Monday, July 09, 2007

And so im back

Harloe Harloe Harloe,

Im back from the rough, last week was suppose to be a week where i get to completing a few of my military model task. Despite a lack of time, i am able to say that i have completed a few task at hand. One being my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser is finally finished, followed by some minor touchups on my old ships. All i need to do now is finished up the decals before i can procced to make next project for this year.

Another thing i have done is finally finishing up game and play testing of my tabletop military game. There are quite a few flaws that have been adjusted and several gameplay rules must be change, but overall, a 1 on 1 game would be indeed fun once the final improvements are made. Only dilemma that lingers is whether to make it a far simpler game or at a lil more extra features for a more wider and complicated gameplay. Both decisions have their drawbacks and advatanges. I'm still contemplating on it before i make my readjustments. Will let in on the update but it will not be before a long period of time.

And so with much furthur ado this is my first features of Armoured Vehicles on the horizon getting ready for an assault on the enemy.

Two M1a2s gearing up for battle

An M2A2 and M1A2 in the night on defense position.

AS for my next few features, it will be the usual one week routine though my camera is spoilt and will largely depend on when i can complete the photoshoot for my diorama and collection by the deadline. And so stay tune!

With regards o entries, more shall be posted.

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