Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Full View.

Im back yet again with another entry of my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser, the DSS Lake. This time it is a full view of the Cruiser on a slant angle with the blue great sky as the background and the clear seas as its foreground. I wanted to make more lighting so the fron hull can be seen along with its penant number but the extra lighting will just put off the ambience that is created by the amount of light that has already been given. This ship is yet another great job done by the likes of Joshua and Me. I am very touched at the amount of praises i have gotten for my ship and will be determined to make my next ship as good, if not better than this Ticonderoga.

Of which also, my visitors to this small and humble website has doubled over the month and i am very happy to see more taggers on my bog. Thank you all!

Here is my DSS Lake

At the moment, im still at the midst of finding water diorama for my sips. Some peeps have recommended acrylic blue gel but it seems rather messy and might staine my ships. I am still consideirng using a massive plastic sculpted sea, but the problem is i have yet to find it.

In any case, im looking forward to my photo features on www.modelwarships.com , will let you all know when it is out.

Recently, i have been viewing so many model websites and it has give me a yearning to make more of other models. Not just my ships but armor and plnes. Planning to do it as well as my ships as i embark on the 1:72 armor and 1:144 planes.

Till then, it will be onto paint upgrades of my armor collectibles before i start on my Arleigh Burke Flight 2A Destroyer. I will also be searching and keeping an eye on certain soldier collectibles and diorama.

Gosh i like my hobby!

See ya!

Friday, July 27, 2007

An Eye for Diorama.

I have been eyeing many pieces of Diorama recently and well, the price is a lil to painful for me to digest even though their ready made and look so awesome fo rmy military collectibles and models for display and phototaking.

Here are a two piece of diorama,price at 60 bucks each.

Rundown House

Destroyed Villa

These are good for Infantry shots and Maybe backgroud scenery for Armoured Vehicle shots.

As for airforce element, i hardly need diorama as i have the sky as my aid unless i need to take an airfield shot. The only prob is the Naval elements which requires sea which at the moment i have trouble to spot and the need for construction of a port which is also tough by itself. Well ultimately, i still dont have the $$$, but it will be a matter of time till i get it.


Till then stay tune for more Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser pics and my features comnig up from the modelwarship webbie. :D


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser

And once again, another great view of the CG-90 DSS Lake. This is a front view of the ship on the sea. The Colour code is done wif as much close resemblance as the real one. Took quite a while and some great help from Joshua in the setup of this great pic.

I must say the ship looks great and all. With a good application of acrylic paint, i have made one of my best Naval Warship pieces. I guess my skills have improved as many have said and i will be making a new batch of ships to upgrade my fleet. With at least 1-2 more Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and 2 more Arliegh Burke Destroyers to replace my Old Ticonderoga and Spruance Class Destroyers, the sight of the models in better diorama will be an astouding sight to see :D.

Onto other great news. My submission of my pictures to www.modelwarships.com has been successful. Both my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser and the Adelaide Class Frigate alongside with the Sovremenny Class Destroyer has been approve and shall be featured in the website next next week.

So till the next pictures of the DSS Lake (which will be even better). Stay Nerdy!

Falling out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DSS Lake!

Harloe, after much bugging and time consumption, i have finally come with the new batch of features which have better pictures and diorama backgrounds. Itis definitely and improvement from last time. And on top of that, my painting and modelling skills are improving, along with my photoshooting and editing.

I would like to thank josh again for his assistance to make the work look even better. And also the provision of extra machinery and accesories with regards to Modern Military Models.

With much furthur ado, i will now present the long await, completed Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser that has taken all this months to complete due to such lack of time.

Here is the first of many features that will be shown in the next few weeks of my completed Tionderoga VLS. I name it the DSS Lake. DSS meaning Dashland Sovereign Ship. As i had an idea of making a customised ship that does not have to be following the US navies standard ship. The no. tag is 90 and thus the CG-90 is here, in plain sight from a birds eye view in the waters, ready for operation.

DSS Lake. (You can see it in a fuller size at my Modern Military Gallery)

Notice, compared to my own non-conformed colour code of the USS Normandy (in previous features a while back). This follows a very strict colour code with strict construction procedures. Overall, I am happy with it, but with regards to the decals, it has been a pain in the ass as many of the decals kept disintegrating de to either being too old or something like tht. This resulted in me having to paint certain specific areas without using decal, and thus may not look so defined but acceptable enuff. I had to also paint certain disintegrating decals toogether, or mix painting and decal pasting together. That was by far the worse problem of making the model ship. I sincerely do hope my next Ticonderoga will be suffer the same issue, if not, its gonna make me piss and my hand sore of painting.

On a sidenote, it will be a while before i continue back with the next military project as i am having very minimal time to do work and keep up with life. But onto other things, i will be submitting some of my good quality pictures of my ship to the model warships website soon, and finally be part of a cool modern military naval webbie. :D

And so stay tune for more really great features and entries that i will most definitely be posting as i am more involved in the Modern Military Hobby than the other one for the moment

Till the next feature,

See ya all soon

Monday, July 09, 2007

And so im back

Harloe Harloe Harloe,

Im back from the rough, last week was suppose to be a week where i get to completing a few of my military model task. Despite a lack of time, i am able to say that i have completed a few task at hand. One being my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser is finally finished, followed by some minor touchups on my old ships. All i need to do now is finished up the decals before i can procced to make next project for this year.

Another thing i have done is finally finishing up game and play testing of my tabletop military game. There are quite a few flaws that have been adjusted and several gameplay rules must be change, but overall, a 1 on 1 game would be indeed fun once the final improvements are made. Only dilemma that lingers is whether to make it a far simpler game or at a lil more extra features for a more wider and complicated gameplay. Both decisions have their drawbacks and advatanges. I'm still contemplating on it before i make my readjustments. Will let in on the update but it will not be before a long period of time.

And so with much furthur ado this is my first features of Armoured Vehicles on the horizon getting ready for an assault on the enemy.

Two M1a2s gearing up for battle

An M2A2 and M1A2 in the night on defense position.

AS for my next few features, it will be the usual one week routine though my camera is spoilt and will largely depend on when i can complete the photoshoot for my diorama and collection by the deadline. And so stay tune!

With regards o entries, more shall be posted.