Monday, May 14, 2007

No Pic today? Oh No!!

Yeap yeap. Today i will be focus more on the updates and other stuff compared to our weekly entry of features and pictures.

Well i have yet again done some progress on the Ticonderoga. From completing the Exhaust Funnels to Painting most of the Antenna parts. Assembling will be the next major task I will be doing. The ship will most definitely be done after all my exams and tests. That i can promise you as i am nearing the finish line of the construction of the Ticondegora.

I guess before i head on to my next ship project, I shall proceed on to the paint upgrades of the vehicles before doing that. With the oncoming load of task on my head. I will be featuring my last regular picture feature next week till the end of June. That doesnt mean i won't fortnightly come online to post on updates of the Ticonderoga and update on other Military news and Collectible websites that i have found. Picture features will just not be on the regular basis till June is over. So if one week i do not post anything, hope u all will understand ;)

In any case, Im very delighted at the great response of my Harrier jets and I must say that the more i look at it, the more i feel it was a great shot and I intend to do better for future shots with BETTER DIORAMA.

In any case, i will still continue my fixing of the Ship, but at a slower pace. It might even stop during the month of June due to studies. But i will get back on the work train and finish after the exams. July would be a time to expect to see the finsh product of the ship.

Till then, when i have the time, i would most definitely like to contribute my AMATEUR works to the model warship website i mention if they are happy to let me in. I do hope to get more involved in it. But as usual, I would like to emphasise the fact tht time is of the essence. Hopefully things will look a lot less busy after June.

This will also apply to my other hobbies.

Till the next entry.


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