Sunday, July 30, 2006

Su 27 Flanker: The Icon of Russian Aviation

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The Su 27 Flanker. In my opinion, it is the icon of Russian Aviation. The Sukhoi Aero Corporation has made one of the most lethal jets in the skies with the ability to manueovre like no other western aircraft can. This was one of my new pics i have shot thanks to my friends camera(which is far better than mine :I). I would say it has a nice angle and also a relatively plain diorama. The 1/144 scale Su 27 Model is the one of my great achievement in terms of model kit painting and fixing. It is also the one model that I have used enamel paint to great effect, though the process was arduous and messy compared to Acrylic Paint. ACRYLIC and MATT FINISH! Thts the way to GO!


Monday, July 24, 2006

A M1A2 Passes by in the vicinity of an Urban Area.

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Yet another pic fron the new M1a2 tank I got. Finally the Tank has arrived in the Urban area. Passing by alone. But ever vigilant, looking out for any disturbances. The M1A2 is one of the finest and most advance Main battle Tank in the World. With a 120mm cannon capable of shooting Armor Piercing and Highly Explosive Rounds, it has an additional avionic known as the CITV in which the Commander uses to scan for enemies and thus can let his gunner know the targets he have found ontop of the Gunner's individual sight to search for Enemies too.


The Long Road

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A M1A2 in the foreground backup by a M2A2 Bradley and M1A1 HA Abram on a highway in the neverending expanse of the desert. The Commander looks on, pondering the next coordinates and form up point. Looking onward, perhaps preparing for yet another battle, or perhaps looking forward to go home back to his family.

A great picture all in all. This is my new M1A2 abram from the Forces of Valour brand. Though i did a few twicks and drybrushing and detail on the commander and the front platings of the tank and the lens of the CITV and Gunner Viewer. Damn is it good or wat? Drop by a comment.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

M1A2 has arrived

Finally the M1A2 Abram of the Force of Valor brand has come. But to my disappointment, shipment protection was rather bad as a road wheel was found unattach or broken from the tank. Fortuanately it was repairable, just needed to glue it in. On top of tht, the m1A2 had only one radio antenna, i wonder whether it is on purpose or is there another one that seems to be missing. If so, well, that kinda sucks.

Other than that, the paintin gis relatively high standard and detailing, though i must say the Commander and some of the stores of the M1A2 are quite crappily done. Like the Green colour painting which i have already undercoat black and i plan to underbrush it soon

Looks like Its time for some immediate refitting and repair from me. Need drybrush and put some powerful detail into the commander figure ontop of other stuff like finding a thin wiring tht cud be used as a substitude antenna. But that will only be done once confirmed that the antenna is missing. First time i am rather disappointed at a shipment that i have othered online. I did not really expect such a lot of flaws in my product here and there.

Im tired of complaining too, cos for them to rectify will take a billion years, so i might as well make the M1A2 look even better than it was. Till then stay tune for more great photoes and diorama. Will bring u the M1A2 real soon ;)

JQ out!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Finally Found a whole bulk of Forces of Valor Stuff selling online!

Its been tiring, and really tedious to find the stuff you want when it comes to this hobby of mine, But finally i have found just the e-shop that sell 1/72 Forces of Valor Modern Tanks and the Soldiers too. Price is alright and Stock is available though the 1/72 Modern Soldiers are still unavailable at the moment.
So while I scrap up some cash for the year, I will be keeping my eyes on the Goods i plan to get.

Besides, I still have my FFG Perry CLass Frigate to make and my Flight 2A Burke Class Destroyer, on top of the other paint jobs i shall be doing to some of my minature collectables, including a few highlights and overcoats on the M1a2 that is coming my way.

Here's the site where the forces of valor models are: Enjoy

Pictures of My models and new diorama will be up soon, so sit tight Military enthusiast. ;)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The DDG Mustin has arrived. Finally after eyeing on it for half a year and placing order on my favourite retail shop, the Stock has finally came in for me to start construction right after I finish the O.H Perry Frigate.

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U.S.S Mustin DDG 89 Flight 2A Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer is one of the latest new Destroyer of the Arleigh Burke Class. With new improvements and Larger Hanger bay. It is the Modern day frontline destroyer of the US and Dashland Navy. With the Aegis System and the VLS weaponary adapted from the Ticonderoga VLS class Cruiser. It is set to take on any storm or threat from the sea, air and even land.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cool Ready-Made Armor, Personnel and Airplane Models

Well, Recently I have stumbled upon many ready-made Armor Tank Models. The 1:72 Scale(My most prefered scale for land vehicles) ready made armour vehicles appeals to me the most.
I have viewed a few brands and come up with some reviews.
The Dragon Armour Range is not bad. It has a relatively standard painting colour code. Details are also not bad. Really Good Collector class painting. Pricing is also relatively reasonable. But well, I have been collecting Warhammer for quite a while and as it is quite a hefty hobby, My military models deem to be cheaper by standards. But hey for all those military enthusisast out there, theres no harm checking it out ;) Be sure have a look.

The Other company which i have found that provides such collector's item is Forces of Valour. Like Dragon Armour they provide 1:72 Scale and 1:35 scale too. But they dont only cater to Land Armour Vehicles but also Fighter Jets and Helicopters too. Forces of Valour have a wide range for Modern Warfare Vehicles, dating from the Gulf War to Current Conflict in Baghdad. The Painting is very well done. The Details and Highlighting are Master Class, on top of that there is a Commander in the most of the Armour Vehicles they Sell. THey even sell 1:35 and 1:72 Modern Soldier Squads. I must say it is a really sweet cake for my Military collection. I have already bought the M1A2 Tank, though i will add a little Conversions to it. Im looking to get another one. But this type of companies don't cater to consumers, and retailers in my country kind of lack the type of models i like. My scales for ships, tanks and airplane use to be common 5 years ago, but now it seems to have diminish and become far more limited.

Forces of Valour sells more 1:35 Scale Military Vehicles and Soldiers. It is their main scale product. So all you 1:35 Scale Enthusiast, it would be a perfect collectors stuff. I give it a 5 star rating for ready made stuff. First time i see excellent quality painting and detail that is mass produced. On top of that, they even have a game for their models, using a gaming system that is similar to that of Warhammer 40k. Quite interesting indeed, though I must say I can make a better gaming system than that :p. But i Have a feeling Modern Warfare gaming will grow as big as warhammer eventually, as long as there are military enthusiast out there.

Here the Webbie:

Last Note to you guys. For you to get this stuff, try searching for retailers all over the world that provide e-shopping. Normally the Main companies will provide a few. If not, Ebay and Yahoo Auctions are 2 good places to get too.