Monday, June 29, 2009

Ka-27 Helix A

Hello Everybody

Thanks for all your support and just coming down to this humble military model blog. We have just started our new batch of photos, and for today, we have the Ka-27 Helix A helicopter that's with JQ's sovremmeny destroyer that was showcased previously.

The successor of the Ka-25 Hormone, the Helix is a ship-borne anti submarine helicopter that had its maiden flight on 1973. The Helix shares almost similar overall dimensions with the Hormone, but features several improvements such as an improved tail design and more powerful engines. The Helix is crewed by 3, and its transport variant can hold a maximum of 16 passengers. Anti-submarine versions can hold a variety of torpedoes and sonobuoys, and its payload varies with the mission. Interestingly, the torpedo bay is heated to ensure the reliability of torpedoes in the cold climates the Helix would be operating in.

Kamov helicopters are renowned to use co-axial rotor system, with both rotors spinning in opposing directions to keep the helicopter from spinning on its own axis (conservation of momentum). This arrangement is compact in design, making the Kamov helicopters well-suited for naval operations and high speed missions. Interestingly, Mil and Kamov (with Rosvertol) have merged back in 2006, with Kamov keeping its brandname, but overlapping product lines have been dropped.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Soviet Sea Power

Hey Everyone

Thanks to JQ for the past couple of posts, and for the responses/discussions to topics that JQ have brought up. The media holds considerable power in their portrayal of various armies, which was aptly demonstrated in the history of the United States...where negative portrayal of US foreign involvement in theaters such as Vietnam, Korea, Iraqi Freedom, had a very contrasting effect on public attitudes in comparison with positive portrayal in WWII and the Gulf War. In the end, we have to ask ourselves why would discourse on the portrayal of war has to be limited to the dualism of the 'good guys' and 'bad guys'? War is a complex entity that tests our sense of 'right' and 'wrong', and (somewhat) cynically speaking, when will Man ever learn to live in peace?

Haha I'll stop the pseudo-philosophy here. On a lighter note, JQ has kindly uploaded a new batch of pics we have taken, and we hope the pictures will successfully carry on the spirit our previous photos have brought to this little corner of the internet.

For today, we have a couple of pictures of JQ's Sovremenny Class Destroyer (Soviet designation: Project 956, Sarych/Buzzard), a Soviet-era anti-surface warship that continues to be in service, primarily with the Russian and Chinese navies (PLAN). Contrary to naval trends during its development, the Sovremenny destroyers were steam powered as opposed to the more advanced gas turbine systems, as the Soviet production of gas turbine systems was insufficient to be implemented in the production of the destroyers.

There are a total of 3 variants of this class:

956 (with 3M80 Moskit anti-ship missiles)
956A (with 3M80A improved Moskit anti-ship missiles)
956EM (PLAN variant, latest in class with various improvements, such as SAMs and SSMs)

Interestingly, China's acquisition and subsequent upgrade of Sovremenny destroyers were a significant security concern for in the Asia-Pacific, especially Taiwan, since they exceeded the capabilities of contemporary Chinese naval vessels, and hence considerably improved PLAN's capabilties. Currently 4 are in the service of the PLAN East Fleet, and their names are as follow:

杭州 (hangzhou)
福州 (fuzhou)
泰州 (taizhou)
宁波 (ningbo)

Monday, June 15, 2009

America All the Way

Isnt it so funny. As long as America leads in the gaming industry and other sectors of the media industry. They will always be the G I Joes and Heroes of the World.

And everybody else that doesnt represent capitalist america and is growing more powerful everyday or more extreme will be the BAD GUY.. Or Enemy.

well Im not saying terrorism is good. I oppose extreminism tactics that are used, especially when many innocent lives are involved. The inhumane or sadistic tactics used to pursue idelogical goals will never be accepted by the people. An oppresion and such inhumane tactics will always never succeed in the end. For it is human nature to want to have an option to choose who to lead and how they can lead us.

