Monday, December 29, 2008

Vintage take on the C130

Front View of the Hercules
Frontview of the Transport Bird, C130.

Everytime i see this plane, I am tempted to play COD4 Single Player again. :p

Nonetheless, COD4 is still by far the best FPS Modern Combat games i have played. (Second would be Battlefield 2)

Monday, December 22, 2008

B&W Hercules

Its the C130 Hercules Transport Airplane.

One of the Mainstay for the US and DSHCC Airforce. The iconic four engine turboprop plane can carry a maximum of 92 passengers or 64 airborne troopers. It can travel at a speed of 610km/h and has many variant.

One of the most coolest variant of the Hercules is the one both featured in Transformer and Callof Duty 4. Yes thts right.

Its the AC130 Gunship with its variety of weapons ranging from 30mm machine guns to 105mm Cannon. BAM

C130 Hercules
C130 Herc on the Runway

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not ur usual suspect

So you think it would be your usual suspect of American Vehicles?

Today, we feature the Saab Viggen in digitally-editted format.

Saab Viggen

The Saab 37 Viggen is a swedish single seat fighter jet for the Swedish Airforce. Maximum spee dof Mach 2.1 and it can carry the usual suspect of american air to air missiles and RB71 Skyflash.

It got phased out in 2005 and was replaced by the JAS 39 Gripen. Last flight of the Viggen was in June 2007.

The cool thing i like about this pic is that the plane is a real micromachine model and the editing has made it look like a picture painting .The Blue hue and the shader for the picture makes the plane look like a very nice pristine drawing that can be a shirt imprint design.

Whats your take?

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Improved SSN688

The Improved Los Angeles Class Submarine underwater moving away from the camera.

Travelling Sub
Obviously a digitally-edited picture but the model of the submarine is real.

The 688i Sub Underwater
The SSN 688i travelling underwater.

Its quite an easy guess for frequent Adobe Photoshop users on what effect is used in this pic.. :P


Monday, December 01, 2008


Its a Dashland Army Trooper in Desert Camo behind an M1A2.

Soldier on Lookout
This is one of my best telescopic macroshot of my military models

I like the focus shot on the trooper while the tank is blurred out. Cool Goggles he is wearing for the desert or urban backdrop.

The Tank is by Micromachines and the Trooper is by Battlefield Evolution. (Love the Desert combat outfit)

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Tank Camp

Hi all again. I have started on my next Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and getting to use my airbrush to give its first primary coat. I must say that i am pretty amazed at the sheer precision of the model airbrush bt i feel tht its widespreadspray feature lacks the intensity with regards to gray colour paint. I have yet to see how good it will work with other colours.

Nonetheless, progress is in the midst and you will get to see picture of a great fleet of 1/700 DSHCC ships soon.

Furthermore, i have seen my GHQ models and i am very please at the great detail and the reasonable cost of acquiring the models that i have ordered. The ships are detailed and requires little or no assembling. This is similar to the armour units for GHQ and alli need to do is paint. Less Work for me to do, so that more effort can go to painting it real well.

As for now, Its Dashland Armed Forces M1A2 in an outfield camp geting ready for operations

Two M1A2 in camp
Hope u guys like the pic and the detail i put into the tanks

See ya next week ;)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Follow up on the Convoy.

Sideview of the convoy on the road in black and white. I really like the wheels on the medical convoy vans. They are the same iconic mini wheels that are used in the classic micromachine cars and vehicles when i was a kid.

I can still remember the time when i saw the first micromachine. At tht time, i was more orientated to Matchbox cars and hotwheels. Both this brands were way bigger in company size and products.. literally. But matchbox was so cool.. wanted to get one.. but never got the opportunity in the end till micromachines military came out.

Enjoy the pics.

Sideview of Medic Convoy in B&W
On the road to M.A.S.H Camp

Medical Convoy destroyed
BOOM BOOM .. "Medic Van Down".. A picture concept by josh.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Small Convoy.

Been focusing a lot on the Big Guns and mainstay units on this blog. Now a picture on the more lighter and more frequently used vehicles in the army.

This picture is a medical convoy being escorted by the Hummer to a designated location.

Medical Convoy travelling
Two medical vans and the hummer drive along the road as the sky begins to darken..

