Sunday, July 16, 2006

Finally Found a whole bulk of Forces of Valor Stuff selling online!

Its been tiring, and really tedious to find the stuff you want when it comes to this hobby of mine, But finally i have found just the e-shop that sell 1/72 Forces of Valor Modern Tanks and the Soldiers too. Price is alright and Stock is available though the 1/72 Modern Soldiers are still unavailable at the moment.
So while I scrap up some cash for the year, I will be keeping my eyes on the Goods i plan to get.

Besides, I still have my FFG Perry CLass Frigate to make and my Flight 2A Burke Class Destroyer, on top of the other paint jobs i shall be doing to some of my minature collectables, including a few highlights and overcoats on the M1a2 that is coming my way.

Here's the site where the forces of valor models are: Enjoy

Pictures of My models and new diorama will be up soon, so sit tight Military enthusiast. ;)

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