Monday, August 25, 2008

The Type 99 in Urban Area.

The Type 99 has the ability to fire the standard cannon rounds like the APFSD, HEAT and HE-FRAG projectiles. They are also presumably able to fire Russian AT-11 ATGMs. The Type 99 tank has the ability to fire depleted-uranium rounds too. Finally, the Type 99 tank has a self-defense laser system that will jammed laser range finders of enemy tanks. It also has avionics that detect enemy tanks that are lasing the Type 99 tank.

All in all, i think that the Type 99 is a very formidable armoured vehicle in the Armour Warfare Scenario today.

Type 99 Tank in Urban Area
Type 99A2 rolling down the street. (Particularly love the Red Chinese Star Insignia on the tank)

Type 99 MBT
The Type 99A2 tank searching for a target.

Definitely taking a more keen interest on the Chinese Armed Forces.. GO CHINA!

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