Monday, November 03, 2008

Assortment of Raptor pics

More Great views of the Raptor that i have taken.

Backview of the F22
Backview of the plane and its vector thrust engines.

Sideview of the Raptor
Sideview of the plane and its Panel Codename

And btw, i must give credit to Joshua for the fine picture taking he has done wif regards to the F22 pics. Thanx a lot DUDE! :D

Monday, October 27, 2008

An upclose view of the F22

I like this shot.. where the Sun shines on the tarmac and gives a nice reflection on the cockpit of the F22 while idling tyres lay next to the plane. Sometimes, without the human presence, pictures like this gives a sense of serenity and calming silence.

Cockpit shot of the F22
The Cockpit of the Raptor

Monday, October 20, 2008

F22 Raptor

The Proliferation of F22 into the US Airforce is going on well and the number of F22 in the Airforce has increased to near 200. Thus, the mainstay superior advanced fighter is going to be the F22. Finally after a few years, the F22 has become a vital part of the airforce including DSHCC air units.

Vacant F22 on the runway
A Vacant Raptor on the Runway

This is a pretty welld one diecast by Majisto though im not too sure about the quality of its recent collectibles. Enjoy. :D

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Two Modified M1A2

ANd here it is. My two modified deset camouflage M1A2 Abrams. Did my best in making it look as pristine and as detailed as possible compared to the normal M1A1 tanks it was before. :D

Rolling in the desert sand.. here are the M1A2 from birdsight view.

Two M1A2 in the Desert
2 M1A2 SEP from the 52nd ACR of the DSHCC Armed Forces.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Detail on the M1A2

I use to notice more often than not, many of the new improved M1A1s and M1A2s have front panel brackets. Therefore, i decided to add them on when i modified my micromachine M1A2. I added a few more details to make it as great looking as possible.

Love the M1A2.. I have practically an Abram tank in all scales and sizes. :)

Closeup on Detail of the M1A2
A Dashland M1A2 viewed from the side.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Modified and Painted Up M1A2

Done this quite a while ago and really proud of its completion. This was my last few projects that were done. I took my M1A1 abram MicroMachine and gave it a whole new paintjob with better detailed and use putty mould to customise it such that it had a commander CITV and convert it into the new M1A2 SEP.

I am sure most of the peeps who see my stuff noe more about the M1A2 stats than i do. here is my completed M1A2 near a guardhouse and ready to move off. Enjoy and do comment pls..

M1A2 Tank going out of the camp

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birds Eye View of the Inflatable

Birds Eye View of Raft
Its the Inflatable from above...

As u can see the inflatable has a more stable structure than normal inflatables with electronic controls for its steering and riding and 3 SAW machine guns to handle any oncoming light threat.

Tht's about it.. I mean how much can u describe a Inflatable boat.. lol.. But at least it is different from the normal naval units you peeps have seen :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Special Forces!

So here i have a collectible that isn't ur ordinary usual naval unit that will be shown. But it is often goes alongside Naval Special Forces on coastal landing.

This is the Modern Inflatable boat that can be deployed by the DSHCC Navy Special Forces. It can also hoister three SAW machine guns on itself while traveling at a speed of 50 knots. It requires little time to deflate and inflate and can provide great mobility at sea.

Navy Spec Ops wif Raft
Naval Forces in the foreground while the inflatable floats behind.

Zoom up on the Raft
A more focus view on the smallest naval unit, the Inflatable :p

Monday, September 08, 2008

Amphibious Assault Pt 2

This is the next B/W pic of the AAVP7A1s lining up in formation. Geared up and ready to attend the next conflict that requires its assistance.

Marine AAVP71
DSHCC Amphibious Assault Platoon on rocky terrain.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Amphibious Attack!!

AAVP72 Platoon
Its an Amphibious Attack by the AAV7A1s...

The AAVP71s are the mainstay of the Marines in the Amphibious Assault scenario. This is a hue modified picture of 3 DSHCC AAV7A1s traveling on rocky terrain. I particularly like the Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher weapon on the AAV7A1. DEADLY

Been playing COD4 multiplayer for awhile.. So totally in the mood for modern military now, compared to Warhammer.. But its gonna be a while before i get my hands to work on modern military.


