Thursday, June 21, 2007

Battlefield 2 Problems

Well recently, i played quite a few Battlefield Games and I realised after playing it for two days and accumulating over 1200 points and a few medals here and there that i wasnt receiving any points at all on my scoresheet. This happen to me before, so i tot by a day or two, it would update my stats.

To my horror, it hasnt. It was not long till i realised tht it has become a global issue and a lot of players since 16 June were notable to have their stats updated.

(Yet another crap shit thing due to EA Games, and im not surprised.) I just wanna get to the Rank Lieutanant and start playing on my own time. But now im stuck at Gunnery Sergeant, just a couple of thousand points away from the next rank. Ugh. I want my RANK and BADGES!!!

On the issue of EA's mismnagement on rectifying problems, here is a comment of one of the players who posted in the forum of a BF2 Stat Site.

"They keep making the games more graphic intense and expensive and all the time they just fly by all the bugs.
EA Beta guy: Oh I was on Karkand and walked into so many walls. This has to be fixed.
EA Dev: Damn I can't fix that by the deadline. Just don't tell anyone.
EA Beta guy: (Loading MPGH) Your secret is safe with me
Those that don't know mpgh just google it. Nothing there matter for bf2 anyways.
These big companies push what they can out the door and know it has bugs. We the consumer are left paying for BETA crap. When BF2 first came out it was so buggy. I didn't even buy it or support it for like a year after what I saw with my friends stuff.
It's crazy how they can just expect consumer to be happy with what they got. Sorry but if I was out to eat and ordered a well done steak and it came to me still bleeding the cook might end up in the same shape.
Just sucks these big companies have the money to buy out all these small designers or back them. Commercialism just plain sux. Everyone is out to make make make but yet when does society ever receive?
Look at gas prices, EXXON, Mobil, Shell ETC ETC are making billions. All while struggling people get their cars repoed cause they had to pay the gas card lol
Sorry for my rant but this stuff irritates me"

It really does make certain sense. But like Exxon, Mobil and Shell. EA is here to stay and make us Consumers of their Modern Warfare games. But still, it doesnt prevent me for being quite piss at such an problem that is happening.

Well i guess im off to do my work again. And it will be doing up my models now and tabletop modern military wargames for now for me. :p


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