Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Little Bird Assembling.

Hey Hey again. Time to show a lil more different stuff on the Blog. Ever since i caught the show Blackhawk Down which for me became one of the most awesome modern day combat shows up to date, i ahve never really been able to shrugg off my likeness for the UH-60 Blackhawk Helo and the really small yet vicious MH-6 Little Bird.

What really appealed to me is when the Delta force team members were sitting on the side of the birds when they got ready to deploy onto the mission ground. Another great scene is the one where the Little Birds when on a full auto firing run on the Somalians.

The MH-6 has an attack variant called AH-6. To pilot the Little Bird requires a crew of 2, goes at a max speed of 282 kmph and a range of 430km. It can hold an armanent payload of 4 Hellfire Missiles, 70 Hydro Rocket Pods , Two 7.62 M134 Miniguns or Two 50 cal. GAU-19


Helo Task force in the Shadows
Three Dashland Little Birds, AH-6 and a Chinhook on the Background

Closeup of the taskforce
Different Shade of the Same Pic.

Today, I have been reviewing what i should do in terms of projects when i go back to KL and somehow im in a stuck on what to do. THe reason being the fact that i wanna start out my painting with airbrushing. Only problem is i dun have an airbrush and most good ones cost a lot at the moment.

Thankfully, i found a model shop in Singapore that provides great diorama, airbrush and tools for my model kits that i can probably used next time when i have enough cash to buy it.

As for now, i tink i am goin got take a breather on painting Military stuff. Will still be finding a plastic transparent case for my models.

Thats about it for my projects. In any case, its going smoothly and I am confident i can finish by the end of the year.

There also has been talk about my stigma for green which is relatively true even though the army's primary colour is green in the armed forces. Never liked the blending of green with other colours. Don't ask me why, but it was just some wierd stigma of mine and im sur emany may have noticed in most of my blogs, there is hardly a big splotch of green right up ur face.

But as for now, i want my military collectibles and models to be as realistic as possible. On top of that, somehow i seem to be able to get pass the stigma of the colour green not only in my military collection but also in my other hobby collections.

So you will be seeing green colour real soon :D On top of tht, im actually displaying more green all over my hobby collection. Finally making some changes in my life and my wierd stigma. We all have our idiosyncracies. Some ppl detest the colour red or blue or yellow to similar or different extents, but as for me.. im gonna try to eliminate it once and for all. For all colours brighten up the world.. OH YEAH


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