Monday, August 25, 2008

The Type 99 in Urban Area.

The Type 99 has the ability to fire the standard cannon rounds like the APFSD, HEAT and HE-FRAG projectiles. They are also presumably able to fire Russian AT-11 ATGMs. The Type 99 tank has the ability to fire depleted-uranium rounds too. Finally, the Type 99 tank has a self-defense laser system that will jammed laser range finders of enemy tanks. It also has avionics that detect enemy tanks that are lasing the Type 99 tank.

All in all, i think that the Type 99 is a very formidable armoured vehicle in the Armour Warfare Scenario today.

Type 99 Tank in Urban Area
Type 99A2 rolling down the street. (Particularly love the Red Chinese Star Insignia on the tank)

Type 99 MBT
The Type 99A2 tank searching for a target.

Definitely taking a more keen interest on the Chinese Armed Forces.. GO CHINA!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Type 99 MBT

The Type 99 is the 3rd generation tank that was developed by the PLA. It is preceeded by the Type 98G. Due to a high cost of 2 million USD per tank, the PLA has only 200 over Type 98 and Type 99 tanks that are put in the elite division.

Its armour is Composite with ERA and has an operational range of 600km with a speed of 80km/h. It has a smoothbore 125mm cannon, 12.7 mm Commander's Machine gun and a 7.62 Coaxial gun.

The Type 99 MBT along with its brother, Type 98 tank is the answer to the US Armor Superiority. When the Chinese saw the ineffectiveness of the T-72 era tanks against the superiority of the M1 Abrams, the chinese saw a need to answer the call to developing a MBT that will be relevant in today's armoured warfare. The Type 99 is the answer.

Type 99 CAA Tank
The Type 99 rolling among the plains.

On other note, the conflict in Georgia is awaiting a peaceful resolution but on a good light, the conflict has not escalated. At the same time, i have commenced on doing my military campaign game with my good buddies. Other than tht, its all quiet on model progress for modern military.


Friday, August 15, 2008

South Ossetia War 2008

Hey all,
If u all have not noticed by now.. A new conflict in Eastern Europe has just occurred. Russia and Georgia have been exchanging military attacks on each other in areas of Georgia and the breakway state of South Ossetia for the past week or so.

Georgian Police and a Russian Tank in a joint checkpoint on the main road to Tbilisi near the town of Gori, some 80 km (50 miles) from the capital.

You can probably catch live updates on this news on Yahoo! News and other news broadcasters. As I post this entry now, Russian military forces have already overrun and disabled much of Georgian’s Armed Forces capability. Russia has also decided to sign a truce with Georgia as they have concluded that Georgia has been punished enough for their actions on South Ossetia.

The Armed Conflict started on August 8, 2008, when Georgian soldiers, supported by tanks, aircraft and heavy artillery, attacked South Ossetia and its capital Tskhinvali. During this attack Russian peacekeepers sustained casualties under heavy fire, with reports of 10 killed and 150 injured. Russia ordered additional units to support existing forces in South Ossetia and from then on, it lead to military confrontation till this moment.

Russian Troops on a road around the flashpoint city of Gori in Georgia, cutting the country in Half.
A disabled Ossetian man cycles a wheelchair past a destroyed Georgian military vehicle in Tskhinval, Georgia,

Live Coverage on the happenings in Georgia so far
can be seen under this link.

Monday, August 11, 2008

CH-47 Chinhook

I'm back with the due entry. And here we have a Ch-47D Chinhook helo that is able to carry 33-55 troops. Max speed is 190 mph. It is able to carry M134 7.62 mm (0.308 in) minigun or M240 7.62 mm (0.308 in) machine gun. It has been sokld to 16 nation and has remain a relevant heavy-lift tandem rotor helo.

The Chinhook in B&W
Chinhook flying by

Side view of Chinhook
Chinhook making the descent.

With regards to my military model plans, i have been considering and might finalise in preparing to purchase GHQ stuff totalling up to about more than 300USD. I will also be planning to purchase an airbrush before that to use it for my Arleigh Burker Destroyer and Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser.

On other news, there has been a military conflict arising between Georgia and Russia that has been escalating. Will touch more about it in another entry. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sideview of the Merkavas

So here is another pic in continuation of last week. The Sideview of two Merkavas II guarding the airport as the sun begins to set.

