Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Full View.

Im back yet again with another entry of my Ticonderoga VLS Cruiser, the DSS Lake. This time it is a full view of the Cruiser on a slant angle with the blue great sky as the background and the clear seas as its foreground. I wanted to make more lighting so the fron hull can be seen along with its penant number but the extra lighting will just put off the ambience that is created by the amount of light that has already been given. This ship is yet another great job done by the likes of Joshua and Me. I am very touched at the amount of praises i have gotten for my ship and will be determined to make my next ship as good, if not better than this Ticonderoga.

Of which also, my visitors to this small and humble website has doubled over the month and i am very happy to see more taggers on my bog. Thank you all!

Here is my DSS Lake

At the moment, im still at the midst of finding water diorama for my sips. Some peeps have recommended acrylic blue gel but it seems rather messy and might staine my ships. I am still consideirng using a massive plastic sculpted sea, but the problem is i have yet to find it.

In any case, im looking forward to my photo features on www.modelwarships.com , will let you all know when it is out.

Recently, i have been viewing so many model websites and it has give me a yearning to make more of other models. Not just my ships but armor and plnes. Planning to do it as well as my ships as i embark on the 1:72 armor and 1:144 planes.

Till then, it will be onto paint upgrades of my armor collectibles before i start on my Arleigh Burke Flight 2A Destroyer. I will also be searching and keeping an eye on certain soldier collectibles and diorama.

Gosh i like my hobby!

See ya!

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