Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wings of the Eagle

Yet again.. here is a picture of the F15D.. in a different view.

Personally i think it is not bad a picture as ift shows the F15 from a different angle and the contrast of colours is a fitting shade for sunset period.

The stats of the F15D have been said before. This time.. this entry will let the picture do more of the talking as it shows its fearsome structure and powerful Engines

Backview of the F15D

DSHCC Airforce F15D in a anonymous airbase... Sunsets on the eagle.

With regards to my military modelling... Still on the Mig.. with some progress done, which is good, knowing that things have been so crazy since the last entry. Will probably proceed to do more on it... Other than tht.. there has been nothing much going on with regards to military models. But im sure there will be something up soon.

Enjoy :D

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