Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Spirit above

Well a feature for u all before i go on another evn longer drought. It will be a while till the next feature. Let alone new pictures updated to the gallery. Life has been rough and so, naturally everything else is affected, along with the construction of my Ticonderoga VLS.

Today's feature is the B2 Spirit Bomber. With a cost value of $2.2 Billion dollars, the B2 spirit is by far one of the most expensive planes built in the world. With its stealth like ability and high payload of bombs. It is a "bomber unseen". It has the capability of taking both nuclear ,non nuclear bombs and guided bombed alike. The B2 Spirit is a subsonic bomber and even though it is not able to defend against Surface to Air missiles or air threats, its stealth ability makes it to a pure invisibility to radar.

Another capability of the B2 is taking on long hours sortie mission and being highly automated, and unlike single-seat fighters, one crewmember can sleep, use a flush toilet or prepare a hot meal while the other monitors the aircraft.

The B2 Spirit truly lives up to its name.

The Ninja of the Sky

The B2 Spirit

I like the nice lighting of the picture. In any case, things are still looking good and well in p rogress for my military models. I will definitely be able to achieve what i have set out for this year. And so, till the next feature. Stay active and keep talking on the tag board.
Cya ;)

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