In any case. this whole topic can go on forever.

But that not why i am here today. Today Im gonna talk about why does the US of A have to always be the GOOD guys in our world today.

For my entire lifetime, i have been indoctrinated with the American Way. and that AMERICA is No 1 saviour of the world. Hero to fight the evil doers that oppress the people.

But is that so true? Is America so justified to be the Good Guy, tht every other rising economy wif diffrent ideals have to be a bad guy.

Take a look at Operation Flashpoint 2: The Rising Dragon. its about China against US

As usual, anyone or anything that poses as a threat to the USA is a bad guy.
But fine.. thats just the norm.. and it will be for quite awhile. I mean even world of conflict.. USSR = EVIL

So lets get to the next problematic part of the trailer. Chinese Soldiers are portrayed as real doofuses. Dear god.. the guy shot the soldier outside.. and all the soldiers inside never reacted. And what the sentry up in the tower doing if he cant even here that gunshot?

Silencers are not so great to supress all sounds.. Unless every osoldier was listening to their ipods. I feel its a lil ignorant.

But nevermind about tht, we have the whole battle escalating. And all i can see is China Losing out on Every goddamn front. Lol.. its hilarious.

Its like.. YOOOO JO.. *EXPLOSION EVERYWHERE* Bad guy loses like hell. And all main characters of the good guys are still intact.

Well.. i mean maybe im jus angsty cos im asian and asian power is totally not shown in this video. But since US has technological and military superiority that surpasses China by at least 15-20 years.

All that is shown can be possible. What do u think?

PS: At the end of the trailer. Tht island looks very similar to Taiwan.. HAHAAH.. i bet they meant to do that.. as the game reviewers would have noticed.

Monday, June 08, 2009

I love the Colour Red and Yellow

Im probably gonna buy this expansion even though it is only an addition of 6 new missions whil the new maps are already free for me. :P

Love this video though.
Really nice Soviet Weaponary

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Trailer

On another sidenote. Josh and I have finally finished this collection of shots for the mid year.
Thus Marks the end of My Digicam Macro Clear Pictures.

But now, the shots will be more detailed and more artfully done. As we are always striving to improve. With Josh's DSLR and his macro lens, we will be able to give you better quality pictures. And For the first time. U will be seeing GREEN! ahha.. I have finally come to terms wif the colour green and must accept and enjoy the beauty of tht colour because it is the main basic colour scheme of modern military.

U cant go military if u cant go green.

In any case, i hope u will enjoy the next few posts of the new collection.

But it will be coming in a few weeks time as i have exams to contend to and i will need to load the collection up. So the weekly schedule of shots will be on hiatus for the moment till my exams are done.

But i will be posting interesting stuff every now and then.

So do stay tune still and dun go away ;)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Leave No Man Behind

Today we have JQ's FOV USMC Marines, this time with one carrying his wounded brother on his back with a fireman's lift.

Semper Fi(delis): Always Faithful.

The world famous motto of the USMC also happens to have been used in family crests and even countries back in the 14th century. Mottos are powerful words that call upon individuals to rise up to the ideal it spells out. US Marines adopted the motto in 1883 and have strived to live it up on the battlefield...even going to lengths such as leaving no brother behind. Some people may call it reckless and unneeded, but to me it really stands out as true brotherhood.

Interestingly, I know an ex-Marine from church in the US and his name is Rick. If I remember right he is currently serving chaplain duties to ex-Marines in the area and is pretty busy by going around the area a lot of times. One day in church, we were talking awhile and we were about to leave...I remembered he was a marine and I said 'Semper Fi'...and he went 'SEMPER FI!!! SEMPER FI!!!' Haha he really lit up and he's a very bubbly guy...great dude.

Well it's time for me to hand the blog over to JQ for the next four weeks, and it has been my pure pleasure to be posting the photos for you guys. JQ, back to you dude ;)