Monday, June 29, 2009

Ka-27 Helix A

Hello Everybody

Thanks for all your support and just coming down to this humble military model blog. We have just started our new batch of photos, and for today, we have the Ka-27 Helix A helicopter that's with JQ's sovremmeny destroyer that was showcased previously.

The successor of the Ka-25 Hormone, the Helix is a ship-borne anti submarine helicopter that had its maiden flight on 1973. The Helix shares almost similar overall dimensions with the Hormone, but features several improvements such as an improved tail design and more powerful engines. The Helix is crewed by 3, and its transport variant can hold a maximum of 16 passengers. Anti-submarine versions can hold a variety of torpedoes and sonobuoys, and its payload varies with the mission. Interestingly, the torpedo bay is heated to ensure the reliability of torpedoes in the cold climates the Helix would be operating in.

Kamov helicopters are renowned to use co-axial rotor system, with both rotors spinning in opposing directions to keep the helicopter from spinning on its own axis (conservation of momentum). This arrangement is compact in design, making the Kamov helicopters well-suited for naval operations and high speed missions. Interestingly, Mil and Kamov (with Rosvertol) have merged back in 2006, with Kamov keeping its brandname, but overlapping product lines have been dropped.

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