Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sovremenny Class Destroyer and Tarantul Class Indian Missle Boat

The Russian Sovremenniy Class Destroyers are one of the Battle Mainstay of the Russian Fleet. But with so much economic problems. Many have been decommission and few are left in active service. China too has 3 of these and are planning to built 2 more. With a speed of 32 knots and Fire power capable of taking any other type of class of ships, it is a modern ship to reckon with.
I have put my Sovremenny along side a Tarantul Class Missile Boat used by the Indian Navy. side by side on a blue cloth as i dun have a big prop for sea water to be my diorama. Models are fairly done up and could be better i guess. Also I have to go and find decals to put on my Sovremenny to make it look more nicer, but there are none at the moment that fits for those active Sovremenny class Destroyers in the Rusian Navy. Oh well, might convert it to the Chinese one.. till next time :p

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