The collectible is not awesomely done but i hope the background and the shading makes up for it. Enjoy. :D

Merkavas at the runway

Other News: Still trying to convince Josh to Buy GHQ... and i hav eyet to do anything from what i last said.... Been busy wif SIMCITY 4 and making my military bases in the cities i have build... Been playing too much of it.. HEHE. it will be a while before i get back on the Modern Military hobby Train of thought..

Cheerios!! :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Merkavas on patrol

The Merkava variant 2. Undoubtedly the biggest tank I have seen so far. A giant even among it brother MBTs. It has similar characteristics in terms of arnament and range and speed as its western counterparts. With a 120mm Cannon, a range of 500km and a 54kmh speed, it packs a formidable punch.

Here is a pic of two Merkavas patrolling around an airport.

The Merkavas guarding the airport

Nothing much on my progress of Military Models. Still thinking of what paintbrush to get. Perhaps I might research on stores in KL that provide airbrushes and modelling equipments..

Other than tht, there is nothing much. Still looking on what to buy from GHQ and will consolidate with my frens.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying to create a Blackhawk Down Ambience

Hi Again. After Talking about Last weeks entry, Just felt like putting more pics that give me more memories of Blackhawkdown. here we have the AH-6 Little Birds and a Humvee near by. All vehicles were part of the movie.

A Did You know fact: The UH-6 has been modified and used as a UAV. It has been used for Unmanned Little Bird Programme to gain experience in Unmanned flight.

Helo Task force in Camp

The Blue Hue over the Little Birds as a Hummer watch from the Side.

On a side note, although i have and will not be active for military model kits. I have a few more desire to expand my collection. Oh yes.. you bet yer. Im thinking of getting GHQ models for both Air, Land and Sea to paint, on top of what i have now. This will mean getting a collection of a different scale and also integrating the colour green into my collection. As for the near future, I will have to upgrade my Destroyer and fix more ships in the years to come.

Of which, I have a Kirov-class Cruiser, Pyotr Veliky to deal with. An US Amphibious Landing Ship and a few Russian Missile Corvettes to go. Life is hard. :p

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Little Bird Assembling.

Hey Hey again. Time to show a lil more different stuff on the Blog. Ever since i caught the show Blackhawk Down which for me became one of the most awesome modern day combat shows up to date, i ahve never really been able to shrugg off my likeness for the UH-60 Blackhawk Helo and the really small yet vicious MH-6 Little Bird.

What really appealed to me is when the Delta force team members were sitting on the side of the birds when they got ready to deploy onto the mission ground. Another great scene is the one where the Little Birds when on a full auto firing run on the Somalians.

The MH-6 has an attack variant called AH-6. To pilot the Little Bird requires a crew of 2, goes at a max speed of 282 kmph and a range of 430km. It can hold an armanent payload of 4 Hellfire Missiles, 70 Hydro Rocket Pods , Two 7.62 M134 Miniguns or Two 50 cal. GAU-19


Helo Task force in the Shadows
Three Dashland Little Birds, AH-6 and a Chinhook on the Background

Closeup of the taskforce
Different Shade of the Same Pic.

Today, I have been reviewing what i should do in terms of projects when i go back to KL and somehow im in a stuck on what to do. THe reason being the fact that i wanna start out my painting with airbrushing. Only problem is i dun have an airbrush and most good ones cost a lot at the moment.

Thankfully, i found a model shop in Singapore that provides great diorama, airbrush and tools for my model kits that i can probably used next time when i have enough cash to buy it.

As for now, i tink i am goin got take a breather on painting Military stuff. Will still be finding a plastic transparent case for my models.

Thats about it for my projects. In any case, its going smoothly and I am confident i can finish by the end of the year.

There also has been talk about my stigma for green which is relatively true even though the army's primary colour is green in the armed forces. Never liked the blending of green with other colours. Don't ask me why, but it was just some wierd stigma of mine and im sur emany may have noticed in most of my blogs, there is hardly a big splotch of green right up ur face.

But as for now, i want my military collectibles and models to be as realistic as possible. On top of that, somehow i seem to be able to get pass the stigma of the colour green not only in my military collection but also in my other hobby collections.

