Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cool Ready-Made Armor, Personnel and Airplane Models

Well, Recently I have stumbled upon many ready-made Armor Tank Models. The 1:72 Scale(My most prefered scale for land vehicles) ready made armour vehicles appeals to me the most.
I have viewed a few brands and come up with some reviews.
The Dragon Armour Range is not bad. It has a relatively standard painting colour code. Details are also not bad. Really Good Collector class painting. Pricing is also relatively reasonable. But well, I have been collecting Warhammer for quite a while and as it is quite a hefty hobby, My military models deem to be cheaper by standards. But hey for all those military enthusisast out there, theres no harm checking it out ;)

http://www.dragonmodelsltd.com/catalog/dragon_armor/ Be sure have a look.

The Other company which i have found that provides such collector's item is Forces of Valour. Like Dragon Armour they provide 1:72 Scale and 1:35 scale too. But they dont only cater to Land Armour Vehicles but also Fighter Jets and Helicopters too. Forces of Valour have a wide range for Modern Warfare Vehicles, dating from the Gulf War to Current Conflict in Baghdad. The Painting is very well done. The Details and Highlighting are Master Class, on top of that there is a Commander in the most of the Armour Vehicles they Sell. THey even sell 1:35 and 1:72 Modern Soldier Squads. I must say it is a really sweet cake for my Military collection. I have already bought the M1A2 Tank, though i will add a little Conversions to it. Im looking to get another one. But this type of companies don't cater to consumers, and retailers in my country kind of lack the type of models i like. My scales for ships, tanks and airplane use to be common 5 years ago, but now it seems to have diminish and become far more limited.

Forces of Valour sells more 1:35 Scale Military Vehicles and Soldiers. It is their main scale product. So all you 1:35 Scale Enthusiast, it would be a perfect collectors stuff. I give it a 5 star rating for ready made stuff. First time i see excellent quality painting and detail that is mass produced. On top of that, they even have a game for their models, using a gaming system that is similar to that of Warhammer 40k. Quite interesting indeed, though I must say I can make a better gaming system than that :p. But i Have a feeling Modern Warfare gaming will grow as big as warhammer eventually, as long as there are military enthusiast out there.

Here the Webbie: http://www.forcesofvalor.com/

Last Note to you guys. For you to get this stuff, try searching for retailers all over the world that provide e-shopping. Normally the Main companies will provide a few. If not, Ebay and Yahoo Auctions are 2 good places to get too.

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