Monday, June 08, 2009

I love the Colour Red and Yellow

Im probably gonna buy this expansion even though it is only an addition of 6 new missions whil the new maps are already free for me. :P

Love this video though.
Really nice Soviet Weaponary

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Trailer

On another sidenote. Josh and I have finally finished this collection of shots for the mid year.
Thus Marks the end of My Digicam Macro Clear Pictures.

But now, the shots will be more detailed and more artfully done. As we are always striving to improve. With Josh's DSLR and his macro lens, we will be able to give you better quality pictures. And For the first time. U will be seeing GREEN! ahha.. I have finally come to terms wif the colour green and must accept and enjoy the beauty of tht colour because it is the main basic colour scheme of modern military.

U cant go military if u cant go green.

In any case, i hope u will enjoy the next few posts of the new collection.

But it will be coming in a few weeks time as i have exams to contend to and i will need to load the collection up. So the weekly schedule of shots will be on hiatus for the moment till my exams are done.

But i will be posting interesting stuff every now and then.

So do stay tune still and dun go away ;)

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