So you will be seeing green colour real soon :D On top of tht, im actually displaying more green all over my hobby collection. Finally making some changes in my life and my wierd stigma. We all have our idiosyncracies. Some ppl detest the colour red or blue or yellow to similar or different extents, but as for me.. im gonna try to eliminate it once and for all. For all colours brighten up the world.. OH YEAH


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another View of the British MBT

Continuing with the Challenger 2 MBT. So far, 400 plus have been built for the Great Britain's Defenses. At the same time, it has been exported to Oman, which by far, is the only importer of Challenger 2 tanks.

It has an operational range of 450km, possesses a nuclear, biological and chemical protection system in the turret bustle and is one of the most heaviest armoured main battle tank in the world. Gosh I so love being a nerd. :D

Troops back up the Challenger

Challenger 2 tank with GDI Troopers on the roll.

As for now, i am just contemplating on how to organise my various pending projects such that i am able to handle them and do it. Thinking of doing airbrushing too but it gets a lil tough on my finances and airbrushing overseas in KL would be pretty hard for myself..
Gotta plan this right.. But now.. just gonna carry on enjoying the hols.. :D


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in Action

Hello all again. Finally back in action after the long exam period. So its back to more pictures and more military collectibles and models. Oh yeah

Since i shall be doing a few photoshoots with My buddy, Joshua, his collectibles shall be my feature of the day.

Made by Alvis Vickers, this 7.9 million USD British Monster of a Main Battle Tank, the Challenger 2, packs an awesome punch with its 120mm cannon and classified Chobham armor. It has a crew of 4 and travels at a speed of 37mph or 59 kmh. On top of that, it has proven worthy in the Iraq War and has a very good record in terms of survivablity in battle.

I present to you, the Challenger Tank 2 in Black and White.

The Challenger 2

Josh's Challenger Tank

On a Side Note, I have already finish my Mig 29 and i have already done my paint upgrade for my FOV Soldiers. Need to put the finish touch on my Battlefield EVO Soldiers so i can proceed to work on my next few projects for my military collection.

On top of tht, i seem to be running out of space to display stuff yet again for my Military collection. Might need to think about actually getting some Plastic Cases to create more "top"level spaces, or fully utilised wasted vertical space. But of course, that will also depend on my finances. :D

Till next entry. Cheers

Friday, May 23, 2008

V22 in its Airbase

Here is another very simplistic pic of my collectible V22 in a airbase. Nothing much extraordinary though i always wanna try and make something look great with my collectibles. BUt tht always requires painting it over and also having great diorama, which i unfortunately do not have the money for all of it.

Funfact: Did u noe that although its maiden flight was in 19 march 1989, its initial introduction was 8 December 2005, some 16 years later. Crazy shit.

Anyway, it seems to be the future even though its cost is quite hefty too due to the Iraq war.

V22 in the airbase

DSHCC Airforce Base with V22

Notification to all, I will be finishing up painting my Forces of Valour Infantry and My Mig 29 by tail end of June and start with the next project for the holiday break.

Furthermore, i will be going on a hiatus to attend to my busy exam schedule. I will be returning with entries by the tail end of June. The next entry shall start around 25th June. Till then, hang tight and do come back when im back ;)


Friday, May 16, 2008

V22 Part 2

I really dont have much time to do as many models and tht is where my collectibles for my military collection comes in handy. With a lil digital photgraphy effect and imaging.. i can make it look relatively alrite. So anyway, here is the follow up of the V22 Osprey and the colour pic version.

V22 in the blue sky

Zoom Zoom (Yes im fully aware tht this Micromachine lacks the fine details)

Although the Osprey cost 70 million now, the US Defense hopes to shave the cost by another 10 million. In any case though, research for new warmachines of the future cost a lot. The V22 Osprey does not even take up a significant proportion and its programme cost is already 50.5 billion dollars in 2005. OUCH

Th progress of my mig 29 is near the completion mark. The primary coat has been totally applied and now i am proceeding to do my final highlight an dfinishing up the Mig 29 and proceeding by painting the Force of Valour Figures.


Friday, May 09, 2008

V22 Osprey in the sky

V22 in B&W

The hybrid of the sky. Half helo, Half plane, This flying machine is iconic to the US Navyand Marine for its land forces operations.

