Friday, March 07, 2008

Best shot of 2007

I tink this is by far, one of the most nicest military shot tht i got in 2007 when i did it wif my good fren, Joshua. Here we have the silouette of a British Machine Gunner, staring at the distance while the sun is behind him.

The background is natural. All we needed to do is get the right angle, so that the silouette will look perfect. We got 3 nice shots from the photoshoot tht required the British Soldier Model.

The model was also graciously provided by Joshua.

All the pic gives a sense of solitude in the midst of War Conflict. It gives a personal perspective to being in a warfront as it shows the British Soldier having some solo time while on guard patrol. I really like the whole atmosphere of the picture and it gives a sense of security and warmth when i look at it.. As i noe that all countries have their individual soldiers who are defending their nation while we get to enjoy the peace anad luxury of civilian life.

Hope u like the pics.

Soldier at the Horizon
Mel, the British soldier, slings his MG over his shoulder while the sunsets before him.

Machinegunner of the Frontline
MG over his shoulder, Mel looks onward to the horizon.. Contemplating about life back at home..

Sunsets on a Soul

As the sun continues its descent, Mel walks on, doing his guard patrol..

The pic gives a sense of serenity in the midst of a conflict which requires the action of a soldier.

And with regards to making my Mig 29, im HARD AT WORK.. for this weekend.. but i must say.. its been busy for me the past week and so I will need be taking a breather from work and do some fixing up! I shud have brought more models but oh well... dun tink i will have time as my curriculum gets more packed.

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