Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Its BFE Galore!


Its been a long rough days since i last posted, hope u all understand the crazines sof life sometimes,

Now i shall be featuring some Battlefield Evolution Figures that are provided by both Joshua and Me. This pic is provided by Joshua's Power SLR Camera and it features some UK troops. Pretty Awesome figures as the previous entry figures. The eyes are a lil wierd but i must say, it still looks good for the scale.

Here U have a section of Troopers combing a Conflict Urban Area and searching for enemy units. The Picture is quite cool in the fact that the SLR focuses on the Jungle Hat Soldier in the foreground than the background unit... I have also put the whole B&W look to it.. to give it a nice ambience.

GDI Troops on the Move

GDI Troopers on the Prowl.

Hi all, Its been rough days and nights.. little sleep and little shit. I havent touch my mig since i am back. But i am already planning on what else to bring to KL to do a paint job. It will most probably be the Soldiers in the Forces of Valour in which i will remodify some colour codes of the figures.

But as for now, i gotta catchup on life and energy before i can continue my project.

Enjoy the Entry!

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