The Osprey is the world's first production tiltrotor aircraft, with one three-bladed proprotor, turboprop engine, and transmission nacelle mounted on each wingtip.

It can carry a maximum of 32 troops and travelled at a max speed of 509 kmph.

It has minimum machine gun armanent. Despite many controversies and issue with the V22, it has performed well in conflict zones and it proven battle worthy as a transport carrier as it has also replaced the CH46 Seaknights in the Marine Corp.

On a side note, Im already attaching the missiles of the Mig 29 together and i will be applying the second coat to make the Mig 29 look pristine and nice. This will also be followed by inking. Things have been pretty much busy still. But at least for now, i have a breather for the weekend in which i can relax before the going gets tough. Too tough to get into my hobbies again. :p

Friday, May 02, 2008

Its Euro Troops!!

Hey hey,

This is a rather plain picture. as i lack the diorama, but well.. i dont have an abundance of cash. Hence i havent really got nice dioramas. But still love the BFE figures.. They look really awesome. The quality is not bad in my honest opinion. So here they are.. British Troops! Provided by Joshua

SAS Leads the way
GDI Troops Lead by the Special Force Unit with the Jungle Hat, in the plain desert.

SAS lead the way!!!

Well.. its been a while.. And progress is put to a halt this week as i make my way back to the motherland for a short stint.. before i continue my life back in KL. So nothing much going on. The Future of Warfare entry will come soon. So Dun worry.. relax and it will come soon.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Taking off.. Mission Begins

Im slow on entries because im busy.. tired and preoccupied.. But well sorry for the delay but here is the entry

And so as the roar of the engines echo throughout the large expanse of the airbase, the F15D lurch forward.. gaining a fistful of thrust and increase in such immense speed to go airborne.

This pic shows a close-up of the F15D going airborne. The Angle of the shot is nicely done with a slight tinge of the silouette effect going on. Fantastika! And the sky background gives a very nice feel to the picture.. LOVE SKY!!!

F15D Taking off

DSHCC F15D lifts off for Fire Mission..

On a sidenote, it will be in no time before my Mig 29 is done and i shall be moving on to another military project. But of all the kits and painting i needa do, its the ships that will be the tough task. Have to do some upgrades for my Arleigh Burke Destroyer too.

Well its a brief entry this time.. Going off to get some rest.

Falling out.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Eagle in check

Yet another week with the F15D Eagle as the focus. Sorry im a bit late for entries.. But i hope it wasnt to painful a wait :P The Picture is taken with the F15D in a position in the runway, awaiting orders to take off. The horizon gives a very surreal feel of the whole picture.

F15 on the Runway

Im Just so in love with the pinpoint macros of the SLR Camera that makes the F15D look all the more special. Great plane that will definitely be a dominant fighter for many long years to come.
It is also good to know that Singapore will have a set of thiese battle proven airforce fighters.

Onto model kit progress, i seem to have a brief moment of time in the start of the week and was able to assemble the entire Mig 29 without weapons and with primary colour put on. So progress is good and i should be done in no time. But gotta try and salvage some flaws in my model kit but other than tht.. I should be starting on my Forces of Valour infantry.. after doing the Mig 29 in a jiffy.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wings of the Eagle

Yet again.. here is a picture of the F15D.. in a different view.

Personally i think it is not bad a picture as ift shows the F15 from a different angle and the contrast of colours is a fitting shade for sunset period.

The stats of the F15D have been said before. This time.. this entry will let the picture do more of the talking as it shows its fearsome structure and powerful Engines

Backview of the F15D

DSHCC Airforce F15D in a anonymous airbase... Sunsets on the eagle.

With regards to my military modelling... Still on the Mig.. with some progress done, which is good, knowing that things have been so crazy since the last entry. Will probably proceed to do more on it... Other than tht.. there has been nothing much going on with regards to military models. But im sure there will be something up soon.

Enjoy :D

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Hello again and it is the next entry even though i really do not have the time to do a lot of other stuff due to assignments ins chool that are due.

Today, it is features the Sharpshooter of the Squad. Still in the Same scene.. The Focus is on th esection's sharpshooter in a firing position.. ready for any enemy attack.

