered it. Give it a browse. ;)

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Its Construction Time Again

Yes indeed it is construction time again. This time I will be doing a clearance of some of the out of service vehicles, planes and ship to the storage place of past military machineries and start my painting coat of 2 LAV25s, 3 M3A2 and 4 M1A1 HA Abrams. Along with the continual construction and paint coat of my O H Perry Class Frigate. Of the 4 Abrams, I will be converting 2 or 3 to M1A2. Its gonna be a long tough way there as i will have lots of other agendas on my mind besides my Military Hobby. Till then, Toodles.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Crossing

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An M2A2 and an AAVP71 making a crossing through a bridge onwards to a conflict zome in the outskirts of the Urban area in the desert. From their military oversea station in Israel, the DSHCC heads out to quell the threat of their enemies in the neighbouring territories.

The AAVP71 is an amphibious assault vehicle. Able to thread over water and also acting as a personnal carrier for a considerable amount of troops is by far one of the most efficient troop carrier in the DSHCCC arsenal and is also quite distinct in the Marine Corp as an iconic troop carrier associated with the Marines. Able to carry about 25 troops, it is a big factor on transport, but there have been claims and criticism of its poor armour. But overall its ampnbious assault ability enables it to be still adequate along with its capacity, though slated to be replaced by the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle or EFV by 2008, it will stay here for a while more.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

SSN 688 Class Subs

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The Los Angeles Class Submarine, The mainstay of the Underwater Force of the Navy. The Basic Los Angeles Class Submarines has their fins on the top rather than at the side of their hull. Armed with the basic Mk48 torpedoes, they are the attack class submarines, the silent hunters of the seas and even though they lack the VLS system, they are still a formidable threat as a top class Hunter Killer Submarine.

My First Dangerous Waters Win.

Well, its god damn hard to play the game and my first win would be a transit to port using the SSN 688 Improved Class Submarine. Damn Simulations, have to multitask like crazy.

Well onto other Military News, with the recent battlefield Euro Force and Armoured Fury expansion out and a total of 6 new maps and a dozen new vehicles and weapons, it is tempting though for a price of 30 dollars it is quite a hefty expense. Overall though, it will definitely put more fun into the game even though the BF2 game itself is alrady way beyond fun already.

Status of me would be 600 points to Staff Segeant! Pass few games have also been rather intense as i play along with my friends online. Till next time Cheerios.