Monday, July 06, 2009

Profile of the Sovremenny

Here's one of our favorite shots of JQ's Sovremenny destroyer, as it steadily awaits away from the shore on a calm sea. We actually rested the ship on our 'diorama water plate', raised it up towards to the window and above the treeline...the 'shore' here is actually the top of one of the trees.

It is interesting to note that the Russians claim the Americans had bought a number of the Moskit ASM missiles that come with the Sovremenny. The Americans tested the ASMs against their Aegis, and it was reported that the ASMs were able to pass through the protective envelope of the Aegis. This episode was reported in a rather technical Russian website, where the written English was hard to follow (most probably a translation from Russian to English) and the lack of citations of supporting documents. Do take a look if you're interested:

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