The squad stands in a defensive formation behind the sharpshooter.. combing the urban area.
Yet another photo with similar effects.

Zoomup on the Shooter

GDI Sharpshooter.. checking for any dissidents or enemies in the urban area.

What can i say? Life is full of things that are interrupting my plans i have for the hobby or it just destroys time that is required to do other stuff. I have been dormant for quite a while due to my work outside my hobbies.

Like they say, every plan doesnt survive its first contact.. and it is sounding more true as each day goes by...

Will let you noe about it more. With regards to finding BFE miniatures... will help u guys find a few places.. The webbie josh has mentioned practically sold out on all of it. Will see what else is going around for it


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Its BFE Galore!


Its been a long rough days since i last posted, hope u all understand the crazines sof life sometimes,

Now i shall be featuring some Battlefield Evolution Figures that are provided by both Joshua and Me. This pic is provided by Joshua's Power SLR Camera and it features some UK troops. Pretty Awesome figures as the previous entry figures. The eyes are a lil wierd but i must say, it still looks good for the scale.

Here U have a section of Troopers combing a Conflict Urban Area and searching for enemy units. The Picture is quite cool in the fact that the SLR focuses on the Jungle Hat Soldier in the foreground than the background unit... I have also put the whole B&W look to it.. to give it a nice ambience.

GDI Troops on the Move

GDI Troopers on the Prowl.

Hi all, Its been rough days and nights.. little sleep and little shit. I havent touch my mig since i am back. But i am already planning on what else to bring to KL to do a paint job. It will most probably be the Soldiers in the Forces of Valour in which i will remodify some colour codes of the figures.

But as for now, i gotta catchup on life and energy before i can continue my project.

Enjoy the Entry!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Start of the 2008 Compendium

And so as i finish my last catalogue of pics taken wif josh. I will continue now wif the new batch that Josh and I have taken when we met up again during the hol last 2007. And with regards to the pics, i must say, the picture dynamic is getting better ontop of making more nicer perspective shot.

So without furthur ado, here is my first pic which is a really nice perspective one of a squad of DSHCC Marine soldiers witht he bright sky background behind them. Making them silouettes and having the whole "Band of Brother" theme to it.

Modern Band of Brothers

A real nice pic arranged by Josh and I and it took us a while to get it to the right sharpness and detail.

This figures are from the Battlefield Evolution Set which I bought and Josh gave to me from the US. Awesome Figures and great details for something of tht scale which is 1/72.

Onto news down here, I am still in the midst of making the Mig 29, but i am also busy being a study freak and a party animal. So theres hardly anytime left to do my project. But i will get on to it soon. Thats for sure.. Now its time to get drunken like a sailor.. and party like a soldier ;)


Friday, March 07, 2008

Best shot of 2007

I tink this is by far, one of the most nicest military shot tht i got in 2007 when i did it wif my good fren, Joshua. Here we have the silouette of a British Machine Gunner, staring at the distance while the sun is behind him.

The background is natural. All we needed to do is get the right angle, so that the silouette will look perfect. We got 3 nice shots from the photoshoot tht required the British Soldier Model.

The model was also graciously provided by Joshua.

All the pic gives a sense of solitude in the midst of War Conflict. It gives a personal perspective to being in a warfront as it shows the British Soldier having some solo time while on guard patrol. I really like the whole atmosphere of the picture and it gives a sense of security and warmth when i look at it.. As i noe that all countries have their individual soldiers who are defending their nation while we get to enjoy the peace anad luxury of civilian life.

Hope u like the pics.

Soldier at the Horizon
Mel, the British soldier, slings his MG over his shoulder while the sunsets before him.

Machinegunner of the Frontline
MG over his shoulder, Mel looks onward to the horizon.. Contemplating about life back at home..

Sunsets on a Soul

As the sun continues its descent, Mel walks on, doing his guard patrol..

The pic gives a sense of serenity in the midst of a conflict which requires the action of a soldier.

And with regards to making my Mig 29, im HARD AT WORK.. for this weekend.. but i must say.. its been busy for me the past week and so I will need be taking a breather from work and do some fixing up! I shud have brought more models but oh well... dun tink i will have time as my curriculum gets more packed.