Monday, July 27, 2009


Im Back Again. Its been one week delay and i apologise.
Its been a few wonderful weeks and i have been busy. But the good news is im back on the wagon wheel and ready to show some awesome pictures yet again.

Infantry and Armor Cooperation
In this picture, we observe an Infantry officer directing a Tank commander.

Its a pretty simple action which shows much of the cooperation on all platform levels in the army. The integration of various units of the army is required to ensure the effectiveness of any strategy.

In close quarter battles, Tank Units require the guidance of infantry to provide adequate support and the ability to cover infantry without being a burden for the infantry units.

As military buffs, im sure we all know that the gigantic slug machine that is the M1A2 Abram isnt agile or manuveurable in close spaces. Lesson have been learnt during the Soviet war qith the Afghans where the Mujahideen Fighters have been known to trap tanks in close spaces and burned the crew alive in the tank.

Without the support of infantry protection, the M1A2 Abram and other armoured vehicles alike could prove to be a great liability.

Viewing this very scenario gives us a conclusion that the need for infantry is still relevant in the modern day conflict.

Till we are able to operate terminator like robots, Infantry is stilla vital asset. More importantly, the fluid integration and cooperation between various platforms of the army is also important.

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