Monday, June 15, 2009

America All the Way

Isnt it so funny. As long as America leads in the gaming industry and other sectors of the media industry. They will always be the G I Joes and Heroes of the World.

And everybody else that doesnt represent capitalist america and is growing more powerful everyday or more extreme will be the BAD GUY.. Or Enemy.

well Im not saying terrorism is good. I oppose extreminism tactics that are used, especially when many innocent lives are involved. The inhumane or sadistic tactics used to pursue idelogical goals will never be accepted by the people. An oppresion and such inhumane tactics will always never succeed in the end. For it is human nature to want to have an option to choose who to lead and how they can lead us.

In any case. this whole topic can go on forever.

But that not why i am here today. Today Im gonna talk about why does the US of A have to always be the GOOD guys in our world today.

For my entire lifetime, i have been indoctrinated with the American Way. and that AMERICA is No 1 saviour of the world. Hero to fight the evil doers that oppress the people.

But is that so true? Is America so justified to be the Good Guy, tht every other rising economy wif diffrent ideals have to be a bad guy.

Take a look at Operation Flashpoint 2: The Rising Dragon. its about China against US

As usual, anyone or anything that poses as a threat to the USA is a bad guy.
But fine.. thats just the norm.. and it will be for quite awhile. I mean even world of conflict.. USSR = EVIL

So lets get to the next problematic part of the trailer. Chinese Soldiers are portrayed as real doofuses. Dear god.. the guy shot the soldier outside.. and all the soldiers inside never reacted. And what the sentry up in the tower doing if he cant even here that gunshot?

Silencers are not so great to supress all sounds.. Unless every osoldier was listening to their ipods. I feel its a lil ignorant.

But nevermind about tht, we have the whole battle escalating. And all i can see is China Losing out on Every goddamn front. Lol.. its hilarious.

Its like.. YOOOO JO.. *EXPLOSION EVERYWHERE* Bad guy loses like hell. And all main characters of the good guys are still intact.

Well.. i mean maybe im jus angsty cos im asian and asian power is totally not shown in this video. But since US has technological and military superiority that surpasses China by at least 15-20 years.

All that is shown can be possible. What do u think?

PS: At the end of the trailer. Tht island looks very similar to Taiwan.. HAHAAH.. i bet they meant to do that.. as the game reviewers would have noticed.

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Killers said...

Basically i wanted to elaborate on my tag on why i think the USA deserves its role and imagery as the good guy.

While many of you may think that it is because of the games being made by the Americans and the large Media base that portray American as good.

I beg to differ.

I feel that the USA deserves its heroic image. Firstly because of its rich hostory of independence and democracy and freedom.

Secondly, even today, independent media and other forms of rights ahve enable the US to be a country of morally upright stance.

Don't forget, The Americans were major role player sin two big wars against tyrants. Unless anyone would dare say that the Germans and the Japanese were justified in what they did.

Next. It is true that Americans have made flaws politically and militarily.

But do not forget that they are the only superpower in the world that are global enforcers. (As mucha s they possibly can)

THe question to you is that. How many of these antagonistic enemies in the games or films. Ho wmany of this antagonistic countries ahve achieve or pursue such ideals as the USA. How many have a human rights record and a justicec system that is as close as the USA.

I am not trying to dispute the efficient governance of any of the othe rcountries deemed as BAD guys.

But the marketing strategy is always to ahve a line in which there is good and bad.

And as far as i know. To put the Soviet Union as a Good Guy is something very hard to justify.