Sunday, July 30, 2006

Su 27 Flanker: The Icon of Russian Aviation

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The Su 27 Flanker. In my opinion, it is the icon of Russian Aviation. The Sukhoi Aero Corporation has made one of the most lethal jets in the skies with the ability to manueovre like no other western aircraft can. This was one of my new pics i have shot thanks to my friends camera(which is far better than mine :I). I would say it has a nice angle and also a relatively plain diorama. The 1/144 scale Su 27 Model is the one of my great achievement in terms of model kit painting and fixing. It is also the one model that I have used enamel paint to great effect, though the process was arduous and messy compared to Acrylic Paint. ACRYLIC and MATT FINISH! Thts the way to GO!


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